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Shinigami (played by Great7)

Of course not. I'm only there for the tower but if that's the case I will help cool down the lava. You knit me", he said going through the portal.
" Or replace it with another source" The heat that hit them was so great that Kuroi closed her eyes and shifted her head behind his. In the glow of the fire, streets of metal danced about within the rising heat. The place creaked and groaned, evidence that it wasn't as still as it appeared. Drakar flew about while Kerberol patrolled the place. In the center, suspended above the city with black metal, was the sunstone tower. It's light competed with the lava below.

Someone yelled and moments later a large beast shoved aside the two as it ran past. A chain dragged on the ground behind it. Kuroi brought out her wings and flapped them to prevent them from falling. A Kerberol burst past them a little later, chasing down the beast.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He gathered light around them then took to the air. He flew to the front of the beast then looked at her, "get on my back real quick", he said then let the beast run by and caught it's chain with a guardian. The chain dragged the beast to his feet with it down looking up at him, "be glad someone was going after you, you would have been dead"
Kuroi nodded and did as she was told. To ensure she didn't fall again, she wrapped her arms his neck and kept her wings.

The beast snarled when it was dragged back. It appeared to be a scarred drake that had a broken horn. The forefeet resembled hands and it's tail, with long vibrant scales, was tipped with spikes. It swung it's tail to attack but was stopped by the Kerberol who brough a chain across the beast's head with a loud crack. It let out a roar-like whine as it lowered it's tail.

" Stubborn beast..." The Kerberol growled while placing a halter over it's head. The way it was would hold its mouth shut. " Thanks for catching her. She's been unruly lately" He slid his hand through the halter and looked up at the two. What he saw made him smile " Just kids and your this strong? You could make a name for yourselves"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Remove the chain, and put it in a secluded field till the horn grows back", he said then walked away, "you know kuroi, I need my neck to breath. And don't bring out your eyes ha if you're going to burn it"
The heat gave her just enough time to watch the dumbfounded Kerberol get his drake to her feet before she had to close her eyes again. " Sorry, I would hate to be death of you" She said loosening her hold. A smile showed as she rested her head again. " You're going to be my eyes then?"

Other senses became hieghted without her eyes. The creak of metal and the roar of lava below dragged forth dark memories. Within this hellish ambiance something else called forth. It was silent but familiar; calling to the sunstone tower and Shinigami. She knew it too well. It wasn't him that it called to. " Be cautious with Rage. His energy is hieghted here but you shall find him more difficult to control...also I believe our presence is known"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh. Figured. Massive rage power flowing around even fire spirits will find me", he said then thought for a while, "I said eyes. I meant wings. I meant don't burn your wings, I was wondering why you were closing your eyes but I figured it now. Also I'm not wearing full coverage from the hear. Part of me should be burned. "
Her eyes opened a crack as she looked as him with concern. If she knew he didn't have enough protection, she would have fought what he did offer. Every prank pulled so far proved he would have gotten her to take it somehow.

A pillar of fire shot up near them, showering the path with specks of lava. One resembled a demon eye and sparked her memory. " No, you won't burn. Here, let me show you something" She reached towards his heart and called on Rage. The energy built at her hand as she directed it to and even fused it with his blood. Did it burn him like it did her? She hoped not as the demon's immunity to the fire was added to him.

Playing with that energy when it was no longer hers came at a price. Her wings shivered from the pain of the fire. They stretched for a moment then faded away. " should be fine now..." Wisps of smoke flowed from her mouth with each word.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Of course", he said not getting burnt and watched her, "you're risking you're self again", he said steeping on the lava then got an idea. He jumped down to the lava below transforming to his fourth form without the wings. As he got to the lava rages aura touched it and parted it, "it's a volcanoe that won't work", he said the the lava became solid, "better. So yeah I said I was going to change this place. The lava created a lot of energy. Kuroi I need a spell that taps into it. You already know"
" I didn't kill myself so you can't claim my life yet" She smirked. Even with the protection, her energy began to fail when he jumped towards the lava.

Voices roared overhead when he solidified the lava. The very lifeblood of the city was now gone and a sense of urgency filled Kuroi. " Make it quick" She connected with Rage long enough to draw the energy out of the volcano. Fiery ribbons of mana stretched up from the cool lava. She shifted to place her thumb at the base of his skull. A red energy spidered into his nerves to reveal the source of the mana. Through the link, Rage's roar could be heard along with a second. His voice and a dark feminine one could be heard. "I am the only reason you can use this energy. This was my prison making the energy...unique"

A beam of light from the tower focused on the two and the mountain trembled with a roar of it's own. Kuroi looked about as a foreboding presence closed in. " Do what you must...and prepare to fight"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

What are they going to do",he said as a blank magic circle gather on the solidified mana. At its peak the red energy began to leak out from it. He orchestrated the lava to form pillars around the tower and when they fell the pillar was gone. Light mana covered their faces from the people, "ok. Now a new pillar", he said as a pillar of lava formed up where the tower was and it solifided gathering the red mana to it. Marking appeared on the pillar and when it was done a it turne into a statue of a dragon and a phoenix, "those will replace the pillar gathering mana for them to use to stabilize the place. Since the mana is from their natural habitat it will work better for them. By the way once the lava is back a burst of mana will come flying from the circle so let's get you out of here first. In front to the town's border of you don't mind. And was it just me or did rage sound like a woman"
The beauty of the new pillar was truly stunning and a better fit for the city. She averted her gaze from it when he mentioned the mana and Rage's voice. " About that...I will explain after we leave"

Just as she raised her hand to open the portal, the ground erupted in a shower of rocks and magma. Kuroi breathed a blast of ice over his head towards the wave of lava. A thunderous roar could be heard before claws of lava tore through the ice, revealing a dragon made of lava. "Pathetic fools dare to make a copy of me!?" Rage bellowed.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Dude just give up already", he said as he turned the lava dragon to gold using the stone and watched it melt, "what does he mean copy. I remember wait how did I get him in the first place. Whatever return to the chain", he said to him as he walked by, "oh yes kuroi, the portal please"
The demon returned to the chain as Kuroi opened the portal. She dropped her head and used her ice to try to cool herself off, careful not to freeze him. " What Rage meant by copy...are the Luminaries...are creating demons"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

So he mistook me for that. Well I won't do that.", he said then walked through the portal. The lava went back to normal including the statue went he went through. The circle remained on the lava in the form of glowing golden plates around the city. On one side of it was a note, "the circle and the statue frees you. Destroy any and you're killing yourselves. Don't believe me then ask your well informed mages"

Up there was the tower standing tall and below it were teleportation markings that were burned to the soil, "ok do we freeze it or do we make it alive or put in in a porket space?"
She raised her head after he passed through the portal. Seeing the new tower from this place was truly grand. The details she could make out gave the illusion that the dragon and phoenix were real.
She refocused her attention and looked at what he had done. "Best to be rid of the false demon "
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Ok. Now where would it be", he said looking up towards her, "you're still in that form", he said then began walking towards the tower
" Well it's..." She gave him a blank look for a bit then smiled. " Always wanting me to change shape. Well...they may find an age change odd" Her eyes shifted up to focus on the city ahead.
Many of the residents were still panicking over the loss of the lava, unaware that it would return. Others were starting to gather around the new tower.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Well I don't know but it looks cute", he said going in that tower and his mana leaked inside it, "and who are the ones that will find it odd"
" The residents will find it odd" She said watching his mana. " It has been sometime since I held that form..." A growl echoed through the place. His mana, having turned it's first body to gold, had drawn the attention of the false demon.

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