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"That's not how it goes." Said Lais
"In our culture Sand can do the simple jobs so Smoke can do theirs. what matter is the chain of people. Paint maker is needed so painter can make picture so seller can sell it to get money and food for all 3.

If you become singer you'll be Smoke too. Besides you're not just smoke you are his direct child so you will be C. I think you are needed there just as you are"
Great more complicated...smoke? What the? She want influence as to help others and make changes as to help others. She was getting frustrated. “ sis slow down. Im getting confused by everything. Most of my life has been simple and easy to understand. Now everything chang e and im moving to place and society i know nothing about and lost in what I want to be. My goals are clear and the new info making me question myself.”
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"Im sorry" Lais said Sand and Smoke are names for our two groups of people. Sand is hidden but same time does the most important work: they keep our society running. think... like all the jobs you would do inside the village.

Smoke is exposed to public they are like your fishermen who leave the village to get fish. How we see it is: fisherman is not more meaningful than one who makes his net or boat or who cooks his meal or babysit his children so he could go out and fish for the village.

Where we go it's not safe go out so only those who have skill or position (like work in a company or such in outside world) can do it. They are respected because they risk themselves for those who support them but they are still as important as anyone.

That goes even to top. you have elders we have c but elder is member of village and you cannot govern empty house."
She nods. “ pk..lets go get the guys to get this dagra. Sorry if im slow. Just a long will our trip be?” She asked. Her tail formed. “ tell me more about your job and what you enjoy doing.” She said calmly. Her green hair and pink tail shined in the sun. She looked at her sister with caring eyes.
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"Lets do so. I have 2 jobs or roles. My private job is to handle matters od my birth mom and I do modelling. In secret I'm spy and ....assassin."

Lais said the last word a bit timid.

"I like ocean as much as you and when it comes to organize something I feel I'm in my element.
My other mom, your mom, taught me the stealth and killing arts. She's woman no man wants to mess with. you have head of the Golden Sun?"

Golden Sun was notorious bandit, supposedly woman who operated in Biitran few decades before Azshara had born. She was inspiration for movies, books and songs how she lived and avoided the police time after time becoming the symbol of underworld and was it's undenied queen. Nobody knew what happen to her because one day she disappeared as mysteriously as she had appeared."
“ scary to think scary to think about her being a assassin.” She said. She dived in and started swimming toward the boat. “Assassin seems sorry...modeling? So that why they men whistled. Ray and his friend think your hot. Gregosh thinks he knows you from you know him?”
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"That's right. And gregosh probably have seen my modelling pictures, and remembers me from there."
Series of classy images of beautiful woman... her sister, in different kind of clothing and food advertisements flashed in Azshara's mind.
Few of them had also reached here in Urda and Azshara remembered a certain drink she and kids had drank.. wait the girl in that drink ad really was her sister!?"

"This kind of modelling."
Lais was quickly right next to Azshara.
"And what comes to being assassin. You understand now why dad picked me of all the kids to come to you. He dares not to leave your life to anyone else's hands."
“ i wonder how father and mother will react when seeing me and what gon thinks. Really? So that why the ray and the rest where whistling. Boys are so predicable.” She said. She soon saw the boat in sight. “ gregosh helped me learn the because of the network and helped me connect to gon..when i asked more about you.. he said he recognized you and yet not sure where from...”
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"That they are. But did you know they have given glances to your side too. Don't worry I don't let them have anything nasty done to you."
Lais smiled.

"Hey gentlemen up in the surface! She shouted through the network. Get your teammates and come here. We have some heavy lifting you probably don't wanna leave for just two pretty ladies to do!"

She looked at Azshara.
"Your mom and dad are expecting you so much. Already they tell that they love you and wish to say it in person."
A frown appeared in her face.
"I don't know why but I cannot relay anything from them to you no matter how hard i try. I feels like your mind is rejecting them. I think it may be related to your injury. Can't get any other explanation.

Kinda sad I would have wished to show them to you so you could have their message and seen them in your mind already. Now I can only pass it to you like normal humans."

She looked at Azshara

"We really need to fix you soon. Im not used to that my family member is not able to read the thought flow."

Soon Azshara was able to pick not 2 but 5 people approaching them. And by their speed all of them were Me'rah.

"Hello ladies, we're here as requested"
COD's voice rang out in the network.
Next to him there was the dark blue RAY but also 3 others

Green tailed a bit skinny guy, another gray tailed like COD and last one with yellow tail.
"Meet my team." COD said
"RAY you know already. The rest are EEL our Electronics expert, the yellow tailed waved, SQUID as our mechanic, Green tailed gave a nod, and ORCA who handles the logistics."

"Hello, your highness." The gray tailed ORCA gave a bow to the girls.
( hey Tjogs and kungpowdragon23 is this just a two person thing or can others join?)
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To me It's ok for others to join also. For the story the slots for COD and his team are perhaps the easiest to fit for new coming player but if own character are wished PM me so we can make slot for that.
(um well I was thinking one on one roleplaying could we do that for private messaging )
She giggled at her sister comments about the guys. She looked at the guys. “ it nice to meet you. i found a gift for my twin brother gon. But it to heavy.” She was bit more confused when her sister said she was injured. It felt good to know her parents where looking forward to see her. Now she was very confused and unsure why they guy said highness. She looked to her sister to explain. She then went to guide to the shipwreck.
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"Your... Highness?" The rest of the guys were looking at ORCA.
"Well you are imperial Princess Laizella Goldie, the first born of Sy Empire royal family and second in line for succession?"

