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Shinigami (played by Great7)

What are these two talking about?”, he asked kuroi

The way the gods fight stupid”, tobi said

No I meant the way they were talking”, he said

Oh. Yeah I think they want to do what you did with kuroi in that dream. The gold not so sure but the man kuroi yeah definitely”, tobi ssid

Oh I see. By the way you’re taking care of the guy”, he said

Dude you just wanna flirt with the goddess”, tobi said

No no. But now that you mentioned it”, he said rubbing his chin

No”, tobi said

Ok”, he said bringing out his book

“Since she likes using a whip it best to over power her. Women like her must hate that so when she tries to use her beauty on you act like you’ve fallen and push her down”, she tobi said as he wrote

Push her down got it”, he said nodding

Ok make sure to spread he legs wide”, tobi said

There’s no need for that”, he said

Women like her like things there so she might try to pull one out on you. Hidden toys you know. Also tie her hands up and put her on her back”, tobi ssid

Take her from the back got it. Won’t that be too forceful”, he asked taking a book that nasr brought

Oh it’s ok. They like it rough look who her husband is”. Tobi said

True true. Though I’d prefer being gentle with her”, he said

Again don’t. Now for the husband. I stab him”, tobi said

Ha nice plan”, he said reading through the book, “and Donne”

Just push her to a wall with her and take her heart”, she said

No. A gods blood is dangerous to me so...”, he said looking up, “forgot you guys existed again. Sorry”

Though. We need shadow for something”, she said going to him then transformed him to a woman with blond hair around shinihami height, “done”

Yes yes that’s looking good”, he said looking at him, “the waist. Make it smaller”

Nah this one is fine”, tobi said, “we need that energy solarium gives off. We will give you a device and you collect it”, she said
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

No answer came from Kuroi, her presence continuing to remain as a void.

" She thinks we what!?" Yuyami shook his head and turned his back. " Where did she get that idea?"

" I have no idea..." Sarcasm dripped from his words as he cast his gaze aside. " We should leave these two to..." A sharp pain in his body along with a change in voice made him look over himself or...herself. The golden strands of hair flowing from her hood now were grabbed as if they were poison. " Don't insult me" She snapped. The glare given to Tobi was more chilling than Death's domain.

Even Yuyami froze over when he turned to see the blond hair. " Things...just got...oh boy..."

Wind and darkness washed over her hair until it was a darker black than before. " Have him collect the energy" She jabbed her thumb towards Yuyami. " I have something else to deal with" A dark growl rang out when she vanished.

With a sigh, the remaining god slumped his seat and wearily stared at them. " Sounds like you have everything set up to start your war. Beware Shadow's return though"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I kinda want her to return”, he said

Did I make her too well”, tobi asked

Nah but she’s good”, he said, “and the black hair”, he said nodding

I chise blond cause black hair would draw attention”, tobi said

Nice still. She looks good in anything. Oh yeah not yeah we just need the materials and some spells. I was preparing them. You just get to the top of the tower and set thing up. The we trap those two in a void space”, he said then looked up, “if everything from after the fight was fake then that means...they’re still alive. The kids I saved. She never killed them”, he said
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Suit yourself..." He rubbed his forehead before looking over the book. The titles had been worn off long ago and the leather was frayed an spotted. " But I warn you, Shadow is not the side of Kuroi you want to cross" He lifted the cover of a book to see the writing was faded and of a language most had forgotten.

" You'll have your materials in time. Nasr seems quite busy looking for what you requested" The book was closed and shoved aside. " A void space is a poor place to trap them. The god ruling over it may free them. You need a domain they can't and won't touch"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Dude I created my own space. And I would be using your domaon”, he said, “release them and gain their trust you’re a good actor”, he said finishing the book and took another, “something wrong?”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" My domain?" He sat upright and rested on his hand. " Trap and release...yes, I can handle that just fine" For a moment, his brow furrowed and he seemed intensely focused.

Attention was suddenly returned to Shinigami with the last question. " This life is what's wrong. No nature, no beauty beyond what's bred into family lines, and so on. Here." A book, newly written, was pulled from Yuyami's coat and tossed before him. " You will find that useful"

Sun reached through the shimmering surface of a lake, dancing across Kuroi's ivory skin as she stared upwards. The boys and Yuuma returned her stare with concern from a rock which stretched over the water. A single gaze she sought and desired but it was no to be had.

