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So as to not overwhelm the rest of the board, and to keep things all in one easy place for me to reference, please post all character style suggestions and endorsements in this thread. :)

I'll keep track of the number of times a style idea (and variations of those styles) are requested or voted for, to give some sense of what priority to give them.

You may vote for as many different styles as you think you would personally use, but please vote for each one only once.
I was waiting for someone to respond before me, but hey, let's throw in some suggestions!
To be fair, I'm totally stealing (most of) these from the previous version of this forum because I have a terrible memory and never remember what I want / need at any given point in time until it's shown to me OTL ^^; So if any of these have been updated recently I'm sorry heheh ^^;

(If I'm formatting this wrong, please let me know and I'll edit / delete this message heheh ^^;)

  1. Swamp (I just really love swamps...)
  2. More mushrooms (I know there already is 1 or 2, but again, I just love mushrooms xD)
  3. Froggies! (I understand this falls under animals, lol, just throwing it in anyway!)
  4. Savannah
  5. Egypt
  6. Dragons
  7. Alchemy!!!
  8. Tavern!!!! (I'd lean towards fantasy tavern, but I could also see a lot of people wanting a modern bar type of setting as well)
  9. Venetian! (Massssssks)
  10. Renaissance
  11. Koi
  12. Books (I really like the magical library idea, but hey, whatever works! :D)
Woo! Character styles are the best! Here are some suggestions I know I have personally been missing.

1. A non-sweets food based theme i.e. Cooking, Vegetables, Spices, Restaurant, that sort of thing.
2. Awesome looking Egyptian themes, gold and turquoise and ankhs!
3. Potions! Potion bottles and vials and crazy bubbling cauldrons!
4. Mechanic! Car engines, Space ship engines, Wrenches and tools!
5. Quill and scrolls
6. Spell Books, Casting spells, Magical effects, MAGIC!
Maybe more scenic Japanese locations like towns or old buildings.
More nature back drops maybe?
Perhaps mythological ones like ancient greece or norse
Space themes either its galaxies, sci-fi, or stars
Magical themes
Honestly I wouldn’t mind more gun based themes for the more destructive and combat heavy characters? Theres a couple here and there that are pretty good but they kind end up taking a little bit of a back seat?

The old Brass shell full metal jacket look can go in a lot of different and creative ways.

Say you have a sleek gentleman assassin some nice wood varnishing shades like a sleek blue steel rifle. The James bond martini and a pistol look, to the more heavy handed 7.62 shells, fire and an LMG PKM style.

I’m sure theres plenty of action and conflict heavy folks that would like a little more to chew on in that catagory!
maybe more floral styles? I'd really like a wisteria one, and a larkspur one.
I also agree with the people who suggested alchemy, mechanics, dragons (I think gryphons would also be cool), and frogs :D and on that note... bees!🐝
I know this one is weird, but I would love a modern suburbia street scene. I would love to play around with making styles, but my time is limited so never get around to doing much with that feature.

Oh, in the 'Tavern' category, a small modern musical venue would be quite nice for the aspiring musician characters.
I have to toss my vote towards more mushroom styles and non-sweets food styles as well. Also adding a vote for potions and alchemy.

But I'd love to see more military dossier styles, like top secret files on a desk or something similar. Perfect for secret agents or military personnel, etc..
Here are some color palettes I had in mind.

Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Heads up, made a lot of inroads into these requests with today's style drop :)

Okay here goes!
  • An urban dystopian abandoned sewer (Think Matrix 1 or 2 where the giant sewers were)
  • An average apartment/flat with a balcony (Can have a day or night mode on some random cityscape)
  • A Library background (Also can have dark or light mode depending on books, lighting, lamps on tables, etc)
  • Pirate Ship (Haunted pirate ship dark mode, normal pirate ship light mode!)
  • Mafia Themes (Sopranos Bada Bing perhaps? Minus the naughty bits? Maybe a casino, or fancy house? )

PS I have no idea how to add pictures and snippets like others have done in their posts, but if you want ideas, I'm happy to give links.
Gaeilge_Banrion wrote:
PS I have no idea how to add pictures and snippets like others have done in their posts, but if you want ideas, I'm happy to give links.

I know this is a bit off topic, but figured I'd reply to this rather than the OP itself -
So here is RPR's own tutorial on adding images in posts.

DarkCrow wrote:

But the url needs to naturally end in .jpg, .png, or .gif. ;)

  • Library seconded. Think I'm more for dusty old tomes, but something more neat and tidy (and perhaps more like a modern library) could certainly be nice, too. Something with rows of servers or that looks like a stylized screen (maybe kinda neon-ish?) displaying rows of files/records could be done for a more techie or scifi variant of a library concept, too. But I'm speaking up mostly for that library scene where someone's clearly been digging through musty old books and scrolls of strange things while researching something mysterious or magical. >.>
  • Alchemy and/or chemistry (leaning more toward something at least passable as fantasy/historic, since the DNA styles could arguably work for more modern/future-y chemistry stuff) that specifically includes bottles of various shapes & sizes, plus perhaps some other science-y gizmos. Bottles are cool...
  • Things combining tech and nature (my specific purposes would be in the scifi area). Flowers blooming up through gears, vines twisting around steel grating and snazzy gadgetry; even just a hydroponics system could be suitable. Variants where the tech aspects seem old and falling apart or the "nature" aspect is sand or something could be useful for some post-apocalyptic things, too (but my personal aim is things being functioning).
  • I don't have specifics in mind right at the moment (I often forget what's even there), but sometimes I feel like some of the older ones could benefit from being revisited. Sometimes I'll find ones that match what I want thematically, but something in the execution won't fit right in my mind; sometimes something seems a little too cartoony, or blocky, or just visually unappealing to my personal tastes. Other times, I'll like what's going on and just wish it had a sort of different atmosphere; the right sorts of things will be there, but I'll want something with a more "haunted" look, or it'd work for me if it just had a more sunshine-y feel, etc.
  • Maybe something circus-y. The big, striped tent. Maybe some gear for acrobatics, juggling, etc. Maybe some colorful streamers or something. Seems like a "dark carnival" variant would be necessary, of course.

An aside... If folks come up with full designs (whether a visual mockup or actually coded out) they'd like to offer for consideration to be official, freely available styles, is there a way to do that?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Zelphyr wrote:
An aside... If folks come up with full designs (whether a visual mockup or actually coded out) they'd like to offer for consideration to be official, freely available styles, is there a way to do that?

They could contact me about it. :)
Claine Moderator

I'd love to see some with LGBT+ pride flags :>

As well as more sci fi forever sci fi
Feathers and wings
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Just a heads up, we've got some movement on templates for 2023's epic week release, and I'm referencing this topic still for inspirations ;)
More universal/pared back styles that are neutral would be good 🙏 I really like a nice clean template you can dress up
Then I am going to add more suggestions!

- Gems! Crystals! Precious metals!

- Dogs! Cats! Bears! Animals in general!

- Time, Clocks, hourglasses, etc

- Classic fantasy tavern or modern bar

- Feathers!

- 8 bit video game style

- Lava/volcano!
Oh my! Since you're asking, how about a radio station studio background graphic for one?
Another would be a seedy-looking grunge club ala RKCNDY in Seattle?

Actually I would like to have a vintage rock, jazz, and blues-themed musical styles. I should spend more time here and figure out how to make them myself I suppose.

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