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A simple thread inspired by the various X, Y, or Z games floating around! Respond whether you'd flirt, hug, or slap the character above for any reason, whether it's because of something from their profile or based on their looks alone.
Bonus points if you play it out in-character!
Harrison Graves (played by CrystalDisc) Topic Starter

Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)

A soft, velvety black puff-ball wraps her lithe body around Harrison's leg.

Purring, Raven says, "Deep down, you're a big softie. You could use a hug." Something about her tone of voice suggests she's pulling this thought out of thin air and that she knows exactly what she's doing to the grumpy librarian man.
Iskandar (played by hexblading)

"Pspspspspsps," The man whistled, in his hands an opened can of tuna. "Come here, kitty kitty, let me hug you..."
Irutis (played anonymously)

The man with wings glanced Connor over and smiled, "you look like you'd be fun to flirt with."
Sophia Sanders (played by CrystalDisc) Topic Starter

"You have wings! That's just so cool! Are you an angel, or did ya fall out of heaven?" With that, she gives a joking wink.
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

How about a hug? 😈

”Ah, darling, if only you were able to grasp how much I would’ve loved to catch you in my embrace, to bring warmth to your cold, meagre bones, cast color onto your fine yet ever so ghastly face.. but I, ah, I cannot, for your smell.. hmph.” In a poetic stance, one hand on his chest with the other slackly stretched out towards poor Rene, Flarus thought over these final sentences of his serenade. A youthful, handsome fellow he’d laid eyes upon, yes, but there was a certain macabre intrigue to him that he couldn’t put a graceful finger on. ”You know of Death’s gorgeous ways as much as I do, I have no doubt, but your way of dancing with him irks me, puts questions in my head. You reek of gore, of rot, and I ask you this: why let these gifts of wonder linger on you so endlessly, like a trophy of exotic fruit in a bowl? Why not wash yourself of his pure aroma and start anew, so that you can enjoy the scent of fresh blood without having the traces of your former artwork skulk about on your palette?” Ah, few things annoyed him more than a messy killer. He was a professional man-beast, one with standards, standards Rene unfortunately didn’t meet..
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

*the rattlesnake hissed unapproved* “slap not a fan of touching any human…”
(( Psssst, if you'd read Flare's profile you'd know he's even less human than your OC, bro.. 😉 ))
Sophie (played by Cookiesareyummie)

Slap 'I'm sorry but you frighten me"
Hayato Kawajiri (played anonymously)

Hayato, with a blank look in his eyes, bluntly slaps Sophie.
Azura'ellys (played by CrystalDisc) Topic Starter

Azura'ellys lightly slaps the kid on the wrist.
Mallory (played by Marin)

Hug~ I'm very tactile.
Diavolo. (played by Okuyasu)

Doppio would reach out and hug Mallory, but then would perk up. "Where's that ringing coming from..." HE then imitates a phone and walks away.
Sapphire and Kylo Martin (played by ShadowFlame2022)


"Dah who are you!" What the **** Where did he even come from?
"These things again? I have had it with these monkey fighting symbiotes on my Monday to Friday planet!" He activates the Mark 46's repulsors and produces a loud sonic pulse from them.

Slap, to put it mildly.
Rosetta banner (played by Dib2435)

Rose turn into her wolf pup form and hugs Theo's right foot " Hugs! " The girl said wagging her tail fastly
Duàn Xiu (played by horangi)

“Hmm.. I’ll slap.” Duàn spoke shamelessly, leant against the wall with his arms simply crossed along his chest, staring blankly at the girl before him.
Yulianna Hawthorn (played by Lumaslily)

After hearing that response Yulianna marched up to the young lad leaning up against the wall and slapped him across the face.

“ So you take pleasure in striking innocent women and children?!” She scowled, pointing her clawed finger at his bruised face accordingly with an intense rage.

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