"Since you brought that out. You are correct." Lais answered as a matter of factly.
"But i don't like to brag and make a number of that so I would appreciate if you remember that. Our mission here is the safety of my younger sister, NOT the internal politics of Sy or my hereditary.

She looked at Azshara.
"I know your attitude towards ruling class and royalty in general so I decided to delay telling about mom to more suitable situation."
Lais broaden then her words to be heard also to the guys
"Alright enough of that subject here's a chest we wanna take with us."

She pointed the chest on the ocean floor.
ORCA and SQUID swam to examine it and trying to lift it with no success

"Ughhh. This is heavy. What's inside here?" ORCA said.
"Raw Dagra." Lais said.
"Guys, we need the ship here. lets use the wire to lift this chest up. There's no way other to move this thing." ORCA said starting to swim towards the surface looking then back towards SQUID
"Hey what's wrong with you. what are you still standing there"

SQUID gave internal sigh.
"Merven province is going nuts. Our young lady, is a celebrity already. The whole network knows her as "The shouting Lady". My relatives are bombarding me about her declaration to the network and Im desperately trying to tell them that I'm here to do my job, and its not public info."
He looked at Azshara
"If you ever plan on singing career, you could make "Liberation stadium" of Blax sold out three times consecutively with Me'Rah only just by saying "Hi" to the network. Well, if they could travel there in the first place"
“ um...ok slow down..but i only want justice..why am i famous? Surely others have called out like i have.. i really dont like the name shouting lady. I never told anybody this.. i always wanted to be accepted by the me’rah and be allies with them. But i know they are not fond of reds.” She said.

She opened the chest and showed them inside the chest. “ this has 30 rods.” She looked at her sister and felt conflicted. For she was not fond of ruling class and yet she was family. She tried to tune in to the network to
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"Thank you very much."
The voice of Lais was more bitter than freshly squeezed lemons.
"I wished to have know each other person with my sister before blurting out my full bacground to digest.

Also how you guys would feel if pure bloods would start to call you as 'screaming dude' or something as creative."

Her eyes narroved.
"However its not common to people, even kids transmit information to network with that intensity"

SQUID swim next to Azshara.
"I am sorry for being offensive and rude. What i meant to say was you were really loud (like someone shouting with a megaphone in same room) when you told us about your past and asked help. knowing your history a bit now I know your powers were just waking and could vouch you're having network or spiritual bound talent that show itself on that moment.

Azshara gasped
"Dad said he wants to test that on you when you meet. He told that you resemble of your brother with your force which could explain that."
Spiritual bopound? Resemble my brother? What that?” She she found a old chain and tried to use to move the chest. “ it fine. Just a lot to sort out. Tell me please what are they saying about me in the network?” She asked. She looked around for logs and maybe roll it closer to the ship. “ your ok.” She looks at her sister. “ you dont have to be so bitter. He did not know. Where the lais i like? The sweet kind and happy not this scary bitter one?”

She was eager to get home and rest.
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"Im sorry sis I guess I got bit too sensitive about you and I don't really want to overwhelm you with new info more than necessary.

What they are saying is that you have made big impression in the network. not all pure blood ones cannot even try do what you did. In spiritual strength you are really strong, just like Gon."
“ it ok. I understand.” She yawned. “Im tired sis.are we almost ready to leave? What kind of test will father have me do?” She asked calmly. She rubbed her eyes. All this info and adventuring made her sleepy. She focused and tried to connect to the network to see what she could hear. To see if they where telling the truth. She listened hard and focused. Her curiosity increased her emotions. As if hearing what was going in the network could give her peace of mind.
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It didn't take long for her to find out that what she had heard was true indeed.
Her sister was a princess of Sy, but as some Me'rah knew to tell she didn't like to show off with her status. Some even called her the black sheep of the family because she was more into her father than her mother.

Her mother was like exemplary Sy in good and bad but her daughter. well even Me'rah didn't knew how she was permitted to carry guns inside Sy palace. Some guessed it was because of the overseers who sometimes visited there. The fact that Azshara was her sister had sprouted also a lot of talk. Me'rah had figured out this far that Azshara must be sister through her father to Lais which means...
"Her real father is Egui" someone said which resulted odd silence.
"Hey, what did I say?"
"Aren't they touched by Jelloidium? They are Rudas, no not even that."
"Do not make any quick judgements of her or her family." Another responded.
"Her father is the one who lived twice, her mother is Golden sun. Both one of the 7 legendary warriors. Defiled by Jelloidium or not none of them cannot be judged by normal means. Only watch how they progress. Remember her twin brother Gon? Who was it who said Red ones cannot connect to a portal?
"That's true. Shen she shouted here it really reminded of her brother"

"Lady Whada... Azshara. I sense that you are able to hear and understand our speech." One a bit louder voice spoke.
"I welcome officially to the network of Me'rah. Allow me to introduce myself I am Sar'chra nie, Elder of the tribe living in this region."

While listening the conversation The 5 men had gotten the big military ship close to her shipwreck and sunken chest location.
Lais had helpded Azshara on board to the ship and when Azshara was walking towards the her dedicated cabin she see a metal chain on the back of the ship rattling upwards lifting the chest slowly and steadily to the ship.

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