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A war has been tearing the region of Arthur apart, and it was mostly between the humans and the elven creatures. Each species was trying to get a piece of one another, but some were trying to end it with peace. Perhaps they were right. The war wasn’t needed due to the fact they could be united and have a typical, untroubled and pleasant life in the two different villages each belonged to.

After twenty years of non-stop bickering, the two rulers came to a truce, believing the war would finally be put to a rest. The people were ecstatic. They could finally venture farther than the villages of their own, and perhaps they could even get the chance to meet a creature of the elven species.

Though, their wishes were put to an end rather quickly.

An unknown enemy had begun striking between the two, causing a disruption for the desire of peace. Without being able to leave the villages, the elves and the humans could no longer communicate without possibly risking their lives. No treaty, no trust, and an unknown enemy. What would happen next?

“You’re making it sound extremely dramatic,” Kai, the King’s assistant, snorted. He offered the scroll to her.

“I’m just telling the truth,” The latest member of the messaging party, Cyrene Guinevere, shrugged with a smirk, taking the rolled paper with a teasing wink. “You know it, too. That unknown evil is going to slowly strike every message way until it reaches one of the villages, and then what comes next?”

The assistant scrunched his nose. “You don’t talk like that in public, do you?”

Cyrene batted his shoulder, scoffing. She had trouble hiding her smile. “Shut up! You’re only jealous that I can see the future.”

“Oh? You were the one who flunked the one time we were able to learn any form of Magics-”

“Didn’t I say shut up?” Cyrene snorted, leaping onto the saddle of her Latvian horse, Duke. “Tell the king that I’m off, and I’ll most likely be back in no more than a week?”

“That ended in a question.”


“Are you unsure of your time?” Kai rose a brow, folding his arms and looking upwards at his colleague. “You know I cannot tell him that, and we are going to possibly need you to come back before then.”

The archer shrugged it off, kicking her heel against Duke’s thigh. “C’mon, bud,” She mumbled to her horse. “Let’s get away from the ol’ grump, eh?”

“Cyrene, I’m serious! You-” Before Kai had the chance to finish his sentence, Duke took off, kicking dirt in the assistance’s face.

Cyrene smiled, patting the side of her stallion as they marched into the forest with a fast pace. She kept repeating her story in her head. It was a made-up story, wasn’t it? What was the worst that could possibly happen?
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Meanwhile a certain elven child had been chosen to lead the next generation of elders. He wasn't sure why they were called elders, after all he would only be 18 when he joined.

However, in order to join the council of elders he would have to prove his worth, although he was already top of his class in all ways. They had decided that he would be the one to deliver a message to the king of the humans. If he could accomplish this then he would be aloud to join the elders when he grew older.

As Tobias walked through the woods he continued practicing his magic, shooting an arrow and then teleporting to catch it. He enjoyed the kind of freedom he had now that he was out from under the council's watchful eye. For years after they had chosen him to be the next leader they had watched his every move, trying to make sure he was pure of heart and good at making decisions. As they watched they saw him grow into a fine young man. He was well muscled and strong and could hold his own in a political debate. Tobias understood the inner workings of a human court as well as he understood how to hold his bow.

As he walked he continued thinking about his life under the counciltrue they have given me a home and food ever since my mother died, but still. He thought to himself. He just wished they had given him a little more freedom.

Then he saw a rabbit and released an arrow, almost before he could think. The rabbit fell with a squeak and he picked it up. Later he would eat it for dinner.
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Was she delusional?

That couldn’t be it, could it?

The archer lowered her bow, her head turning in surprise. She had heard the poor animal yip in agony, but she hadn’t released an arrow. In fact, she had barely knocked it before the animal was struck.

“Who goes there?” Cyrene called out, her brows furrowed. If there was a potential threat, she didn’t intend to allow it to get away. No so easily.

She slid off of her horse, slowly pulling her arrow against the string of her bow. She watched as a male approached the lifeless rabbit and picked it up without a second thought. The archer raised her bow, aiming it towards the human with pointed ears. She was unfamiliar with the face of the male, and, therefore, he could be an unknown enemy readying for the right time to strike either village, just as she had suspected in her story. She was a genius!


Her eyes widened, though she attempted to maintain a straight face. Emotions are a key weakness, she thought to herself, raising a brow at the elf before her. “Who are you, and why are you attempting to wander in the forest without an escort?”
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias looked up wide eyed at the human. hm.. a human in my... oh wait I'm in neutral woods he thought to himself he lowered the rabbit and placed his hands up in surrender. He certainly hoped that this would end peacably. If this ended up being a fight he would have no choice but to kill this human, but he really didn't want to.

Tobias answered" Um... My name is Tobias Clark. I'm an emissary of the Council of Elven Elders. I was sent to deliver this letter" he said pulling the letter out of the folds of his clothes" to your king because all the usual messengers are to afraid."
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Cyrene lowered her bow. "A letter?" She cocked a brow and took a step forward. "You must be joking. I was ordered to make a new passage way and send a letter to your leader, as well." The woman looked him up and down before daring to observe the letter from where she stood. She allowed the bow to rest in her hands, removing the arrow and placing it in her quiver.

