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Forums » Smalltalk » many people have the year 5 cake slice?

I'm just wondering how many of us are left from the first epic week adventure and saw us take down the MHCD? It's been a long time since then so I thought it would be cool to relieve those glory days. XD

I was actually here even before then so...I'm old. *shakes cane at all these new members like an angry grandma.* Back in my day, we didn't get all these fancy weapons and potions you new bloods get.
Cass Moderator

I don't think I was part of the site then! :)
Kim Site Admin

Hello! I know this is very surprising but... I have one! ;)
That goblin army is still feeling that 7 damage to this day.
I’m so jelly tbh, I missed this year’s too
Hiya! I still have mine. :>
Claine Moderator

Dragonfire Moderator

The icing's a little dusty, but it's there! :P
Auberon Moderator

That cake, and every year since! :D/
Me! I've got it. :)
*waves* And been "managing" the Epic Armory ever since. XD
I don't really take part in epic week (aside from give stuff to the armoury), as it's not really my jam, so I don't have the cake, but I've been using RPR for over 7 years.
It’s one of the three I have.

Forever commemorating the 6 whole points of damage I did that year. :'D
I got that one!
I don't have it because I joined June of 2015, a month after Epic Week. So I never got to participate... *is also kinda jelly*

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