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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Jamaika (played anonymously)
    This. Character. Is. Beautiful. What else can I say? Everything just screams "Amazing!" The detail, the history and the design... fantastic! - Javan

  • Tsane (played anonymously)
    The artwork and Roleplay information (and history) of this character is fantastic! Keep it up! :). - Javan

  • Bella (played by Loki)
    A beautiful character! I adore the markings on the design :). - Javan

  • Beautiful character design with really great attention to detail! :). I love all the tiny In Character descriptions of Karra :). - Javan

  • Adorable artwork for an amazing character! :). Beautiful design. I love how "RP Opportunities" are listed too. - Javan

  • Goreh (played by Darth_Angelus)
    Whoah! The skin on this character is amazing, and it seems to suit too! I love the attention to history, making a really informative character. - Javan

  • The Snail (played by Kim)
    I adore The Snail. It makes me less afraid of them to read all the lovely things on here! For something I used to squeal at, Snail is super cute, and could be an interesting character to roleplay. It's a kind of crazy inspiration to make my own simple yet rare character! - Javan

  • You've added a lot of detail into this character; it's great! You've thought about every angle that a Roleplaying character needs :). - Javan

  • I adore how much you have included into this profile; it really makes it a great read, and somewhat of an inspiration! :). The layout and idea of this is fantastic. Keep playing ;). - Javan

  • Siena (played anonymously)
    Beautiful character! You have a great roleplaying aspect to her :). - Javan

  • Very kind and a wonderful moderator, always having something nice to add! Also the owner of what could possibly be -the- most popular character on RPR, Siena. And she likes Black Books! <3 (Dylan does, not Siena XD ) - Pyrroglaux

  • Viral (played by Rubix)
    I'll admit I have a weakness for characters with a biological background. And I just love this mutant ability to manipulate viruses. It's original AND dangerous, so super interesting! I'd love to see this character in action. - Pyrroglaux

  • Crash Test Dummy (played by Kim)
    A crash test dummy. For mad scientist like stuff. Heh. I didn't realize it at first and thought this was an actually character of some kind but just seeing it's name made me chuckle a bit. - Hurricane_Lance

  • Art trade, you say? I accept your challenge, Sir! For thou art truly a great designer and artist, and thine characters are as awesome as thineself. *bows* - Pyrroglaux

  • Rinku (played by f0x1nth3b0x)
    I will always have a soft spot for Rinku. I haven't RP'ed with him *sob* but it was a pleasure to draw him for RPR's first holiday exchange. Before the assignments were divided among the participants, I was afraid I might get a character that I couldn't really get into, but Rin inspired me immediately and was extremely obliging in speeding up the drawing process. Only the best characters can do that! - Pyrroglaux

  • f0x's characters were the first characters I browsed after joining the RPR, and they left a lasting impression of originality and depth on me. Not only are they complemented with excellent, high-quality art, but it is obvious from their descriptions that they are magnificent in all aspects of roleplaying too. I couldn't have wished for a better introduction into what the RPR has to offer. Thank YOU, f0x, for sharing your awesome here! :D - Pyrroglaux

  • Celestina and I haven't been able to rp yet, but when I was really new to the site she befriended me right away and made me feel welcome! I see her active in the rp forums and the ooc forums a lot, she's really nice to talk to! :) - Loki

  • Dzevahira (played by f0x1nth3b0x)
    You got to love the featherbutt. There's just something about the idea of a seer harpy who can use her feathered rear to cut stuff that is mind-blowingly glorious. - SeraphicStar

  • Can she be the nicest person on earth, and make you go d'awww several times a minute? Yes. Can she look up at a bloodthirsty drider and force it to submit without losing her cool? Damn right she can. Also, breasts <.< - SeraphicStar

  • I love this guy so much. SO MUCH. It's just an amusing, original concept refined into something truly amazing. Kudos to the character, and to Heimdall for making him. - SeraphicStar