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A'sraha (played by hexblading)

"Okay, to start off-- I'm a Hearer; listening to the will of the woods and carrying them out is what I do. Sometimes a rock wants to be unturned, sometimes a tree wants to have more mulch, sometimes a squirrel wants more nuts. Then there was my other job, which is to accompany adventurers down the Palace of the Dead and make sure they don't die by healing them through what's basically a crawl through a winding dungeon filled with huge, cursed monsters! Scary, huh?"
Moonwisp (played by PKNerdChimera)

"Funny story, actually!

I one day asked the gods if they didn't exactly mind an extra hand with doing certain things- This was shortly after the space diety... Anyway! I had nothing to really do, and I happen to be able to open portals, so here I am!

What I do normally is generally try to keep an eye on what's concerning them at the moment, and sometimes help in their affairs if they need it! Though usually it's just delivering messages to other mortals or making sure I interrupt some cult's plot! It's kinda weird they popped up after that diety disappeared, but it's honest work! Pays off from the trips I can go on alone, cool stuff."
Abigail Knox (played by Dawnia)

“I work at a tax accounting firm. I’m thinking about quitting though as I’ve been passed over for promotion in favour of men twice now in two years. Some of my colleagues think I’m just the ‘coffee-girl. >:(
"Normally I'm a... what's the official statement? Private-contract thaumaturgic consultant or some garbage like that? I'm a spellcaster for hire with my team, basically. Raids and infiltration and blahblahblah," The many-tailed fox-creature explains, possibly less-than-helpfully, "It's fun stuff, though I honestly prefer just kinda exploring and letting trouble find me."

"Right now," she continues, "I've mostly been working part time in the back at a cybertech clinic, fixing up scavenged tech we get brought and doing repairs and stuff while the adventuring business is slow. Am I particularly fond of augmentation for the sake of augmentation? No. Do I like working on the tech and improving that skill set? Yes. Plus, I get paid in the parts I want for other stuff and I have someone to talk to who understands at least as much about magic and science as I do! No complaints!"
U.N.I.T. 35235236466-0001A (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

I am the ship's computer and definitely not from the ship's kitchen... I help navigate between planets during voyages and have nothing to do with food prep... food prep... food prep...
Seykal (played by Leighoflight)

"I don't have a proper job but I can hunt and track animals. Also not too bad at relieving people of their heavy coin purses."
"Bounty hunter," Haku chimes in. "Every night, after I transform, I head over to the wanted boards. I rip the posters off and take them with me, so I remember what they look like. I use my beastly form to track criminals down... and I typically return with their severed heads. The reward money is worth all of the trouble."

The wolfman rolls his shoulder around in his socket. "And thanks to my lycanthropy, it makes this job easier for me. Easier to see and smell them, easier to resist their blows... and of course, easy to go in for the kill. My curse... it's become my strength."
Felicia Jackson (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

I'm a reporter for the Teal Cove Chronicle. Well, okay, I'm an intern. I'm working on my bachelor's in Journalism at North Texas State currently. The only problem is this girl from up north showed up and happens to just be at the right place at the right time and keeps getting all the big stories. Something is definitely going on there...
What's a job?
Kioshi (played by Reithesniper)

"I'm a Mobile Task Force Overseer, Like leader but for like a bunch of Teams- Nothing that interesting in my world"
"I'm a nurse!"
Observant (played by Leighoflight)

"Me? A Job?" The sphinx bursts out laughing loudly as she remains sprawled across the floor in a lazy fashion. "That's not my style."
Brittney (played anonymously)

“I’m a Barista at Cuppa Joe's Drive-thru Espresso Stand. I work part-time on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”
Jack Sparrow (played anonymously)

"I'm a pirate. Life at sea, adventure, treasure, endless rum and freedom. What better line of work is there than the one that let's you do as you please, eh? Cheers, mates!"
"I'm a self-employed monster at work. My job is to scare the ever-livin' daylights out of kids, pluck the unlucky few off the streets, and make all those superstitious psychos lose their goddamn minds!"

Mixie shrugs. "Y'know, the job pays pretty poorly. But! On the flipside, the food is, and always will be, free!"
"Mercenary," Ch-tkt spoke gruffly from the vocabulator on his chest. "Occasionally I do other odd jobs to pass the time. I've had my fill of structured 'employment'... if by employment you mean slavery as livestock. The destiny of most of my species, whether under the so-called 'consentual' conditions on the homeworld or for those of us who were poached by criminal thieves for their own collections. Whether literally or figuratively, I will never be a slave to anyone again. I do my own thing. I'll follow orders if it's for a job, but I won't subjugate myself to any master, whether that be a boss or a captain or a king."
"Look, it's not important what I do for a living. What is important is what YOU do for a living! Are you tired of working dead end jobs? Are you tired of not having the 'quality of life' that you would like to have? Are you tired of never getting paid what you worth? Having benefits that actually BENEFIT you! Well...don't worry about what you have been doing...stop worrying at all and come apply today for a career at Sterling Enterprises. We host some of the finest resorts world wide, sport arenas, cruise ships, airlines...we have it all! Our pay is generous, our travel discounts to employees make you realize that Sterling WANTS you to see the world, not just help others do it. So...take a moment...think about where you are in life. And then think about where life could take you...with Sterling Enterprises!"

"For more information call 1-80-STER-LING!" (Or send a PM!)
Jay (played anonymously)

“I’m a mechanic at Oakwood Hillcrest Service. I was going to do a stint in the army but was discharged after basic due to medical reasons.”
Yu-Ni Kyo (played by PinkBrat)

"Whether a person lives or not relies on me. I could easily let a person slip away but.. if I did, I wouldn't get paid. I'm a trauma surgeon." A little dramatic for an answer.
"I'm a LOT of things, but to keep it nice an' sweet and short-like, if ya need somethin' stolen, smuggled, crafted, fixed, or smashed so it's no longer recognizable? I gotcha covered! Only some of the aforementioned things apply to dealin' with people, but I'd need ya ta sign a fancy lil' waiver for that sorta thing. " The Daeva grins widely as he claps his oversized, mismatched gauntlets together.

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