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"I mean in a way..."
that way is me :)
"I know void, I know. The person below me has had something... unforgettable happen to them (good or bad, doesn't matter)"
Cécile (played by Claine) Topic Starter

Don't we all? I have plenty of unforgettable memories, both good and bad.

The character below can shift into an animal form.
Alex (played anonymously)

Sadly no, but can detach and attach his limbs.

The character below has some like of phobia.
Kiddo (played anonymously)

"Cats. They scare the bejesus outta me."

The character below has a taste for food others find disgusting.
Frank Efferson (played by Juls)

"Ya ever tried Rocky Mountain Oysters? They sure is a treat."

The character below has lost money gambling.
Daniel Phillips (played by Dawnia)

“Well, I did lose when I bet the pot in a game of Montana Red Dog once. Fortunately I had budget to lose what I brought to the casino.”

“You below me, you thought your relationship with your wife was secure but found out otherwise…”
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

"I'm gonna cheat a little since we were engaged, not wed. But I sure found out how she felt when I run outta money."

The character below has green eyes.
Isaac Galloway (played by Claine) Topic Starter

Yes, although the first thing most people notice is the hair.

The character below is bald!
Elner (played by JetFire)

“…Unfortunately…” he said and puts on his hoodie.

“The person below me has stalked someone before.”
Drans (played by LostWanderer)

"I wouldn't call it stalking, just... watching them to make sure they didn't do anything wrong. However the person underneath me has... *sigh*... watched someone they love die"
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

"Never'll forget seein' my brother ..." she trailed off and shook her head. Even 6 years later, the memory of her brother's last moments brought a lump to her throat that she had to swallow down.

The character below is a skilled craftsman.
Maggi Pye (played anonymously)

"Craft woman dear, not a craftsman. Don't discard those heroines who fought for women's rights. Yes, I am of the craft, a 'kennin' or cunning woman as we're known as among other names. A one who knows, has the knowledge of ...I only teach my craft to those who are truly interested." A darkening look filled her eyes as she surveyed the young woman. However, she offers a warm smile.
"The character below has had many trials and losses, loved ones passed away to the point they have become dislocated from society. Only seeking their own company, pushing aside all that could comfort them, given time."
"That is something you can say about me with most certainty. I've had a lot that I've dealt with."

"Anyhoo, the character below me has experienced severe emotional trauma that defines their life."
Spamton (played by DanganronpaFan)

The puppet-like salesman begins to sob violently. "WHY?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO [Leave]?!"

"THE [Little Sponge] (Character) BELOW ME WANTS TO BECOME A [Big Shot!!!] (Famous)!!!"
Drans (played by LostWanderer)

((ignore me))
Zoey Robinson (played by Dib2435)

" I was basically apodted into it. After all, my father is the one and only Cornelius Robinson, not to brag or anything like that. I would like to be known as a sci-fi show or movie creator one day though... "

" The person below me has a large family "
Ginger (played by GingerHades)

"I mean, we're not exactly blood-related, but uh, I've got at least a hundred brothers and sisters!" Hades nodded with a smile. "At least, that's how we all see each other. Unlike our "mom" Mul'sako. She sees us as food. Long story."

"The character below me has experienced death or a near-death experience before!"
Dust (played by LostWanderer)

"I'm cursed to live forever, so I have died many times, only to be revived almost instantly." Dust said, looking at his dagger, "The one below me is cursed as well."
Dean Winchester (played anonymously)

"Always!" Dean Winchester proclaimed, his tone sickeningly optimistic.

"If I'm not sportin' some kinda hellacious curse, half dead, runnin' outta bullets, and havin' a beer by the end of it all, it just isn't a normal day for me, sweetheart."

He shrugged nonchalantly and turned to the next poor sap. "Looks like you can certainly handle your own! The schmuck beneath me is not only rough and tumble, but like me, they're a huge cad to boot. It is what it is."
"By cad, do you mean someone who disregards the feelings of others," Marie asked. "I would never do that! I mean, at least to anyone that mattered. If you don't matter, well then, why should I care what you think or feel? All I can say is, if you are a dork or freshman, stay out of the popular people's way to avoid embarrassment. So, the person below me looks like they are one of the people that matter..."

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