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Gemma Sinclair

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Yelena Iliana Starkov

Anonymous Cisgender Female The Healer

Mallory Elain Godfrey

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Daxton Dedric

SanityFallen Male A troll, following a path set by his ancestor

Eloisa Vittoria de Angelo

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Renowned virtuoso violinist

Project Archangel



SmileyChesh Male The right language is all you need to rule the world.


SmileyChesh Male Tell me what you want. I'll get it. Then, you give me what I want.


SmileyChesh Non-binary Welcome to HollowNet! We're all our truest selves here!

Viturin Lovell

Anonymous Male A witch looking for his long lost twin.

Seth C Auvary

Badenhop Cisgender Male I am selfish, private and easily bored. Will this be a problem?

Noah S Chevalier

Badenhop Cisgender Male Hope is the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard

Elijah L Blanc

Badenhop Cisgender Male One of the most expensive things you could ever do is pay attention to the wrong people.


JetFire Transgender Male I’m A Boy,Damnit!

Tucrin Dotsk

Pinata Cisgender Male i can’t stop thinking about people that first ate mushrooms and had to go through trial and error, like this one tastes like beef, this one killed walnut, and this one makes makes you see god.


Anonymous Female

Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman Married for twenty years. There has to be more to life…


Heimdall Hermaphrodite A young academy graduate looking to test their spacefaring skills.

The Perinyx


Daniel Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Man Been married twenty years.


Anonymous Female


Jabberwookie Female The Unicorn enters a room and sorrow shies away, like it's embarrassed. She laughs like she's known you all your life, but there's a longing in her enough to mourn a thousand.

James T. Kirk

Jabberwookie Male “I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.”

Daniel Cassidy

Jabberwookie Male Be careful of the deals you make, and be careful of whose hand you shake.