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"Favorite time of the day? That'd have to be morning. Sunrises are so beautiful, I think...either that or a calm evening, especially during spring," Kaneko responded with a smile.

"What's your favorite weapon?"

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Morgan (played by JetStorm)

"Well....I guess it would have to be a gun." She answered and looked at the next person.

"What is you're favorite horror franchise?" she asked.
Calliope (played anonymously)

"The Corpse Party franchise. It's not very well known, but it's incredibly detailed and has an excellent storyline," Calliope offered, before asking a question of her own: "What's your favorite vacation spot? Mountain, calming village, stuff like that?"
Charlotte seldom treated herself to a vacation so the question was difficult for her to answer. ”If I had time to spare for a vacation it would be in my house, sitting on a rocking chair and doing absolutely nothing.”

Now it was her turn to pry, ”what is your favorite activity during your free time?
Ariella (played by hannsthemanns)

"I love to draw, see?" The little elf held up a tattered old journal close to her chest, showing Charlotte a squiggly drawing of a peppadew plant she charted; her petite hands smoothed back in some of the loose pages before they could fall out completely. "I record all sorts of plants for my potions."

"Hmm." She turned and gazed up to the one next to her, "I wonder, if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would your favorite place be?"
Emilie (played by LunaLovegood)

"Somewhere else." Emilie said coldly, shooting the little girl a icy glare.
Blinks a little at the lack of a question aimed in her direction. After a moment she simply shrugs and looks behind her.

"What's your favorite book?"
Modern Humans (played by PinkBrat)

"I have two.." Nii stated quietly and she fished inside her messenger bag. Two books were removed, one of a hefty weight. The Architecture Reference & Specification Book: Everything Architects Need to Know Every Day and Architecture: A World History. "They're real interesting with a lot of information and I love looking at the pictures." As she spoke she seemed to glow, appearing much happier when she smiled.

She thought for a moment before turning to the next person. "What is your favorite, sea or space?"
“, it’s quite beautiful when you can see a glimpse of it at night with all its stars and occasionally a planet or two being close and the you wouldn’t catch me missing the Starfall Festival for nothing and I come from a place nicknamed the city of starlight so is it not only natural to have favoritism to space? Now what about you?” She turned her head to the next person “what is your favorite drink?”

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