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Kim is an incredible person, we can all agree to that. She makes a lot of life sacrifices we never know about to keep all of our dreams alive by holding this site together. With RPR 2.0 on her plate, man she's really putting in everything she has for us!

What does this have to do with a giveaway?

In celebration of both the rebuild project codename:Audacious Phoenix, and in Kim's dedication to the RPR site we all know and love, I've decided to host a giveaway dedicated to Kim's commitment to us all.

Price for entry is very simple.....

Post below a kind and supportive message to Kim regarding the RPR, and specifically the rebuild project she's working so hard on. I'm positive she knows how much support is behind her already with this incredible community, but there's nothing quite like hearing it (or reading it even). Meme's are welcome, songs are welcome, anything is welcome as long as a short supportive message is included. Messages MUST be positive and directed at Kim in some fashion to count.
  • 1 entry per person will be counted, although feel free to post additional support messages if at a later time you feel you have more to say, I don't mind weeding through those extra messages in this particular giveaway.
  • No character posts will be counted, players only please
  • I would love the giveaway to last 100 days to mirror the project, but that's seems a bit too long I think, the giveaway will end as of August 14th, at midnight Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4 currently) For records, this was posted around 7:15pm EST, you can compare that to the time of my post on your device to calculate the difference in time
  • Entries will be numbered and listed below, if I forget you, please please PLEASE pm me to let me know. It's not rude to do that, I'm human and sometimes I make mistakes, and I'm okay with being gently corrected :)
  • Once the giveaway ends, I will likely be using this dice roller that copper dragon probably has no idea she gave me (found it in a forum game she used it in like a hundred years ago)
  • I may be sleeping at midnight when the giveaway ends, or I may be awake. My job has me awake all hours and I cannot predict when they will be. As soon as I am able to I will roll and post screen shots of the winners and promptly send gifts. If for some reason I'm forced to stop halfway through dice rolls, it's important to not panic, almost certainly my job has taken me away and I'll finish as soon as I'm able to.
  • Rolls for prizes will start with the bottom most prize I will slowly work my way up the list with each roll. If the dice hit the same member twice I will reroll, as I am wanting the most people possible to benefit so one prize per person :)
  • Once the giveaway is over, feel free to continue posting nice things about Kim! There's never any limit to that, and that fuzzy feeling inside is a prize in and of itself!

Giveaway has ended, winners posted below

1 - Hikari_Yagaza
2 - emroidz
3 - tisonlychaos
4 - ChocolateIceCream
5 - LightSide-Lucree
6 - StaticNightmares
7 - SarietheFae
8 - Juls
9 - Cherry_Red
10 - Dunedain-Ranger
11 - Nativity
12 - Cookiesareyummie
13 - Deumeawyn
14 - PenguinColada
15 - Tusitala2017
16 - Claine
17 - Dndmama
18 - PastelGalaxy
19 - 8_Stars_8

Now onto the prizes!

1 - Purple Phoenix
2 - Ice Cream Sunae (a year of epicness!)
3 - 2x cinnamon sticks
4 - Stargazer Lilly
5 - Stargazer Lilly
6 - Stargazer Lilly
7 - Black Rose
8 - Bacon (2 character slots)
9 - Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake
10 - Rich Cupcake

The following items were donated to this giveaway by Novalynn

11 - White Rose
12 - White Rose
13 - Red Rose
14 - Red Rose
15 - Yellow Rose

The following items were donated to this giveaway by Eniiko

16 - Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie
17 - Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake
18 - Yellow Rose
19 - Yellow Rose

Viable Entries -
1 - Sanne
2 - Guardian_Girl
3 - Hikari_Yagaza
4 - tisonlychaos
5 - Mercyinreach
6 - StaticNightmares
7 - Yersinia
8 - SarietheFae
9 - Juls
10 - Cherry_Red
11 - LakotaSiouxWarrior
12 - Dunedain-Ranger
13 - Nativity
14 - Hadeslicious
15 - Cookiesareyummie
16 - Deumeawyn
17 - PenguinColada
18 - Eniiko
19 - Tusitala2017
20 - lula
21 - Claine
22 - Dndmama
23 - PastelGalaxy
24 - 8_Stars_8
25 - Trickster
26 - Auberon
27- ChocolateIceCream
28 - emroidz
29 - Volka
30 - Animewithin
31 - Kungfu6453
32 - LightSide-Lucree

Update: Looking at my schedule I'm thinking Thursday late morning/afternoon is when I'll be able to roll the winners, sorry my schedule is pretty crazy....