"Have you read it? The letter, I mean," Cyrene blinked. "Do you know what your leaders wished to message the King about? The enemy? The treaty?" She heard hooves behind her, and she risked a glance over her shoulder. Duke was slowly approaching. "Of course, the treaty might have to wait-" She turned back to face the elf. "-for our King does not know what is causing this unknown threat, and he doesn't wish to risk the chance of it being... your kin."
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias blinked at the jab made by the human." No... I haven't looked at the letters, I was given direct orders not to look at it. I'm fairly certain that it's about the treaty though. And thank you for lowering your weapon" His eyes strayed to her hand, where the bow rested." And if it were my kin, as you seem so ready to believe, then why would I be sending a letter, and why would they also be attacking our messengers? Humans" he said shaking his head " so quick to judge."
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Her lips curled back into a small version of a snarl. "There are countless theories about you creatures," She sighed. "Not all of them make total sense, but we have to protect ourselves. If we weren't so quick to judge, then a small amount of reasoning would never come. Look-" Cyrene took a breath. "-it could be your kin as much as it could mine. A rebel or something. The theory is useless, in my opinion, but, as the title says, it's just a theory. Nothing more than a few jumbled thoughts strung together. I believe it's something greater affecting the both of our colleagues, but it's just.. unknown, at the moment. I don't think the elves, nor anyone, would be foolish enough to sign a treaty and then disobey it."

The archer swung her bow over her back, extending her hand towards Tobias. "Cyrene Guinevere. The only reason I happen to be crossing these woods are due to the fact I have a letter for your leaders, and the other messengers are injured or wounded." She risked a weak smile, blinking. "So, what direction do we head in now? I'm sure it won't be helpful if we each go to one another's leaders, for that would just be.." She shrugged. "..slightly foolish."
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias furrowed his brow, knowing that his training should've prepared him for this. It didn't. He thought long and hard before he finally came to a conclusion," Well" he finally said" I could lead you through the forest to the Council, so that nobody thinks that I messed with the letter, and you could deliver it. Then you could lead me to you king so that I could deliver mine.

My name's Tobias. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that." He said shaking his head in disgust at the uselessness of all those hours learning how to speak to humans. " I just... was startled by your sudden appearance." He cracked a smile. " Normally that's my thing. And I do agree that neither of us should be so ready to attack the other. Maybe we could findour mutual enemy, that would prove my worth to the council and I'm sure it would be helpful to you." He said finally coming to a helpful idea.
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

The archer nodded slowly, a crooked grin on her half-serious expression. "Alright. To your leaders, and then to mine," She furrowed her brows as she focused on her thoughts. Was this really a good plan? Well, it was the only one at the moment, so she would have to roll with it.

"No need to apologize," Cyrene quickly replied as she snapped her attention back to reality. "We were both startled, and I was too quick to bark and draw my weapon. We both made our mistakes." She took Duke by the reigns, noticing that Tobias had been walking and not riding a creature of any kind. She decided it would possibly be best if she walked, as well.

"It will be as helpful as putting my name on a silver platter." Cyrene hissed beneath her breath, scrunching her nose in slight disgust at the thought. "It'll draw attention, and- believe me- it might be good for awhile, but it'll wear out as soon as the pathetic people of our kingdom see my face." She cleared her throat, sending a quick glance towards the elf. "Not that I have anything to hold against the kingdom, it's just.. Well, my history with them isn't so swell."
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias raises an eyebrow then decided that if she didn't want to talk he shouldn't press her for information." So" He started" You asked me if I had read my letter, have you read yours?" Then he looked as he saw her nearly get in her horse" Its alright, you can ride him, I won't hold it against you. It's my fault I didn't come with a horse, not yours."

He chewed his lip as he listened to her talk about not wanting to find the enemy. " Oh?" he queried.
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

"I've... 'read' half of it," Cyrene admitted guiltily, know her words were a small, white lie, "but the the assistant to the king saw what I was doing and demanded I tell how much I knew. I got away with a little smack on the wrist, but the letter isn't that interesting, anyway. It makes our King seem like a.. a do-nothing." She scoffed. "He's basically asking your leaders if they know anything about the enemy, and it would be their best move if they told him so he could 'do something about the situation'. Ha! He's afraid of the smallest felines, and he suddenly has the courage to face something way bigger than our two kingdoms? Ridiculous."

"I've done some things." She inhaled. "They're not.. honor worthy, and they certainly won't gain trust. You see, by doing this and helping the King in this time, it might seem as if I'm taking.. advantages. And I don't want it to seem like that." She mumbled. "It probably makes no sense, but who knows? I just don't want to be seen as the rouge who screwed it up, y'know?"
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias looked at her quizzically. " I do hope you know that even if your people dislike you that if you were to help me, without asking the council, my people would regard you as a hero among heroes." Then he smacked his forehead. " Just a moment, I forgot my rabbit from earlier."And he vanished only to reappear a few moments later very tired but with the rabbit he had shot earlier. He rested himself in a nearby tree as he attempted to regain his breath. Sweat poured off of him while he settled himself. " Whew! That was father back than I remembered. " He shook his head trying to dislodge the tiredness that clung to him like a leach.
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

"Me? A hero?" She turned back to face him, scrunching her nose with a laugh. Though, she stopped short when he disappeared. What in the-? The woman turned around fully, her brows furrowed. Of course, she understood that elves could easily perform magic, but she didn't know that included teleportation. As the elf reappeared with the rabbit in hand, Cyrene rose a brow.

