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Well, where to start.

I'm a "Rookie" to writing, but not new to RP, well I am new to the forums online.
I enjoy details and good grammar, and I try my best to follow my own likes, but it all depends on what I am given and what mood I'm in, I suppose.
I have created two characters, so far, maybe more as time goes on. (You can read about them on my profile.)
As I said i am a writer, so any topic is fine by me.

So, just here to say Hello
Welcome to RPR, HanamiHime! :)

The 'Find RP' tool (Linked in the main site menu) is a pretty handy place to start searching for some RPs to join! Hopefully you can find multiple that catch your attention!

Any questions about the site so far?
Welcome to the new improved updated 2.0 RPRepository created by Kim. You'll find plenty of freinds and roleplayers here in no time.
Hello, it is I. Welcome to RPR! It’s ok that you’re a rookie to writing, after all, the person who is a master at everything was once a starter himself! I love your characters, I got curios and took a peek at one. But everyone here is very kind and creative, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

You live here now. <3
Hi!! Welcome to RPR! I'm glad you found us! I hope the site is easy to learn and that you have a lot of fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!
Welcome!! I am new to this forum as well, so I look forward to seeing you around the site! :)
Hello and welcome to the RPR

A lovely community with amazing people! I hope you have much fun on this site!

Hello and welcome to RPR! I hope you're settling into the site okay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as there are a ton of friendly people around that are willing to help out with anything you may need. Cheers to making new friends and finding lots of fun RPs!
:star: Welcome to RPR :star:

I hope you find lots of fun here :3
Welcome! I hope you can find some good writers to create fun stories with!
Hello! Welcome

Hope you come to enjoy your time spent here on RPR!
Welcome to RPR and happy writing!!
Welcome aboard. The forums are a great way to meet people and advertise what you're looking for. You can also search existing games looking for players.

Lswc9Br.png Bonjour, and welcome to RPR. I'm Mintelle, it's lovely to meet you, and I've been a member of this site since July 14th 2018. It's a wonderful community and I hope you find everything you're looking for here. There are some incredible members in this community who will make you feel right at home, and we have an amazing founder who puts so much love and time into making sure this site is beyond perfection. Trust me, you're going to love it here!

If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to consult the forums or reach out to a fellow RPR member for some assistance, we're all very friendly and happy to help. Wishing you all the best during your time here!

Stay safe, stay well,

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