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Well, they don't ;-;

*pats Io*

Beat them.

She can't, she already threw away the broom

If they are of the impression that they can act like children and wait for someone else to clean up after them, discipline them like such.

By hitting them?

Nah don't actually.

But point being your pain is understood

My brother is a whole head taller than me and claims video games and homework is more important than helping me do dishes or clean the bathroom. And my sister and Dad just yells at me, and they're scary ;-; And my poor Mom is always just so done when she comes home from work.

Can't exactly punish them ;-; Oh drat the puppy got into the trash, brb

Btw... Jay~ *cuddles patting hand*

That's super frustrating. I moved out when I was 21 cuz I couldn't deal with the negativity and lack of help with chores.

In my household at this point, there is no real negativity I suppose. Everyone does something because it has to be done. My family is still messy and makes messes, and I still leave almost no traces of when I use things, but the work gets done without complaint.

But then again I guess we're all so glad to be able to clean after nearly a year without water

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)