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Kim Site Admin

*smashes that subscribe button* <3 <3 <3
Sanne Moderator

Kim, I know how much the RPR means to you - it's basically your programming baby that you're trying to nurture and raise in what I think will be a very long-term commitment you're happy to take on. You managed to figure out a way to fill a need for many long-time roleplayers, but you went so much further beyond just providing a useful tool. You've dedicated nearly a decade of monetarily unpaid labor to a site and its community our of sheer unadulterated love for it and them. You continue to do what is a full time job to many website owners, not only for free but on the side to a daytime job, just because you love us all so gosh darn much!

It takes a deeply passionate, dedicated and caring person to not just do all of the above, but to then also tackle a complete rebuild from scratch with a fundraising goal that many, many, many website owners would deem not nearly good enough to even begin covering the work you've already done. I think this deserves a LOT of emphasis, because holy crap your time as a programmer is incredibly valuable, and you're just giving it to us all for basically next to nothing.

You've listened to us and penned down so many suggestions to include in the rebuild. You've spent so much time on figuring out how to make this happen, and you've probably been nervous about the bake sale's success. We're barely a day in and we're only a fifth away from the original goal. I want you to know that you and RPR are so worth every penny that's being donated here. Please don't let there be a doubt in your mind about our recognition of your endless labor and love to keep this place not only going, but to continue having it be a place filled with kindness, and a place that many of us call home.

Thank you, and I'm so very excited for 2.0!
Kim has done an absolutely amazing job taking care of RPR. I've been on here for about 6 years, and I've never even heard so much as a negative whisper about her, let alone any bad encounters.

She has been absolutely fantastic with responses to bug reports, or just normal PMs in general. She seems to always be on top of the game when it comes to fixing what's wrong.

You're amazing Kim, we love you!
Kim. This community would not exist without the love and care you put into this site. Everything you do, from welcoming newcomers to fixing bugs and now this huge overhaul of the site is so amazing. You are a remarkable, talented, intelligent lady and you should be so proud of yourself.

You are a beautiful person and words cannot describe how much we value you. Thank you for this amazing site that keeps getting better by the day and thank you for the oppertunity to furthur my writing skills with this amazing medium called Roleplay.

I've only known one other RP site before RPR. I came here when that one failed to meet the needs of the community. When I first started to acclimate and explore this site, I was absolutely astounded. Not only is it beautiful and so expansive (maybe it's just me, but there are so many features...), but the community is just absolutely wonderful. And at the head of it all is Kim. She has been so sweet and kind and helpful that I cannot imagine there being a better admin on a site. All the work that has gone into this site is so obvious and I cannot wait to see the new site she's working on because I am absolutely sure it's going to be amazing.

Thank you, Kim, for all your hard work.
Kim is...legion. We are legion. Kim works so hard and it's so incredibly obvious. I have pleasant personal experiences with Kim when issues have arose and I have seen and heard her do so much for the community and the website in general. It makes me really happy that we have risen so much money as it is. Kim deserves to be able to continue the work on the website without sacrificing her financial security.

I am grateful <3
I honestly don't know what I would be doing right now if Kim hadn't created RPR. I've been on here less than a year and yet I have made so many valued friends that have helped and I have helped. I could rant and rave on about how RPR is so great but...

RPR wouldn't be where it is without you, Kim.

You're willing to put so much time and effort, blood sweat and tears into (compared to other sites) is a slightly smaller group of wonderful people. The fact that you want to finish the coding within 100 days just proves how much effort you put in, and how much love youre wanting to give to such an equally loving community. It's so obvious that you do much more than most adminitrators would do. We all love yards, Kim <3
I think the bake sale speaks for itself! Kim, this absolutely fantastic community is a reflection of everything you've put into it. You're bar-none the most dedicated admin I've come across over a decade of forum-hopping. Thank you for your ambition, creativity, and what I'm sure were many, many, many hours of hard work. You're a beautiful soul!
This is the first rp site I had joined in a loooong time....but one thing was inherently obvious about the community here. I had played a lot if mobile games and joined many other social platforms where players could chat with each other, and in every single one I ever joined it was the same exact experience. No one cared about anything, simply hid behind their keyboards and contributed heavily to a toxic environment. I reported things in every platform I was on and what quickly came as not surprising, I usually recieved no response at all, sometimes I even was straight up lied to by administration or moderation members.