His presence was gone now and heart silent since Yuyami had severed the bond but everything else? Her heart and soul felt like they were withering away yet she clung the burning threads which remained.

Shinigami and Nasr had been found dead and mutilated in the castle. Tears were nearly spilled at the sight but it still took a physical toll on her despite knowing it had to be a trick or a dream. No one could kill him so easily or so violently. Since then she had spent many days trying to find her way back to no avail. Still, a few things had been discovered.

A dark cloud swirled it's way to the surface, creating ice crystals, when she opened her mouth. Darkness reached out and grabbed a crystal, causing her sit up and find a familiar face, Shadow. "Deny me no longer...We have blood to spill" He smirked and pressed his forehead to hers.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I see”, he said taking he book and began reading it. He dropped the one he was reading before, “hey tobi. You think shadow is auctually kurois freaky side?”, he asked not looking away from the book

Definitely. Why you scared”, tobi asked

To be honest. I kind of want to do them both”, he said with a straight face going page by page

Of course you do. Wonder what would happen if they mix”, tobi asked

Wonder or you mean do. Do for me”, shinigami said going through the book

I see”, tobi said, “well you would do a tree”

If that tree was kuroi yes”, he said smiling now, “but for real what’s up with this world”

You wanna know if they do it”, tobi said

Well yes who wouldn’t but I mean why the whole perfection”, he asked, “do they count the time when doing it. How do you know when it’s perfect or not. Is there a bed perfection officer counting and supervising”, he said dropping the book for a moment then picked it back up, “I will behead he dude”

What if they are watching from a distance”, tobi said

Distance. Then freaky. You shouldn’t watch another mans girl from a distance. Now single ones I do all the time”, he said then got wacked by tobi,

“to be honest it’s not your fault. Your father seem to follow up with you”, Tobi said

Well he got mad at my stunts. Remember when he found out I put that spell on mom. He almost cut my legs off. He broke them in fact”, he said, “still remember the pain”

Pretty sure he missed his target”, tobi said

Oh. Well glad I had luck”, he said finishing the book then dropped it, “done0, he said looking at yuyami
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

After staring wide eyed for a moment, Yuyami roared in laughter. " He would seriously do a tree if it was Kuroi!? Damn, she's given you the hots! Anyway, anyway..." he flipped his hand about while catching his breath.

" I know Shadow is her freaky side...a cruel one too" A silver collar and chain appeared on his neck. " Chain her, make her beg, mark her as yours, be nice, whatever. She'll take it and make sure you know you're hers" The chain was pulled tight then shattered. A strange smirk showed with the mental picture of Shinigami taking Shadow and Kuroi yet...he knew how she might be as one." Maybe I'm wrong but that's for you to figure out"

When talk of the cities came up he cringed. Where did this kid get such thoughts? " Numerology and Astrology is used to determine the perfect time. Details are messy" The smirk returned. " Maybe they do watch the show? That would make some great entertainment if they recorded such things but it sounds like you know. Would you take my sister while watching anoth-"

A dark piece of metal cracked him in the back of his head. Rainbows flooded his vision as he looked around. " Who the hell"

" Don't encourage him to find his death" Nasr said as he walked over and dropped an armload of metal.

" Don't encourage him...says the one who showed him the succubi" Yuyami chuckled. " Join the fun and bring Inei. I bet you could have fun together"

His feathers stood on end as a shiver ran over his body. Dark fire erupted at the god's feet and he got in his feet. " He saw me naked once. He doesn't need to see me have fun with Inei nor do I need to see him toy with a goddess"

" Joking! This hell has made you forget fun"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

It’s ok nasr. Tough I have to say you both have almost identical birth marks”, he said looking over the metal, “woo it will take some Healy to melt this down”

Say does the thunder dude feel warm when with his wife”, tobi asked

Shibigami stoped what he was doing at gave her a blank look that said why

Well we were on a subject like this. Turns out they time themselves when they..”, tobi was interrupted

