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Although no one could remember there being an estate on the bluffs overlooking the Bay of Ice, that was the address on the gold-embossed invitations that were received.
Your Presence is Humbly Requested for
a Winter Masquerade
A Magical Evening of Revelry
Mysteries and Competitions
Masks Required
Come if You Dare!

- La grande-duchesse de L'hiver

On the appointed evening, the trees part to reveal a grand manor, its eaves softly glowing with tiny, flickering white lights. Surely some form of enchantment? The adjacent field has been prepared for a banquet, filled with cloth tents embroidered with holly, tables laden with food and sweets rim the area, and a band plays beside a temporary wooden dance floor, their music intermingling with the sound of crashing waves far below. The whole is bathed in the hushed blue light of a full moon.

masquerade.pngInto this scene steps the Grand Duchess de L'hiver, a coy smile on her lips below her elegant mask. Before her, she gently holds aloft a white rose.

She proceeds to a small table at the center of the glade, and gently places the rose into the air above it -- it hangs there, suspended by some invisible force, and then there is a shimmer and a glass dome has formed over the rose. Is it your imagination, or does the rose now pulse with its own light?

"Welcome, one and all! So long as this rose remains in bloom, this glade is enchanted to attract the best of everything one could want at a party -- the best interlocuters, the best dancers, the best comedians, musicians, chefs, wits, beauties, sweethearts -- They will come from all over, perhaps even from other planes, to bask in the light of our little winter masquerade! But be warned - this enchantment is powerful, and there may be other forces attracted to it with less noble aims. If you wish the party to continue, make sure our rose remains until its bloom is spent!"

With that, she claps her hands, the band strikes up an energetic waltz, and a sudden warmth descends on the bluffs despite the biting winter wind that flows from the ocean below.

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The One Remaining Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((Welcome to this official real time masquerade! This RP chat will be open for 10 hours to ensure that all time zones are able to pop in for at least a moment or two. We hope to see a variety of characters, an inclusive atmosphere, and an ever-changing cast to interact with.

We strongly encourage you to make a new, anonymous character to attend with! The setting is a masked moonlit gala in winter, high-fantasy renaissance, but time travelers & dimension hoppers are welcome. You may attend with any of your existing characters if you really want to -- All characters will be required to wear a mask, but that is the only restriction - bring me your dragons, your halflings, your vampires! All characters are welcome, provided they don't destroy the venue.

When the masquerade is over, the masks come off! Everybody can announce who they played after the masquerade ends, so that you can connect with your newfound friends and disappear down the plot bunny's tunnel to make new stories.

Remember - be respectful of your fellow players, and do your best to promote a fun and exciting RP environment for all comers.))
The One Remaining Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((And remember, you can use the "launch chat" button to interact with this forum topic as a live chat instead of needing to refresh all day. ;) ))
Sentinel (played anonymously)

A tall man in an exquisite white tuxedo appeared, walking down the path and glancing around. "Ah, what a beauty this place is! Better than the desaturated void realms I hail from." and he was immediately drawn to the music. He strided over in just a few steps to listen closely as he stood off to the front of the stage, listening intently.
Ollie (played by Kim) Topic Starter

With a soft ripple of displaced air, a golden retriever appears. It doesn't appear to know that it's appeared at first, as it appears to be in a bit of a pickle -- it has a wreath of evergreen sprigs, pinecones, and red ribbons around its neck, as if it shoved its head through a holiday decoration and got itself stuck. But the predicament doesn't stop there. A red hat with (fake) white fur trim and a big white pompom on top is strapped to its head, but seems to have slipped down to cover its eyes. It is wandering in a more or less circular shape, taking occasional swipes at its own face with its front paws as it tries to get the Santa hat out of its eyes. It doesn't appear to be in too great distress though, as its great golden tail is wagging steadily.
The One Remaining Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The Duchess' warm smile turns toward the man in the tuxedo as he appears on the path, and she approaches with confident strides. "My friend, I'm so glad that you were able to make it," she greets smoothly, extending both her hands, palms raised, as if she is either inviting a hug or a double-hand clasp of greeting. "Is the band to your liking?"
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

"I-is this the place...?" the tiny demon asked itself. The currently-held invitation appeared comically large in their paw-like hands. "Well of course it is!" They reassured themselves. "Me? Wrong? Hah!" Though despite their words, their voice wavered ever so slightly, suggesting insecurity hiding below the surface of boastful self-confidence.

It was difficult to make much out at their height, but the demon's hearing was at least not limited by viewing angle. A welcome address seemed to be made, and that only seemed to cement Elliot's belief in their successful arrival.

"The best of everything, huh?" they said to themselves. "Well then I am in the right place."

