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"I'm not really into women and it seems you aren't either.... If we ever felt that we would though I would defiantly give a date with you a try." Olivia said with a smile. "But since I am not into women I would have to reject."
Peter Aichen (played anonymously)

“You look like you would be a lot of fun on one date Olivia.”
Distant dark eyes glanced briefly toward the man before the fox-masked vigilante shook her head.

"Reject. If even Ihad interest in a date, and I don't, you are not the kind of person that would hold my interest wharsoever."
Ella Gold (played by Dib2435)

" Pass, I am sorry dear but I don't do girls. Though I do believe that we would have a slightly go chance of being friends "
Kai (played by Rayne_Storm)

"I'm going to have to pass since you're not exactly my type and're a little too old for me."
Well... I wouldn't mind dating with you.
Alexandria Jarring (played by ShadowFlame2022)

"Pass, you seem like a good person though."
"Hmmm...Quite the interesting character you are but given the options, I can only take a pass on you since I could only see you as being a cool friend to have."
“Hmm. I must humbly reject you. There’s not a lot of things we have in common.”
Jip (played by Juls)

"Your ears are so BIG and pointy! Date!"
"You do honestly strike me as...Different and stand out among most but I'll have to pass on you. If you can do magic shit though then call me up, I wanna see that."
"Denying everyone like your no different! Your just trying to hide all your flaws, thinking your better then everyone! KAHAHAHAHAHA!" the psycho bad-boy yelled, leaning back as he put his hand to his head while looking Sabrina dead in the eyes. Seemed like a pass.
The man didn't waste any time, any cheek with this individual. Clearly reason or wit would fly way past his head, so he didn't even bother putting in the effort. "Shut up. Get some help."

Messlea ambers (played by Dib2435)

" Yeah No way! I'm not dating something supernatural! "
Faust (played anonymously)

“Yeaaah, hard pass.” Rus scratches the inside of his long fluffy ear with the back of his thumbnail, squinting at the sensation. “Sorry, sweetheart, but you’ve got no taste.” The big man grimaces at what he finds on his finger, rolling his eyes after flicking off the gunk. Shrugging lightly. “Don’t take it personally.”
Zekire (played by fiesch)

"Ah this one should say confused reject? It is not aware of the concept of date?" Canning his head in a rather bird like manner Zekire would attempt to smile an an apeasing way. Poor guy needs social skills.
Mark (played by Velocity_Ryder)

Probably One date and no call back
Eilir Beckett (played anonymously)

We reject you. But the offer is flattering. But no.”
Venssa rampler (played by Dib2435)

" An the same goes for you! "
“…Red…will reject.”

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