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"She doesn't need to have a heartbeat, that's just a plus. 'Why not,' I say. Maybe I can convince her to put on a show."

Min-ji clapped her hands together excitedly, "Oh! He is so handsome and looks so very strong. I think a date would be fun! Maybe we can go somewhere to get cakes." She let out a happy sigh, "How perfect would a date be if he liked sweets as much as I did."

"You seem sweet, really you do. But I have work to do. Place to be, people to kill, mayhem to cause."

"She seems nice, beautiful... delectable. Please, don't get me wrong, I would eat her in an instant, but I doooon't think I'd date her."

Non. Graines contaminées d'un arbre contaminé. There is no shame in walking in the night and knowing her forever, but those who waste the gift on petty cruelties and make beasts of themselves...” A bemused shake of that elegant head. “I do not understand it, and I do not wish too.”

"I do not understand what a date is. Nor what it has to do with rejection. I am greatly confused." He said as the soft sound of mechanics whirring and clicking emanating from his chassis.

" If you can't grasp the concept of dating, then I don't think that'd be a good idea..." She says.

"You sound kinda nice. Um..where are you exactly? I can't see you." She said calmly as she gripped her cane."I think it's a yes."

"I've never been terribly interested in alien dates, but I must say you are attractive....for a human. I suppose I could be convinced to take you as my fifth wife, if you can just do what your told. You'll certainly benefit from the additional eyes in the mate group."

"I don't like people who think they are above others, based on such trivial things." She says. "So, no." She rolls her eyes.

"What a soft and delightful creature, yes. I think you would be happy, I could make you happy... Please, smile for me."

"to be completely honest, saying you'll make someone happy so soon," she paused for a short time. "is a little bit disturbing." she gives a gentle smile. "sorry, I think you're getting a no from me."

"Well aren't you the polite one. Cute." She said as she adjusted her shirt with a wink."wouldnt mind a date with you one little bit."

"How peculiar... it's a no, as i'm not attracted to... wall flowers, and you're an artist, i've had plenty of friends break down from the so called 'starving artist' lifestyle." He said, sharpening a flimsy knife.


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Forums > Forum Games > Date or Reject?