Why? It starts at the top! With Kim and her undying attitude of support and care for her community. In all facets I've seen her working diligently to take care of anything and everything the site needs. Once I submitted a bug report (not a fraudulent one I promise) and she thanked me. A couple days later after not being able to recreate the problem she mailed me to follow up on it. I was shocked by this after previous sites showed they hadn't cared at all about their site (this often included bugs).

To take on free of charge a massive rebuild project on her own simply because she cares about OUR dreams is nothing short of remarkable. As Sanne I think mentioned, complete paid teams of corporate developers may not tackle such a job, and it only further proves to me how deeply she cares about the community, about us and our dreams, and for that I am incredibly thankful!

Thank you Kim! I have a deep undying respect for the work you do and sacrifices you make to keep all of our dreams alive! If ever there is something we can do to help, I feel I speak for the whole community when I say, just name it and we're behind you!
Dear Kim, we talked a few times over the years and I show you tons of love over face book bit I say it here too.

To work tirelessly on a community where people are fuled by there creativity is astounding. Text and form rp often Teeters on extinction many time in my 25 years old text rp I had to move communities because of this. Because of this site we have a home not matter what your style is your always open harted and accepting.

I appreciate you and your time.

For when you need pumped up after chasing a bug for hours!

(and... um... if you need/would like literal programming support ... well, the offer still stands. :) )

Kim, I've been on this website for almost a year now and I've completely loved the experience it has given me. I remember giving you a kudos the day the site was down and I couldn't imagine how hard you'd worked to get it up and running again. And now, working on RPR 2.0, I can only imagine you working harder. I want you to know that I absolutely love your website Kim, and I can't wait to see RPR 2.0 when it's finished.

With my full and complete love of your hard work ~Cherry
Kim you have created a wonderful community of freinds and roleplayers. This is the best website for role-playing I've ever been on. From the gifts you can buy to support RPRepository. And the always freindly and helpful moderaters. You are constantly improving and updating this website. Thanks for giving me a home away from home with RPRepository. You truly are a outstanding admistrater and business woman. Thanks for all you do for us.
We love you Kim! What makes RPR different from other sites is the love, dedication, and the long hours of hard work you put in to this wonderful playground we enjoy! One can feel the difference! Know that it is very much appreciated! I have said many times over in some fashion, one of the most amazing admins/mods/site owners/whateverothertitlecanfit that I have ever encountered. She's super friendly and clearly cares about her community, and keeping it running properly. Takes suggestions like a boss, and implements user suggestions. I always feel bad that I am wasting her time if I send a bugge report, or message her for any reason - but - she's never made me feel that way.


That DR though

Man....I have not seen that DR'er in forever T.T nostalgia, yo
Kim, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work you do on RPR and on Operation Audacious Pheonix. It's not easy hearing all the pleas and screams for more from a community, even as nice as RPR has been. There's lots of demands and desires to meet and it's a heck of a task to manage even on fantastic days. Thank you for being so strong and creative with what you do and bringing this piece of the internet to life with your hard work and dedication. I fit weren't for this little corner of the internet I may never have met the wonderful friends I have now, built stronger ones with older friends, and seen something as incredible as my husband's homebrew fantasy world come to life in such a magnetic way. It's thanks to your desire and want to create a little something for everyone that built this place and I am extremely grateful for it.

Keep on keeping on, Kim!

Oh, and thank YOU Voldarian for hosting this lovely event! <3
Kim thank you for this wonderfull site you gave us. Because of you we have an amazing community, because of your work in this site. We can rp, make friends and have fun!

Because of your creativity we can be creative with each other.

Thank you Kim for this amazing website!
I don’t think I have ever said how much I love this roleplaying site. It is so wonderful the way it all works, and I am excited to see the new site come to life!

I have been on this site about a year and a half but only active a hand full of months. I signed up for a half a dozen rp sites at the time and what stood out to me with RPR was the active participation of Kim on the site. She gets in and has fun and greets newcomers and and comments in threads all the while working hard to keep the site not only running smooth but taking on the Phoenix project!

I only recently got on the RPR Facebook page and watched some of Kim’s lovely videos she shared there. Such love and heartfelt dedication to this passion of hers that she has blessed us with could be seen, heard, and felt in her voice, and all the while doing her day job too. I bow to you Kim, you are a goddess!
Deumeawyn wrote:
I only recently got on the RPR Facebook page and watched some of Kim’s lovely videos she shared there.

I actually quit using facebook due to the toxic environment I found myself in there....but this makes me consider reactivating my account just to follow RPR....>.> I had no idea videos were being posted.

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