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Apollo Sterling

danmanmun Male CEO, Sterling Enterprises


Anonymous Female


EnkeliAgon Female A paladin who has forsaken the divine to live within an equal medium between Light and Darkness.

Nuxt Ianna

Anonymous Female

Leah Cassette

Anonymous Cisgender Female I'm a handful but that's what hands are for


Atropa Female

Hiroshi Yamada

Anonymous Male


xashley16 Female Human


xashley16 Male Human


xashley16 Male Vampire

Sallie Olympus

ragemachine Female Daughter of Zeus


Reithesniper Female hehe mini rodan

Lyra Vey

Anonymous Female

Túathal Cuinn

Anonymous Cisgender Male Senior of the Banba Lords. Founder of The Immortals and Dean of Ciothruadh College of Sorcery.

Yukon Currie

KingDragon Cisgender Male I'm an underachieving average joe, but I'm a hell of a lover, a damn good brother, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Vladimir Volkov

Anonymous Male

Flight Rising Characters

brightcat135 Unknown Brightcat's Flight Rising RP characters


Bananasaurus Intersex Some men just wanna watch the world burn...

Rya Rottooth

Anonymous Female

Jayce Ithil

Jayce_Ithil Male I used to be a dog, now I'm not; at least not a good dog.


Nessity Cisgender Female