I know you’re going to say that word like it’s normal but I get what you mean”, shinigami said then was wacked again

So like..does he get warm like if he’s cold does he like you...”, tobi said

Shinigami thought about it. Looked at her again then took the thinker pose and kept quiet for fifteen minuets straight, “I would if I was him”, he said

That’s what I’m saying but...won’t he get burnt”, tobi said

Wouldn’t risk it. Not in the least”, he said

Must have a fire protection..”, tobi said

Protection to protect from kids and fire...that would make a lot of bucks. The more you make the more you know about the couple of you get what I mean”, he said laughing

Whooo I bet she use a whole pack”, tobi said laughing

I bet he only used half the pack”, shinigami replied laughing holding his stomachs, “ok ok stop. We got work to do”

Ok”, tobi said as they took the metal and began to fix it

Do they train their kids to go past the limit so they don’t get killed”, Toni asked all of a sudden again

Hey yuyami, where does one go to make their kids more perfect. A clud, school, house.?”

Home training?”, tobi said

He looked at her, “home training”

What sword fighting isn’t the only thing you learn at home”, tobi said with a I don’t know stature

Ok we need to stop talking about their private lifes. Yuyami don’t day any more or we would get ideas”, shinigami said then he and tobi began arranging the metal, “we need more type like a glass”

You can use alchemy to make that one”, tobi replied

True ture”, he said like how do they use the bathroom in such a controlled society so like is there a supervisor like they stand there and see how far away from the toilet you were”, tobi said

He facepalmed and sighed deeply, “I have to know now, you did this to me tobi now I have to know. How”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

His eye twitched before he twisted to look for his birthmark. " What does a birthmark have to do with anything!?"

" You two were born for each other" Yuyami reclined, tipping the chair on its rear legs.

" Or he will say something like she is my twin...eeugh..." He shuddered again and ran his hands along his beak. " That would be terrifying and heartwrenching if we are siblings..."

" You said it, not us" The god chuckled and looked towards the others. His eyes were bright as he listened to every strange yet fascinating idea. " You two have such filthy minds...a shame Kuroi isn't here I bet she'd be crawling all over you by now"

" What happened to having work to do and don't give them ideas?" Nasr said as he sat down and returned to his humanish form.

" Don't tell me your not curious" The chair hit the ground with a thud when he leaned forward. He chuckled and focused on the laughing duo. " How can one not be curious about how the elements cross during such fun!? Imagine a fire male and icy female? She would feel that for weeks. Talk about smokin hot" A pop was heard when he held up his hand and breathed fire over it. " Flip it around and he'd never want to quit. Mmm a metal elemented male...that puts a whole new meaning to being..."

The ping of metal rang through the room and his head. " Oooh...that stings..." Yuyami trembled under his hands for a few minutes before he could look up to see Nasr smacking a hunk of metal in one hand. " When did Valra get so strong?"

" How about answering about their schooling and...yeah...the last question"

" sister needs to be here now" blood streaked along his jaw and dripped to his lap. " Elite families hire personal trainers, often another family member, to ensure their child is perfect. Lesser families send their children to a school. That's a new concept. Only been around for ten years"

Some of the blood was wiped off and licked off his fingers before he said more. " I haven't seen anyone watch the restrooms but I know the children are taught at a very young age how to...well go perfectly. Those who don't comply fake it for the trials of perfection but ARE watched for two more weeks. Many are slain over that stupid flaw"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Dang so you don’t get to make a mixtape. Though...would it be bad if we take away a system that lets you do it as training. Do you know how hard it is to do it back in our..,”, he was smacked by tobi, “ok ok. Sorry”

He picked up a piece of metal and began drawing the alchemical symbol for glass and circle. He activated it and it became a black glass like stubtance strong enough to take a lot of heat

Ok. Melt down those. Metals nasr go make that did you get the metals anyway?”, he asked looking at nasr
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

While he drew the circle, Yuyami got to his feet and staggered to Shinigami's side. " You could maintain the training under a new system" He whispered. " It's encouraged that any of age go at it as often as possible. The family of one or two teens has created no less than 8 to 15 children total. Survival is what it is" Yuyami got a smirk and patted his shoulder as he stood again.

