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The fact is: our characters are often written for somewhat specific worlds, settings, and scenarios. There are usually things they are very good at... and other things, well, not so much. Would you want a vicious werewolf character working at Domino's? Would you want to go on a hike with a shapeshifter who can turn into a 30 ft long centipede? Here is the thread for you to find out.

The mechanics of the game are simple! First: Answer the question above you from the profile of one of your characters. It'll be a yes, no, or a maybe... but try and explain exactly WHY you chose that answer.
Then, ask a question for the person below you that includes a theoretical situation, asking whether the next player would like that situation to happen involving their character. So, for example.

Example Questions
Person 1: Would you want your character to be your partner in a dance class?
Person 2: No, absolutely not. Brittany Perfectson is excellent at dancing, and just about everything else as well. I would pale in comparison to her, and would have to vacate the premises immediately with a paper bag over my head due to the shame.
Would you want your character to run for president of the USA?
Person 3: Absolutely. The concept of my character- a completely ordinary platypus- running for president is something I could only dream of.
Would you want to read an autobiography your character wrote?

...and so on.

So, without further ado, here is the first question:
Would you want your character to work at a busy daycare?
Gabriel (played by Kruhee)

Um, no... He'd eat/traumatize the kids and that's bad child care. Or so I am told.

Would you want your character to be your Olive Garden waiter?
Macbeth Wilson (played by Failure)

Well, seeing as he's a homocidal cult fanatic, probably not.
WYWYC to be a pizza delivery person?
Da-Xia (played anonymously)

No because she sees working that sort of job as well beneath her abilities.

Would you want your character to be a judge in the court system?
Harte (played by witch) Topic Starter

Honestly, I really don't think so. He'd be a rather corrupt judge. That being said, I think he'd enjoy it, though not as much as positions of power that allow him a bit more freedom.

Would you want to go ice skating with your character?
Sure, but get in my way and I will probably hit you with the ice skate blade.
Would you like to go on a killing spree with me?
Willy (played by Kruhee)

No, I really don't think Willy would enjoy killing anyone for any reason. Her guilt would be out of control. Really it would wreck her.

Would you want you character to read your diary?
Certainly not! I dont keep a diary but this little money grabber will use whatever I write to profit from me to my almost certain dismay if I did!

Would you want your character to drive a semi truck? (Lorry)
Lian (played anonymously)

Absolutely not. She doesn't know how to drive so entrusting her to maneuver something that large would be a disaster waiting to happen! XD

Would you want your character to be a singer?
Novia (played by Kruhee)

No, not even a little bit. She'd kill people by doing that, it's just in her nature.

Would you want to eat a home cooked meal from your character?
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

No....outside of the expected water and sunlight, this little guy and all his race delight in snacking on bugs.....I can only imagine the termite casserole they might serve me and as nice as they are, I don't want to have to refuse :/ (but I absolutely would)

Would you want your character to drive a racecar for NASCAR? hehe
Arden (played by witch) Topic Starter

You know, sure, why not. I think he'd like the fame and fortune. I want to see a pink gay furry nascar driver in a sparkly hot pink race car now.

Would you want your character to become a Youtuber? (...And what would their channel be like?)
Evelyn (played anonymously)

Hands down, yes! She already does small video reviews of make-up on social media, so why not go bigger with longer videos on YouTube?

Would you want your character to be a motivational speaker?
Karma (played anonymously)

Yes. Because Karma, while being blunt and a huge potty mouth, does believe in the best of people and likes to see them safe, happy, and successful. She'd try so hard to help other believe in themselves.

Would you want your character to join you for Sunday brunch?
Norse Wolf of Winter (played by Winters_Fury)

I'd vote no on poor Valter. I love him...but with the fact that he'd probably do a lot of whining about how lazy a bum his work partner is, and carry on about how I should have given him a better work partner and idk what all, it would be nothing but a headache for me. I still <3 Valter.

Would you want your character to be a wingman/woman for you to support with approaching potential romantic partners?
I say yes! Angie would be the best wingwoman, doing her best to boost you up and making sure then if potential partners falls through. She going to make sure I'm going to have great time and telling me there is always next time and more fishes.

Would you want your character to be your coworker at Disneyworld?
I doubt. Oblivion wouldn't care and just ditch the job , so no thank you . Plus the guy is already busy with tons and tons of work so in no doubt would Oblivion just ditch their Main job to go work at disney-land. And being Co-worker's with them , no way. I mean we could be friend's? Hopefully...

Would you want your character to defend you in court?
CC Banks (played anonymously)

I would absolutely not want my character to defend me in court. He's pretty much a wild card and would mouth off or swear up and storm, probably land himself in jail for kicking up a mess. So, let's just have him not be involved in any legal matters, mmmkay?

Would you want your character to be driving a school bus filled with screaming kids?
Misty (played by RachKirk)

No way!

Would you like to catch pokemon with me?
Cchaaneh (played by Malachite)

I'm not sure Cchaaneh would be able to understand the point of Pokémon, or worse, they'd mistake catching Pokémon for hunting them. I'll pass on that one.

Would you want your character to be your roommate (in a dorm, apartment, etc.)?

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