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When Nasr shrugged, the ghost spoke. " You will find her looking over the city below, thinking of the battles to come"

Pavol shuddered before running towards the exit. " No more ghosts! I'll find her! Anything but here!" He vanished behind the right wall, steps quickly fading.

The light that held him reminded Yuuma of the stardust river. Different but a familiar warmth that only helped calm his worried mind. " But you two are-"
" Ah!" Nasr held his hand up but looked away. " We had plenty of sleep. No arguing what he said" He followed the quickly fading footsteps now. " Maybe the boy will find her. Then you can see if she is still mad"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I was very grouchy when I woke up”, he said scratching, “well, I know you wanted to ask to here”, he said bringing out his notebook and wrote the words, “I need to see if she can stand against greed. She doesn’t need the diamond or test, she joined when she agreed”
" Ha, yeah cause you didn't find a dragon looking at you" Nasr said walking down the halls. For how secure the castle was, there were areas the wind howled through.
" Testing a dragon..." he continued. " Will be interesting to see what you do"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He dropped yuuma and gave nasr the note, “I’m going to go meet her”, he said the looking at the ghost, “can you help me with that please”
The ghost nodded as he floated ahead. " I always know where she is in this castle"

Yuuma leaned against a wall then slid down to floor. His chin dropped against his chest in his exhaustion. " We'll wait for you here then..." he felt talons on his shoulder now.
" Try not to anger her too much, ok?" Nasr said with a smile. " Maybe the boy found her already"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Can you make a portal to her”, he said to the ghost then looked to nasr, “well, let’s say I’m coming out of this one with a scar”, he said giggling
" Oh, you are up to no good" Nasr smirked as he leaned against the wall. " If things get too chaotic I will get Yuuma and the boy out"

The ghost stopped and looked down at Shinigami for a bit. " That's not my field of magic but let's see what I can do" He faced a wall and stared at it for some time before scratching runes on it. Each one glowed blue once he finished them. With the final rune in place, he stepped back. The wall swirled like water down a drain till the portal was solid.

Kuroi looked over her shoulder when she heard the sound. Having returned to her human form, she was sitting with her feet hanging over the edge.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Ok, thanks ghostly”, he said then walked over to kuroi, “hey kuroi, we had a small talk and we think we need to test you, were you crying”
She looked back down at the ruins below, wind caught her hair to pull it to the side. " You wish. I'm a god or supposed to be. I can't allow myself..." She shifted forward as she stood up. Rigid, proud, yet a turmoil raged beneath her calm demeanor as she stared at the city a bit longer.

The metal on her jacket chimed as she turned to face him now. " A test? Now that's dangerous for mortals to try against an immortal" The friendly light in her eyes was a contrast to her serious tone.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Well, you already know me and that, let’s see what’s the phrase, I don’t care.”, he said bringing out the pink diamond, “you just take this from me”, he said smiling, “of course no rage”, he said as he threw the diamond up and dark beast made from darkness flew off him and drive up to get the diamond
She smirked as her eyes shifted upwards. It seemed too easy. Through the shadows she vanished to appear by the diamond in the air. As she reached out towards the diamond, she took her dragon form. Black claws closing around it, she kept her eye on the dark creature.

A bright, blue light shot from her mouth when she opened it. It was cold enough to leave ice that burned with silver flames on what it touched.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He jumped up powered with darkness. Darkness covered his body but his hands and head was clear, “too easy”, he said then kicked the diamond out of her reach higher into the air, “come on kuroi, dont make that beautiful form to waste”
She bared her teeth at him as she turned upwards. " You're making it easy so far" Winds fit for a hurricane followed the path of her massive wings, forcing her higher still. Her tail flicked like a whip, putting him in the path of her blade.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Well, guess we stop going easy thenf”, he said reaching stage one. His head wasn’t fbleading as much this time. He used darkness to move himself up and caught the diamond, “so far, so bad”, he said then flew towards the buildings, “well, I say not so easy now, your turn”
Darkness held her as she tipped back to a free fall. A smile showed as she faded away to appear before him. Silver streaked through the air towards him only to trap his neck between her wing blades and fingers. Any standard foe she would have cleaved their head off.
She curled her tail up between them, using the tip of the blade to pry the gem loose.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Wow, so much trouble for a diamond”, he said as a beast made of light got the diamond in its mouth and flew off with it, “you know, be careful about my neck, it’s sensitive”, he said as darkness formed hands that began to free him
" Isn't that the purpose of this test?" Her head twitched sideways just before she vanished again.

The night sky erupted where the light beast had been. Rubble from the castle got sucked in before it faded away. She snatched the gem up before it could fall far. A quick glance showed she knew he would do something more.

Speed was her ally as she faded away again, sucked into a small it seemed. If he could follow, she would be waiting for him in her realm and in a new form.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He reached stage four, “well, I don’t know anymore”, he said as the diamond began to glow darkness. The diamond escaped her grasp and flew to him in light speed, “so should I go to you or you come to me, you saw my fight with rage so you know what I would prefer”
Watching the diamond vanish from her grasp caused her to stare at her empty hands. " Cheap trick. Can't take the diamond if he can call it back" She opened her mouth to absorb moonlight, taking in all the power she may need. Once she had enough, the light engulfed her to return.

Before him stood a black fox with the crescent moon on it's head. Purple and blue flames burned at her feet and a spirit flame above her head now. Her eyes darted about as she noted his changed form. " And what power do you hope to see?" Her single tail now fanned out to three, on each one a talisman of a different element was tied. A kitsune but 3 tails surely could not be the power of a god.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Nine tails”, he said touching her head, “I will admire it later, for now”, he said as a magic circle appeared beside him, “the test has to continue. Well I will give you a small hint. What did I say when I asked you to join”, he said then walked into the circle and disappeared

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