" That is fumish..." Nasr stated while he watched the god with a wary eye. After he returned to his seat, Nasr turned his attention to his friend. " A few of the Valra homes are buried underground now. I visited those places to get this. The fire?" He stretched out his hand and a dark flame appeared. Light and color was devoured near it giving everything a shadowy or demonic look. More dark flames started sprouting up on old candle stubs and braziers, leaving them in a realm of shadows.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Good what we need”, he said taking the metal, “I really need that stone death”, he said then looked at tobi

Fine0, tobi said then took some metal. Her paws became red hot melting them

Those make some good massages trust me”, he said
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" How can paws which melt metal be great for a massage?" Nasr bit the back of his knuckle while watching the metal melt. Such a marvelous and mesmerizing sight yet equal to the reaper's blade for his kind.

" I believe she wouldn't use that much" Yuyami said.

" Yes, until you get on her bad side. Paws of death!" He spread his talons then paused and gave Shinigami a crooked look. " Did you just call out to Death? What happened to taking him out?"

Every god and goddess not visiting the world sat around the many Shulgir boards. Solarium and Death played on the largest one. As Shinigami had figured, the white pieces had far outnumbered the few black ones Death held.

" The wretched beast demands something of you, Mirtis" Solarium looked at the god of death with distaste. Her claws drummed at the edge of the board with the force of her malice.

His eyes never left board but he smiled. " I control his piece. Is there a problem with that?"

Many shifted back when the sun goddess tensed. " It is when your...tainted seed has been promised to me in blood and life! That beast is obsessed with it!"

" So much stress over a tiny human..." He began tapping the piece on the board again. Kuroi stepped next to him and he took her hand, slipping her the stone without notice. " But she's right. Blood is needed and you must return to your betrothed. Provide him heirs before giving your star blood"

" I understand..." She replied solemnly and nodded before turning away and vanishing.

" Star blood, pah!" Solarium scoffed. " Her blood is filth! You should remind her of that"

He knit his fingers together and stared the sun goddess down. " Oh, I shall"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh I was talking out loud. Should have stolen that stone when I had the chance”, he said as tobi looked at him, “the dude cut me in half stealing the stone from him is less of a payback”, he said as Tobi put the metal on the floor and melted the rest.

Once all was melted he used mana to direct them to form a ball. It had a hole in it and he covered that with the glass, “done. Now back to those spells”, he said sitting down and started drawing on his book again
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

He looked him up and down then shook his head. " Good thing it was a dream. He an alchemists stone though...really?"

" Of course he had one" Yuyami yawned. " They are his stones"

" excuse me?" Nasr raised a single brow.

The god chuckled and watched the orb get crafted. " Not like that. Might get the chance to take it soon. This...thing is coming along nicely"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I’m not done with it. Thought I would finish the spells before nasr get back. Book please”, he said as tobi took one of the books and held it for him to read. Tobi flipped through the pages as he read, “let me make the spells complex. Did you get books about heaven grade magic”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

A little book was removed from a pocket as Nasr stood and began to step back. " There is a single book on heavenly magic" He flipped the book a couple times before looking. " Barely any info on it but more will recognize it"

The little book was tossed at Shinigami's feet. Tattered, a little blood stained, and lightly scented of herbs. Opening it would reveal a familiar handwriting along with sketches and many prophecies. In the back were some notes of heavenly magic. Nothing extensive but it was there.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I remember telling Yuma I would kill him if he opened my book”, he said taking the book and began reading the part in heaven grade magic, “ that and that and that got it”, he said

No you dint”, tobi saud

No I don’t”, he said reading it over again, “it isn’t enough”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" That's his book not yours" He sighed. " You still have your book"

Yuyami chuckled and crossed his arms. " You need Kuroi here to help now?" An almost mocking tone resided in his words. " The question is...where is she?"

A terrible roar, tinged with a raging scream thundered into the depths. The entire place shook and dust fell from above as cracks appeared. Darkness shifted over Nasr as he stood hunched over, teeth grit, and practically crushing his arm. Rage's visage flickered across the Valera but never manifested in full. Once all fell silent again, he collapsed the ground, panting.

" That was mother..." Yuyami said while looking at the cracks above. " What caused that outburst?"

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