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So as to not overwhelm the rest of the board, and to keep things all in one easy place for me to reference, please post all template suggestions and endorsements in this thread.

I'm keeping track of the number of times a template idea (and variations of those themes) is requested or voted for, to give some sense of what priority to give them. Templates without a number means someone suggested them by saying "I bet someone might also want to use..." But no one has stepped forward yet to actually say yes, they'd use it for one of their characters.

You may vote for as many different templates as you think you would personally use, but please vote for each one only once. Variations each count as a single vote, so if you thought you would use both swamp and forest from the nature category, you could vote for both.

Here they are:

  • Floral/Garden 7
  • Tropical 9
  • Swamp 9
  • Savannah 3
  • Sahara 1
  • Sci-Fi
    • Chemistry 6
    • Aliens 4 (What does this mean to people?)
    • Atomic
  • Paladin
  • Stonework 10
  • Demonic 9
  • Old London 14
  • Constantinople 4
  • Detective/Mystery 1
  • Horse 3
  • Dragon 7
  • Alchemy (vials and beakers) 8
  • Fairy 4
  • Stained glass 7
  • Glamour 2
    • Gems 1
    • Lipstick kisses 3
    • Champagne
  • Child 2
    • Bubbles 1
    • Sports
  • Military dossier, paper clips, file folders 4
  • Aurora 5
  • Modern Military weapons 1
  • Spiders 8
  • Tavern 6
  • Prison 3
  • Asylum 5
  • Rave/Rock concert 5
  • Egyptian 10
  • Lightning/electricity
  • Medieval 2
  • Druidic/Stonehenge 2
  • Venetian 3
  • Renaissance 3
  • Gypsy 2
  • Ancient civilization templates (Incan, Mayan, etc.) 3
  • Yin-Yang 3
  • Field of blades 2
  • Koi (maybe part of the animal templates?) 2
  • Paper lanterns 2
  • Parasol (asian, gothic, victorian) 2
  • Fireflies 2
  • Animal templates (bears, foxes, rabbits, dogs, cats, lizards, etc)
  • Books (mundane, magical, alchemy, etc.)

1 for Cyber and 1 for Necro!

@Helix -- I talked to you earlier about the cyber templates so you're already recorded there. :) I added one to necromancy, though!

+1 to the Swamp, Forest and Cavern varieties of Nature! :D

1 to Stonework, 1 to Parchment!

(I do so love the Steampunk template, though.)

1 for Forest, High Tech, Parchment, Necromancy, and Fairy, please. :3

I'd love forest and warrior. Maybe a primal/tribal/cavepainting one? I also think folks would enjoy other elemental ones--air, fire, water/the sea... or a demonic one. That'd be popular!

(I've been meaning to look in-depth at the files you sent me--really I have. <_<)

I like the elements idea, and maybe we could have some more colors of Arcana? (purple, green, gold)

Lawdy do I love requests for recolors. I'll see what I can do, Cinny!

Templates are getting worked on now. :)

I would love to see more arcana colors (especially purple), and I'd already sent in a suggestion for this, but I'd still really like to see a version of arcana with darker text on a lighter background.

Oh yeah, speaking of colors (and I am always happy to see more colors in general), I'd like to request more red templates in particular. I noticed there are something like 8 templates which are predominately blue, but only 2 or 3 that are red. The red ones that exist aren't too great for my more "reddish" characters. Maybe, like, a red Minimalist or an Arabesque in something like crimson and gray?

Not quite that many blue ones, but it's true that I gravitate that way. The original arabesque is red and gold, and I'll probably not also be doing a red and grey version for that particular set. I will see what I can do about more red in future templates. Red minimalist will absolutely happen, though, asap. Somehow I thought we already had one.

More arcanas have been created, and they should be showing up on the live site soon. Otherwise, the other new ones that're in the works are heavy on greys and greens.. And yes, a bit more blue, given that "ocean" was one of the ones at the top of the list. ;)

You're right, I don't know how I came up with 8. I had glanced over it the other day and come up with a number which I could have sworn was 8, but now I see that was waaay off. My apologies. xD

Anyway, yay for new templates. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mind blue (loving the Moonlit Forest especially as I love darker, vivid blues). :3

I absolutely ADORE the color blue, though I think the Arabesque (blue) hurts my eyes a bit, I dont think I could stand actually reading through an entire profile on that template. The vibrant red and blue so close together are just jarring.

@Helix Ha! Yes, I remember you mentioning your dislike of that template before. Some templates definitely provoke mixed responses. Perhaps at some point in the future there'll be an option to override other people's templates for those who have visual disabilities or who just absolutely can't stand certain templates.

New templates are trickling out. I think Purple Aracana made it off the test server today. I'll make an "official" news announcement when more are done. :)

Yeah, I'm not a fan of that particular template either.

I am, however, a fan of Purple Arcana, Minimalist Red, and both Stone ones. :D

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