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"I'll start. I am the game room tech at Pizza Time Theatre, also known as Chuck E. Cheese. I'm responsible for keeping the games in good repair as well as the animatronic characters in the main dining room and cabaret room."
Trudy White (played by Juls)

"I am a journalist and publisher of the Red Rock Tribune, a small publication in Wyoming. I've just printed the 5th issue!"

Issues are here!
Shanni Auclair (played by Falyn)

Former waitress, former full-time paranormal investigator, current part-time paranormal investigator and MD student of Landscape Archeology. ((Case File summaries are up on her profile.))
Mr. L. Winter (played anonymously)

Antiques dealer and broker concerning antiquarian occult paraphernalia.
Ray Slaton (played by Rogue-Scribe)

“I’m a radio presenter, or to coin an archaic term, a disc-jockey at KRAB 107.7 FM. I’m currently doing the weekday midnight to 4AM time slot called ‘The Night Owl’ as I’m a night owl anyway, and it gives me time to record my news commentary segment called ‘Notes from the Underground’. I also write a review column on the station’s weekly newsletter about local musical artists and occasionally have live interviews with various musical acts.”
"I...I...I'm afraid that my line of work is classified. All I can tell you is that I work for the government, I can't say anything else."
Ciel Durand (played by Falyn)

"Former washerwoman, former seamstress, former traveling circus entertainer (Gypsy), former café owner, current personal secretary and private investigator."
Jerry Hardy (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

I uh, deal in cars... that's all you need to know.
Admiral Rashim Bylak (played by randomentity777)

"My job is to hunt down those pesky Spectre Cell Rebels. Their insurrection on Lothal started this whole Rebel Alliance, and I will make them suffer for it. Furthermore, Lord Vader has informed me that they may be harbouring fugitive Jedi, which is punishable by death. DO YOU HEAR ME, SPECTRES! YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE! NOWHERE IS SAFE FOR YOU!"

The admiral is dragged out by two security guards, still ranting about the Rebels
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"Does this include past jobs?" the artist attempts to clarify before shrugging, deciding to go ahead and list. "Well, I've had a lot, I'll just see how many I can remember. ...I've been a waitress several times, maybe five times now? Just lost my most recent waitressing job, actually." She looks a little put-out for a second then continues, feigning indifference, "Anywho--I've been a server at a couple of fancy charity balls...a busgirl, you could say. I've worked at a hardware store, two mall kiosks... I was a secretary, briefly, but I doodled on some notepads and got in trouble. Oh, I worked at an amusement park for a little while! That was interesting. I was a guide at an art museum for half a year once. I also take on little freelance jobs here and there with my art--usually just repainting old historical storefront signs, but I'm hoping to get a job painting a mural in a quaint little downtown spot not far from where I live. Oh! And I do photography for local businesses now and again, when I've got the time."

Maisi shrugs, smiling faintly and concluding, "Eventually, I'm hoping to just make art for a living."
Greg Lestrade (played by Atheist)

"Ah, at this point I feel like a ruddy nanny to a bunch of overgrown toddlers," Greg sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. The amount of reservation in his tone gave way to the reality of his line of work, but even understanding the daily grind, he wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe a few things...

"Detective Inspector, CID of the Met Police Force actually, though you wouldn't notice half the time, because, apparently, I'm a credit seeking prima-donna after Watson publishes that blog."
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

"Um... I'm a waitress at a cafe... I've been working at the Night Owl for three weeks!
I've had many jobs but like boyfriends I can't seem to keep them very long.
Indisha Tenau (played by Falyn)

"I'm a Merc. Bounty Hunter." She gives a snarling grin, a hard glint to her deep indigo-blue eyes. "If you want me to go after Sith, I'll give you a deal; two for the price of one, cuz all those S.O.B.s should be brought in or wiped from the faces of every galaxy!"
Darth Dragan (played anonymously)

"Realy? That's not what you said last night when you applied the fluffy handcuffs." He replied with an impish grin. "I am a Sith, and deal in exporting goods, sometimes. Other times I just prance about waving my glowing stick."
Torox (played by TyroDragon45)

I directly monitor any and all forms of activity on Torna. Out of my own interest, I defend it fanatically. I control 90 percent of the key infrastructure integrated into the Tyrakian military and their defense systems. Last thing you would want is to cause me any problems, I can assure you.
Mei Wilson (played by Rumiko)

I’m a waitress at my family restaurant and an elite spy working for the United Nations. Nothing special.
“Formally...that’s complicated, but you can just call me Emissary or an Ambassador, same thing, different name. I just deal with people and the dealings between territories and gain allies to have them play nice even though that doesn’t always work out..when needed I help in the Great Library working with the official archivists because I’m not always on duty and need something to fill my time.”
Fallon Grey (played by Falyn)

"I've had a few jobs as a waitress, I've done a few commissioned paintings as an artist. I'm currently craft jewelry and foci for other magic-users. I also work as an agent, exorcist and hell rift sealer for a secret society. Obviously it's going to remain secret and for reasons. So don't ask!"
Megan King (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

"I'm in a... transitional state. I guess I'm still trying to find myself... Recently, I tried being a financial planner but all the trainer guy did was use all the names I had to bring to his 'classes' and try to sell my friends life insurance. He was just using me for leads. I did have an opportunity offered to me, but I can't talk about it. I hope it pans out. I do not want to go back to waitressing again!"
"Former outdoor wildness guide, current part-time paranormal investigator on hiatus (her case files are on her profile) current blood-mage medic and part-time Master Slayer for the Templar faction along with my husband Dane Magnussen."

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