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I’m supposed to be studying, but mounting stress and all that nasty stuff is nasty, so...I am willing to sketch anyone’s character as long as they are humanoid.

Usually, I’d bbcode the heck out of this but honestly I am too lazy now.

What I mean by sketch (below: my character Kano)

So yes, feel free. I just want to procrastinate on studying for a while.

done sketches


Might draw the others tonight or something

Ooh, you're style is quite charming, love how you do the hatching for shading. Kind of what I'm aiming when I practice my own drawing, :v

But, hey, thanks for the opportunity! Would you like to try doing Huang or maybe my dergon girl Ilia? (1), (2) - Whichever you find it easier, really~ <3

I like your style, I've seen it few times in this forum and it's beautiful(I need to get myself into practicing drawing again)

I would offer Ragna or August but I don't mind which you find easier/more interesting to do.

If you still have slots open, I'll take David.


Or, his son Dylan.


Whichever one perks your interest more.

But if you get back in studying mood I understand. Haha


If this is still open could you draw Sophie?

I don't wanna hog all your beautiful art so feel free to ignore me 😂😂 I just figured I'd toss Brandee in the ring for your interest.

If this is open, please draw Atria Valgus if possible!

I have Eve here who's humanoid if he suits your taste!
Thanks for offering this, your artwork is lovely. <3

I'd love something of Beau here, if she strikes your fancy. Thank you for offering these! :)

thank you so much for offering this. I have Mord here if he interests you

I have quite a few humanoid characters, if any of them interest you! c:

Frederic is a vampire
Payne is mostly human... mostly
Blare is a werewolf
Cassandra is a mermaid
Mallorie is a kitsune
Kendra looks human, but has a secret
Ahmad is a demon

Take your pick

Hikaru is a werewolf, so there are 3 options when drawing them. Human, werewolf, or feral wolf.

Lily and Arilyae and Reyes are all Arkaine. Reyes can be draw lanky (to represent younger) or muscular(to represent current), he's an arena gladiator.

Thanks in advance c:

Here's JimJam! :O

If you're willing, I think Bridget would look great in your style.

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