"Are.. you alright?" It was the first sign of sensitivity she had shown since she arrived, and her voice seemed soft, almost as if she had let the worry slip. She lowered her tone once catching herself, her voice gruff like it was. "I'm guessing using magics takes energy, eh? Will you be fine, Tobias?" As the two slowed down, the archer leaned against Duke, who scoffed at the action of Cyrene.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias shook his head once more. " I'll be fine, thanks though." He said as he began to try and hurry up so as not to slow down Cyrene. then he doubled over in pain." I'm so sorry. I don't mean to slow you down." He apologized. then as his head cleared he remembered she had said something before he had teleported. " What was it you were saying before I went to get the rabbit?"
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

"No, no," Cyrene smiled, folding her arms. "If you need a moment to gather yourself, I don't mind taking a break. Besides, I told the King it would be a week's notice before I got back, so there's no need to rush things." She winced as he folded over in agony. "Tobias, don't push yourself, alright? I'm sure Duke wuoldn't mind giving someone a ride if they-" Duke threw down his hoof and bumped Cyrene's shoulder with his head, clearly disagreeing. The archer sent a glare. "-needed to. Right, Duke?" The horse scoffed, breathing in and out forcefully. She turned her attention back to the elf.

"Nothing important," She slowly replied to his query. "I was just questioning the ability and definition of becoming a 'hero'. I think I'd prefer to remain a low, dirty rouge. It looks good on some reputations." The archer snickered quietly, as if it were an inside joke between her and whoever else would get it.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias glared at her attempt at a joke. he grabbed something out of his bag and held it up to the closest ray of light. Cyrene could see it was a crystal. As the light hit the crystal the crystal stored it up. Then Tobias put it in his mouth and crunched on it. His complexion immediately returned to normal. " Elves work off of light, sorta. The more sunlight the healthier. Some of our oldest people live on a sun roof in order to prolong their lives. Of course that also means that at night we suffer serious problems, we can't see at all, as in even worse than humans. We also can't use magic even half as well. And if left in a badly lit room for a long time can kill us." Tobias drew a breath to continue before he realized that he sounded like an encyclopedia." Sorry. Anyway if I can get light it helps me. And I don't think any reputation looks good on you." He said as he shot her a sarcastic smile.
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

With a deep breath, Cyrene slowly nodded and took in the information she was given by the elf. "Light.. Don't let me forget that," She sent a glance towards Tobias with a weak smile. "The librarian would find that rather interesting.” She tucked her hands into her pockets, adding a small skip in her step. Though, she quickly paused and lowered into her usual limp of a walk. “The librarian is rather.. Well, she would like someone like you. No offense, by the way. She’s just.. what’s the word?” She snapped her fingers together, smiling. “Open-minded. That’s it.”

Cyrene whipped her head to face him, rolling her eyes. She struggled to hide her sideways grin. “Well, Tobias. Very well played. Not all people can be princesses, y’know. Someone’s got to be the villain in every story.”
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

" Hm. I think I would like this librarian of yours." He laughed. " She sounds interesting herself. From what I've heard most humans... aren't very open minded " he said trying to be noncommittal. " Although I've also been told that you were all horrible descendants from demons so I'm not so sure that all of my teachers were correct about your people."

Then he laughed at her, saying" I thought we already had a villian? Yunno the people keeping the other messagers at bay? And I thought all you 'adult people were always so down and sad and about how ' life isn't a story it doesn't have a happy ending"' He said in a gruff voice. Then he smiled" And besides... what if I want to be the pretty princess"
Cyrene Guinevere (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

"Well, having demons as grandparents seems.. wow," The archer laughed, her eyes wide in slight surprise at the thought. "I mean, you have a point about the way most people think, but.. demons?" She let out another snicker. Brushing back the fiery red hair from her face, Cyrene smiled. "We certainly didn't know elves were foucsed around light, for sure. We had this idea that you guys were.. a lot smaller and had pointy teeth. Y'know.. kinda like fairies without wings."

She grinned crookedly, swaying her hand. "Then I'll be the side character who causes trouble. The one who comes in a t the worst situation." Cyrene snorted at his comment. "I mean- You-" She took a breath, smiling wide. "You would make a good, pretty princess, Tobias. Or should I call you Queen Tobias? Your Majesty?" She laughed again, struggling to keep a straight face.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

" I am not a queen!" he mockingly reprimanded. " I'm a pretty princess! Pointy teeth... Hm... I'd be ok with being a pointy teethed princess" He said between bursts of laughter. " And if you were a side character then why would you be the one that the king wanted to send the message? And no causing trouble in the village of the elves." He said, his golden eyes piercing the air between them to get the point across.

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