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Bakesale Update #3: The Rainbow Phoenix

Here we are, the final 12 days of our bake sale. The final two week push. We have shattered all of our previous goals.

For our fourth and final goal, I'm aiming for $15,000 - this is an amount that would allow me to focus almost exclusively on building things for the RPR for the entire rest of the year. It would let me get more done for us than I ever imagined possible this year. But if we hit even $12,000, I will be slack-jawed blown away amazed. Like, even more than I already am, which is A LOT. I've cried tears of gratitude more than once this past month.

To help us finish our final two weeks with a bang, a new phoenix has been seen soaring overhead. A rainbow phoenix!

Yes, you can use cinnamon sticks on another color of phoenix to obtain this new one, if you're lucky. But if you're impatient, or you don't trust your luck, you can also get a pre-rainbowed Phoenix directly from the bake sale store.

And this phoenix has brought with it a rainbow of colorful cookies -- Macaroons in five colors!

macaroon-pink-icon.png macaroon-green-icon.png macaroon-yellow-icon.png macaroon-blue-icon.png macaroon-purple-icon.png

SPEAKING OF GORGEOUSNESS and jaw-dropping events, Behold! The completed art from Heimdall that will be printed on the backer rewards totebags and mousepads:


Both will also have the RPR logo on them, so you can show off your RPR pride with, uh... pride. ;) Want a totebag with this hotness on it Get ye to the bake sale!

"But Kim!" I hear you saying. "How goes the programming?"

So glad you asked! Last night, roundabout midnight, I completed almost everything on my list for rebuilding the character profile builder. It fully supports rows and columns now, and is forward and backward compatible so that all your old profiles will continue to work just fine and can be seamlessly upgraded to obtain the new features.



If you're a backer of Operation Audacious Phoenix, make sure you're a member of the Operation Audacious Phoenix group! Backers have access to a secret forum in that group, where last night I posted a video demoing the capabilities of the new profile editor. :D I go through and give backers their privileges about once a day.

Community Feedback

  • Psyche

    September 8th 2019


    I was actually really looking forward to helping out and donating. Sadly, finances have not been allowing :(
  • Orrik_Zynn_x2

    September 7th 2019


    *gasps* RAINBOW PHOENIX?!

    QwQ ...oh-noes, I'm out of cinammon sticks!
  • Lune

    September 7th 2019


    Awww yee! I love that the macarons are cheaper than IRL ones LOL
  • Katia

    September 7th 2019


    I adore that phoenix art. Well done Heimdall and congrats Kim! I hope this shows just how much the RPR community loves you. <3
  • Zelphyr

    September 7th 2019


  • StaticNightmares

    September 7th 2019


    I want one.

    wait craaaap I can't afford. MOM
  • Dragonfire

    September 7th 2019


    The rainbow phoenixes - phoenices? - are so pretty, and that art? Aaaaaamazing. I love it. So fluffy!

    Also, excuse me while a shove a dozen macaroons in my face.
  • Somnom

    September 7th 2019


    Eeeee!! Amazingnessssss!!!!
  • Keke

    September 7th 2019


    Woohoo!!! All these delicious goodies! So excited for all of these incredible features. Thank you, Kim! ❤️
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    September 7th 2019


    Thanks for the new Phoenix
  • PenguinColada

    September 7th 2019


    That rainbow phoenix, though.

  • Unicorn

    September 7th 2019


    I cant wait to get a rainbow phoenix!!!
  • emroidz

    September 7th 2019


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