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It's simple! It's would you rather but with your characters. I'll give the first prompt to get us going. :)

Would you rather be forced to sing along or dance to every single song you hear?
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

“Oh definitely dance! No questions about it.”

“Would you rather be able to fly while in a T pose or invisible chair pose with your arms out ahead of you?”
Geist (played by hexblading)

"You... are not making any sense with the second option, friend. I don't think I will be able to do something I cannot imagine. The first is doable and within means, but to what end? You confuse me."

"Would you rather tell someone the truth knowing it would hurt them, or lie knowing it'll keep them feeling better?"
Lex (played anonymously)

"Tell the truth. If they found out later that I was lying, it would only make them hurt more, and they would also lose trust in me... I don't want that." They paused, looking down pensively, before glancing back up. “Okay, here's more of a light-hearted question: would you rather go camping in the forest, or spend a day at the beach?"
Jason Alitt (played by ALTY_Heave) Topic Starter

"Hell yeah, camping sounds so awesome! I love spending my time in a forest, it's beautiful!" Jason let out a hearty laugh.

"Hmm, would you royalty 1,000 years ago or an average person today?"
End (played by ShadowFlame2022)

Average today

Would you rather become one of your characters, or date one of them?
"I... I would rather date one of my characters! I like who I am...I could be better, but I don't want to be anyone else" The girl blushed at her bold outburst, hiding her face behind a huge tome on herbology.

"W-would you rather be able to eat anything and not gain weight but everytime you eat it takes away a year of your life, or get stronger from eating, but suffer from constant bloating?"
Lex (played anonymously)

"The first option. I can't even die from aging, so I'm not actually sure if taking a year off of my life is possible...? and either way, option two just sounds kind of unpleasant..." Turning to the next person, they asked: "Would you rather have your ideal romantic relationship... or a very close bond with your sibling? (Either an actual sibling, or someone who feels like a sibling to you.)"
Elizabeth Daffron (played by ShadowFlame2022)

"My ideal partner" She blushed. ((I would want that to TvT))

"would you rather control fire of ice?"
"Ice, because that works more if I am underwater. Plus, being a water creature, it suits to me more."

"Would you rather travel the world or stay at one place?"
Bucky Barnes (played by Stephie)

"Stay in one place I suppose. I've done much travelling in my past and those travels never lead to anything good."

"Would you rather lose your best friend or lose your family?"
Ginger (played by GingerHades)

"Considering how my "family" consists of flesh-eating monsters that were spawned by a giant, narcissistic demon queen... I think I can afford to lose them! My best friend would never stoop down to my family's level. I don't think it, I know it!"

"Would you rather get caught in the middle of a water balloon fight, or in the middle of a food fight?"
Jean Amevide (played by Okuyasu)

"Water balloons, I suppose. A food fight is very uncouth."

"Would thou rather eat a dictionary or a bowl of worms? I apologize. I cannot think of anything else."
Lex (played anonymously)

"A dictionary. Mm, delicious paper... Would you rather play Monopoly, or Uno?"
Mata Hari (played by nindyaru)

"Uno," Hari answered. "Would you rather buy a sniper rifle or an assault rifle?"
Bucky Barnes (played by Stephie)

Assault rifle, quicker firing and closer combat.

Would you rather work a job you hate or be unemployed?
Rhith (played by LunarValravn)

" Unemployed. I refuse to work for anyone."

" Would you rather live a real, uncertain life or an illusion where you are promised your dreams and goals?"
Sherelle (played by Cass)

"I would rather live a life that is real, all of the emotions that come with it too, good and bad - it's more exciting to not know what comes next. To connect with others to write your life stories with one another is invaluable. Even in its uncertainty."

"Would you rather be comfortable and content in life -- or always try new things and venture for more?"
Stephanie (played by Stephie)

I would say bring on the adventures and new things!

Would you rather have no heat/AC or no access to the internet?
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

"No heat is fine by me! let it get cold! and what is the internet? I reckon I can live without it since I don't know what it is..."


"Would you rather be able to fly or breath under water?"

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