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Garnet (played by JetStorm)


"I don't think I should kiss would be weird...and I'm against killing" She swatted her,mainly for attempting to kill someone.
"Completely agreed, but my aura reading tells me you're in a relationship already." Nightmare pulls out a slightly larger rubber chicken to smack the warrior with.
"Guten Tag, you look as though you're having fun. Can ve come to play?" Prinz Eugen aims one of her cannons, and fires a blank shell. "Count zat as vat you'd call, "a hit"."

Drake Lie (played anonymously)

He uppercuts the girl in the jaw and laughs "I would say that your hit was a bit over kill, but I ain't going to kill you because it entertained me."
"oh looks like we got a brawl going on.." she said as she grabbed a bottle of booze just to down it in one go. Come on I won't HIT you hard"
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Triple wedgie! Eeehh... I mean hit...technically...yeah.

"Alright, you all three stop! You are all going to take a shower right now! No excuses! Really look at all that blood! I have fought my way out of giant centipede's stomach and came out cleaner than all you three! and it was a mess!!! A mess I tell yah!! Seriously...coughing blood that aint yours is no joke, now off to bathe!"
Taluna (played anonymously)


“Pucker up, Elaine. I know you’ve wanted to do this for a while.”
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"Mmhhh~♡♡♡" Elaine stopped in place, putting down the troublemakets then turned as her attention was kidnapped by a the lovely gnome. "Too bad there's only three options..." The woman smirked with a devilish smile that meant only one thing but was better left of undescribed.

"You have no idea how much I been wanting to do this..." Elaine followed up by gently taking the gnome's chin, guiding their lips as they got closer.


"Hehe Now the real fun starts..."
“Uh......” Clearly flustered, and embarrassed out of her mind, she just holds up a little piece of paper...

Asimov (played by Thatnerdychick)

"I think I have worked out kissing." The ai directed one of it's more humanoid frames to boop the woman on the nose with a finger."tada"
Nancy (played anonymously)

Delete system32.
Chaeya Spire (played anonymously)


“I’m sorry, but it looked like you needed to learn some manners.” Chaeya dodges to the side and throws a punch at the girl’s face. “You see, I’d like to know if I can control an ai as well, but you didn’t let me,”
"IM SO SORRY!" she then threw a pillow with intent to hit the girl.
Dawn looked at the red haired woman with a curious look on his face before he kissed her cheek, imitating something he had seen someone else do.

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