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What has been the best writing advice you have ever been given/found? Where'd it come from?

Mine has been from, fittingly, my college Intro Into Creative Writing class. It has been the concept of "Down drafts" or drafts where you're writing JUST to get the idea down. Whatever needs to happen to get the idea down as quickly as possible is what happens. If the dialogue needs to be boiled down to childish, bland statements, then that's what happens! Then, you just update it in the "Up draft" where you go through and work on what needs to be fixed. It's been really helpful for plowing through writers block! Nothing has to be presentable, or even entirely coherent, at first swipe, it just has to be on the page and out of your head!
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Oh! Also the idea that if you get a weird roadblock in a story or paragraph, the issue probably isn't in the last few sentences! Go back earlier on the writing and straighten out anything that's not sitting well with you. It gets a lot easier to find these knots and sort 'em out with practice! I think that came from a tumblr post haha.

Folklore wrote:
What has been the best writing advice you have ever been given/found? Where'd it come from?
Second grade. How to angle the paper and hold the pencil, and the encouragement to write freely one’s thoughts. Miss Schmidt was a jewel of a teacher. It was sad she died so young.

As for your Folkloric tips here, we called them ‘rough draft’, ‘smoothing draft’, and ‘final draft’. As far as online forum collaborative roleplay writing, I owe a lot to some awesome people who I wrote with in the ‘Shadow Over Arnor’ story on the One Ring.

I find a lot of my ‘mental blocks’ in roleplay replies stems from a lack of inspiration in the story. It may change after I go and write something else and come back to it. The tendency to overthink seems to trip me up at times.
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Rough Draft was always something that was really formalized to me, likely in part because the Rough Draft was right before the Final Draft in every essay-writing class I was in, and I could never find the time to get seeminglu two different drafts together as an essay writer. The concept of "down draft" distinguishing that for me has been so freeing!
Not the be-all-end-all, but the little This sentence has five words thing that went around was pretty good bang for its buck.
Beginnings are hard. They tend to frame or set up whatever comes next.

Whether it's the first paragraph or just the first sentence, if you feel stuck on the beginning, write the middle or the end first! Then go back and fill in the beginning.
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Exactly! A lot of popular novels have started off as random paragraphs and little stories!

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