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Shinigami (played by Great7)

Good good. We're finally getting it started", tobi said as a a massive mana wave went towards them and sliced the trees

Shinigami infused his swords with mana and began to slice at the trees.

Cool cool", tobi said, "but. I've gotten some power too", tobi said then transformed into a streak of green light then caught a tree and used it to attack shinigami like a club

Shinigami used one hand to block it
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Was it the sound or the glow that snapped Kuroi to? It didn't matter as she jumped over the wave and landed on a branch. The shackles split the wave into segments and absorbed.

Little time was left to think on this as the tree tipped over. She jumped to a few more branches before they were sliced into pieces. Through the falling logs, Kuroi witnessed the blocked attack.

" A fight and run..." She said under her breath. Once her feet touched the ground, she bolted towards Tobi with the shard kept out of sight till last minute.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Mana released from his leg like an explosion kicking him upwards. He pushed upwards so hard tobi lost griped of the tree. He transformed to his fourth form and strikes an attack at tobi.

Tobi blocked it with a sword, "good, good but it ought to be better", she said kicking the sword out his hand and spines move kicked him to the ground

Shinigami fell and tried using his hand to stop his fall. He transformed to his third form but tobi got behind him before he could move

You keep relying on those forms way too much. No wonder you're still weak", tobi said kicking him from behind to a tree. As soon as he hit the tree she punched him so hard the tree broke, "again weak"

I felt that in my lungs", he said trying hard to breath

I saw your last fight, you told Nasr to attack what you didn't tell him was him. You knew if you attacked yourself you would have fail. Just like you will fail in the tournament if you don't learn to use power", tobi said to his ear then threw him to kuroi
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Getting ignored so easily stung deeper than she thought. She wanted to join yet found herself watching instead. The shard was flipped in her hand while listening to the comment of form reliance. Her shackles felt like a boon now...until he was thrown to her.

"I feel so tiny now" Ran through her mind yet, she still reached out to catch him. Their size difference alone was enough to stagger her but the added force sent her flying back with him. She jabbed the shard into a tree. Pain shot through her arms and hand with the abrupt stop.

" happy you can still use your forms" She said as she pulled him to his feet. The shard, now coated in blood, was removed from the tree. Her hand was opened and held palm down as she looked up at Tobi. If not for her dragon bones, the shard would have cut through. Instead it stuck.

" You expect me to watch like this!?" A devious smirk showed now. " Not a chance!" The shard was pried from her hand and held for attack again.

Speed and agility was relied on, as she lept through the trees, to close the gap between Tobi and her. The arm holding the dagger was held to absorb whatever mana attacks were dished out but still set to attack should her attempt to freeze Tobi with her blood fail. If knocked away, she planned to spring back for another attack or retreat to Shinigami's side if ignored again.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Tobi passed through her, "I'm a spirit remember. It took you so long to notice my presence, what makes you think it will be easier to touch me. Maybe if you had your fill powers you could", she said with a joker grin and kicked kuroi on the back

As soon as the kick happened shinigami appeared beside tobi in his fourth form. He kicked tobi downwards and caught kuroi, "we need to keep moving. We are immortal remember, she's fighting to kill", he said then began the run again
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Kuroi growled at herself for forgetting that single fact. Easy to do when she looked alive. She sighed when caught and looked at the crystal stared. It was her only defense against spirits now.

" How shameful I must be. A god left confused by training..." Run, fight, what was it? Of all the worlds she had been too, never had she faced such training before. Despite it, her own weaknesses were painfully brought to light.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

You're wondering what the point of all this is. It's simple. If you want to train you need to know your level. Tobi is doing this by pathetically being me down. You won't try to get stronger if you think you've reached the strongest one can get", he said jumping from tree to tree, "take a breather. Be calm"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" She certainly does have a...painful way of pointing out our flaws" Kuroi looked around and saw a group of towerind creatures gracefully running along. A surprisingly elegant mix of girrafe, chicken, and fish. If one of them got caught in the crossfire they would have food. There were tastier beasts but...

