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Francesca Chapelle

Queen_of_Hell Female Mafia Queen - Don't mess with the devil


Queen_of_Hell Female I'll break your skull if I see you touch her.

Dom the Grenade Gal

Queen_of_Hell Female Dom stands for stands for "Don't-Approach-With-Matches" dumbass


Queen_of_Hell Female They will return, mankind will learn new kind of fear when they are here.

Cristophe LaCroix

Queen_of_Hell Male I don't want to be the Prince. I want to be the K I N G.

Bishop Anoia

Queen_of_Hell Female Madness will reign, terror and pain; woes without end, where they extend

Berenice IPsec Pierce

Queen_of_Hell Female Don't piss me off, I know all the secrets you hide on your PC, dingus.

Belial Bacchus

Queen_of_Hell Male I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver

Arizona Candy Willams

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female Sheriff knows all the laws and breaks them anyways

Lady Edelene

StepIntoAnotherWorld Female Medieval lady. ((Work still heavily in progress.))

Elizabeth Bennet

StepIntoAnotherWorld Female ((Work still heavily in progress.))

the emperor

Anonymous Gender Nonconforming

Fantasy, Inc.

Anonymous Female


Valiant Female Dumb Mutty Derg


Anonymous Female

Niryn the Deft

Pinata Male it's not every day you see someone come back from death only to crave more.


Ordinary-Nothing Male Del is a very hard-headed individual. He never gives up and always tries to push past his own boundaries, even if it puts him in great risk.


Thegreatunknown Male The cutest demon you’ll meet!


Anonymous Female