The demon proceeded to head into the masquerade, still holding the invitation awkwardly, giving a slight adjustment to their simple purple mask to ensure it remained in place.
Sentinel (played anonymously)

He said, "Oh, the band is the best I've heard!" He knelt down and gave the game master a very gentle hug, then slipped back to gently hold her hands. "May I say that you are just as beautiful tonight as a bright winter's morn? The luster of the snow around is nothing as compared to your radiance, my lady."
Vivienne Anderson (played anonymously)

The young blonde woman picked up the edges of her gown and strode into the large ballroom to see there were already several other guests. Her mask was a simple yet lovely black that kept much of her features hidden. As she glanced about the room her emerald eyes missed nothing.

Her gown was a burgundy red with black trimmings. Against the pale cream of her skin, she stood out. She'd been excited about this party since receiving the invitation. Now all that was left was to mingle and enjoy everything this party had to offer. Walking towards the refreshments for a glass of water and to see if she couldn't find something to nibble on before finding someone to speak with and hopefully, dance with.
The One Remaining Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The Duchess' smile grew just a touch warmer, and her golden eyes sparkled as Sentinel complimented her. "How very kind of you, good sir," she responds with a wink. Then, seeing that there were already more guests arriving, she half-turned from Sentinel, leaving one hand in his and extending the other toward Elliot and Vivienne, beckoning them over. "Friends! I'm so glad to see you! Please, join us!" She cast a slightly amused eye over toward the dog that was struggling with the santa hat. "Perhaps someone could aid our furry friend?"
Sentinel (played anonymously)

Sentinel nodded and stood, walking over and resetting the dog's hat. "There you are, my canid companion." Then stood up to also shake the hands of the newcomers, trying to make his claws appear non-threatening. "I welcome you as well. May tonight be the best of the year!" he said merrily in his oddly deep voice.
pan wasn't really one to come to partys, but he decided to come to this one. he went to the door, with a green floral mask on his face. feathers were on his mask, green ones and pink ones, and as he came to the door, he sighed as he went into the entrance and then he sighed. " hello! is this the entrance?" he asked as he carried a basket of berries. he had a few birds on his shoulder.
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot eyed the dog with suspicion and certainly some degree of fear, though attempts were made to mask the latter. Oh big furry critter, what big teeth it had! Certainly, it would be safer to entrust its care to another.

Still, the summoning request from the Duchess seemed like a good place to start. Elliot scurried over, dodging legs, to stand amongst the others as though sharing their much more substantial height. They stood and observed for now.
Vivienne Anderson (played anonymously)

Vivienne finished getting herself a drink before she notice she was being summoned. With a polite smile, she walked across the floor pausing to watch Sentinel help the poor dog. Reaching the uchess she bowed low careful not to spill her drink. "Hello, Duchess. It is a pleasure to be here. I look forward to meeting many new friends." Turning to said other newcomers Vivi gave them all a friendly smile. "Pleasured to meet you all."
Ollie (played by Kim) Topic Starter

As the Santa hat was pulled from his eyes, the dog's gently wagging tail began to wag harder. "Oh! I can see again!" it borks out, in a deep and dopey voice. Then, he looks surprised. "OH! I can talk! This is new! This is new!" His tail begins wagging so hard that his entire back end shakes. "Who are you?! You seem great! Where is here? I love it here!" he borks at the tuxedo man who helped restore its vision.
Hoshiko (played anonymously)

A young woman arrived and more or less immediately stood off near the edges of the event, near the tables with all the food. She stayed away from most people in an attempt to not draw attention to herself, she doubted her decision in coming as she could tell she stood out abit due to her... extravagant outfit, the way her mask seemed to shift colours, her cape flowing lightly even without wind and twinkling like the night sky in the dim lighting. Yet she felt drawn here, almost as if something was trying to lure her in, either way she was stranded here for a while so she had decided to make the most of it.

She appreciated the music from the band, fascinated by how different it seemed from the other places she had visited. The pleasantness of the atmosphere certainly helped to cool her worries enough to enjoy herself alittle, what's life without a bit of fun? Especially since she can't hide away in the corner forever, she'd have to talk to others eventually. What's the point of coming to a masquerade ball if one just stands alone the entire time after all.
Sentinel (played anonymously)

"I am Sentinel. You are at the winter masquerade party." He said informatively, trying to keep his toothy smile down as it may scare the dog. He wanted to smile- really, he did- but people were terrified o it so he just kept it to himself.
Ollie (played by Kim) Topic Starter

"Oh WOW a PARTY!" borks the dog, his tongue lolling out of his head. "Good thing I got stuck in this wreath! I must have done it definitely on purpose! I forget!"
Sentinel (played anonymously)

He petted the dog, finally losing the battle with his smile. He grinned wide, his sharp teeth gleaming. "Either way, you came well prepared for the evening."
The One Remaining Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The Duchess returns Vivienne's bow, offering a deep curtsy of her own with a grand flourish. "A pleasure to meet you as well." As Elliot approaches, the Duchess kneels down to even up their heights somewhat, her skirts pooling around her on the dance floor. "Tell me, you two -- are you here questing for something specific tonight?"

A servant at the manor house greets pan with a bright smile, and leads him around back to the yard where the dance floor and other guests were situated. "Welcome, good sir! Would your birds like some seed?"

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