An idea crossed her mind and she extended her focus. " Tobi never mentioned specific rules. The goal is to survive, right?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

No. It's to get better.", he said landing and let kuroi down, "we can have a little breather. Here", he said giving her his weapon.

Tobi was making her way to them
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" You have to get better if you want to survive" She stated as she took the blade. It sang beautifully when the shard was ran along it's edge. " Survival and improvement go hand in hand. It's the law of nature"

The beasts strode by without a care. One could see contentment and focus in their eyes if they looked up. There was a time when she could afford to be so carefree. " Without the need to survive, there is no reason to improve. Being immortal reveals that. Perhaps that's why..." The blade was rested on her neck as she stared into the distance. Memories called out from the forest, singing of a time where existing was all life was.

The sword was dropped to her side when she leaned against a tree. He was given a gentle smile though a heaviness resided in her gaze. " I trust you'll never taste such a hollow existence"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh I would say a good word but", he said putting the sword behind his back as Tobi came flying with a kife that hit the sword.

Eyes behind your back", tobi said

You thought me that remember", he said teleporting over tobi and stoke at tobi which she blocked.
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The sound of metal ringing through the forest caused the beasts to break into a run. She danced between their spindly legs as their hooves tore up the ground around them. His shadow told her where Tobi was and she whirled around to test the blade he gave her. " So much for a breather" Kuroi said through the link.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Tobi and shinigami exchanged knife strokes, "well I did say she was attacking to kill", shinigami replied before he was kicked upwards. Tobi appeared over him and kicked him back down and appeared beside him and kicked him to a tree. Then did a flying kick on him when he hit the tree

" wow that was too far. Well you had a breather so you're fine fight", tobi said picking him up, "39 miles left"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Then it's time I play the same way" She knelt down as he was lifted up. The insult from Tobi was clear as the moon and being a powerless human must have made it more amusing to her.

A burst of metal ice spikes impaled the spirit and many trees when Kuroi struck the blood-soaked crystal to the sword. The flint and steel trick made her beam with the grand effect. Ice ran beneath Shinigami to give an escape.

Her form vanished into the forest once more. If she was to be ignored, then the opportunity would be used wisely.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh kiroi wants yo join the fight. I thought she wanted to be in the run. Well I'm in", tobi said as her paw glowed brightly green and she sent a shockwave at kuroi

Shinigami appeared beside tobi with his palm at the side of her face. He took a breath and a wave of mana struck from his palm at her face. He began running when this was done
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

She looked back when the trees lit up. A fallen branch took her down before the wave overtook her. The shard was held up as it soared overhead but the shackles split the mana once more. " I these crystals exist on this world?"

No time to rest, Kuroi scrambled to her feet when she heard his attack. Various crystal shards and plants were grabbed as she weaved through the woods. Shinigami's various statements about humans flooded back when she saw more beasts alongside her. Now all she needed was to find was a certain one
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh kuroi. Where are you. Come play with your ancestor", tobi said appearing before her, "oh smart. He runs I follow him and you get away. What he forgot was that I..." She was interrupted by another blast to the face,

"By the way we are just getting warmed up. She never did this much for warm up but seems today is different", he said grabbing kuroi hand and took her with him, "watch my back"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Too much ran through her head while following him. The greatest question was why Tobi said she was Kuroi's ancestor. A glance back failed to give the answer but revealed the damage caused so far. " Just a warm up? I need to get my stuff together soon"

One of the crystals and an herb was pulled from the pouch at her side. " No need to ask" She said before biting the crystal. The edge of the blade was run along it, imbuing it with those powers. As she looked back, the herb was placed in her mouth. This time she felt ready.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

A wave. ", Tobi shouted as wave of mana bullets swarm at them. Mistakes traps grenades came down on them

He manaubers around them, "you good to run on your own"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Mana flowed to her ankles as she ran by. Even Yuyami's blood wasn't this powerful. " I'm fine. Mind if I lead? These shackles are good for something after all"

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