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I am 33! this year! I still love to imagine, create and love writing. However, I'm I too old for wanting to create stories with other people? I have been wondering that for a while. Now, I haven't got any negative responses for my age but is there a time to give up role-play? I mean I have a family and responsibilities now. Does that mean I should give up making stories with other people? I am asking for myself. So, let us not pretend I am asking for a friend. I just want to know, should I just move on from this?

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"Too old for RP" does not exist. If RP brings someone enjoyment, it doesn't matter what their age is. (Unless they're doing something illegal for their age, but that's precisely NOT the point right now.)
PoetsandWriters Topic Starter

Oh no! I would never do an RP with someone underage or even if, they were of age and uncomfortable with the RP ( As I do have rules and warnings in any role-plays I am doing) would I go on. I always ask if they're comfortable with my character! or how the RP is going.
All you need to do is look at some of the popular D&D livestreams out there to see that there are plenty of older people who still roleplay. And I can imagine there are plenty of the writers and designers of D&D materials who still roleplay themselves, many of whom have been at Wizards of the Coast for quite a while.

And no, dice and rules doesn't make it different. RP is RP. Collaborative storytelling.
Never. This is a hobby, and as long as you don't do strange things with underage people and behave like a responsible adult, enjoy it.
Absolutely not! Giving up on something that you love and enjoy just because of your age is akin to killing your own happiness, so long as you can weave wonderful stories and both you and your partner enjoy them?

That’s life baby.

Don’t give it up for nothing

Just make sure to please RP responsibly hehe :3 l
You are never too old to roleplay, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. <3
Kind of happy someone has asked this question. I was beginning to wonder the same thing myself as I’m 25 years old ;-;. I love role playing so much and can’t see myself ever giving it up. At least not anytime soon.
This question has been asked previously.

I'm 50, and sadly since that post I have seen games/stories on this site that have age restrictions. 18-25, and I have been turned away from games due to my age, well there you go. I've been roleplaying since I was seventeen, and to be honest, I don't care if members on this site have that constraint. I'll bloody well roleplay until I die, which should take another forty years.

Anyone remember Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone? Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell, and Rick Priestley? I could name more, and they're all older than me and some are still writing, roleplaying, and designing games and miniatures.

So, no. There is no such thing as Too Old!
LOLOLOLOLOL I started at age nine and I'm 37 and not planning to stop anytime soon. :D
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I'm 36 right now.

I RP routinely with people in their 40s and 50s, not just online but at in-person LARP.

I introduced my parents to tabletop RP when they were both well into their 60s. I've seen people pick up RPing for the very first time after 70.

Do things that make you happy for as long as they make you happy. :)
Good for you. :)

Believe me, there are older and far more intelligent people out there than any of us and there is no age limit.
There is no age limit to doing what you love and brings you joy!! <3 <3
I'm glad someone else asked the question I've been wondering. A lot of older people do TTRPGs, but I wondered if maybe I'm too old for this whole forum-RP thing for a while, especially since I am way older than the characters I typically play.

I hide my age on the site because the older I get, the more self-conscious I become about it, especially when there are so many teenagers in a space, I wonder if me existing in the same space isn't creepy.

Obviously that is irrational. I have no malicious intentions. But my brain still wonders it anyway, haha.

Seeing so many older people in this one thread has put me a little at ease. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks about this.
Never too old to rp!

Though I understand others concerns since sometimes I worry about it too. I just turn 34 back in August myself. I originally hid my age when I first made an account since I felt self conscious about how old I was. But one person I was talking with said that they didn't rp with people with hidden ages cause they could be a minor, which I totally understand. So I changed it so others could see. If my age makes some people uncomfortable, then it's on them after that. Rp should be fun for both parties involved.

I have been creative writing since I was in middle school and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. It makes me so happy to see other people around my age and older still writing. I actually enjoy writing with older people who can understand my busy real life responsibilities. I can't do rapid fire replies like I used to back in the day.

Feel free to hit me up for some writing, haha!
When you're dead.

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