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Abigail Welsh (played by Kotomi657)



Let's do a cozy, slice of life school roleplay. I'm, admittedly, not the best at group rps. I normally get too shy and leave I thought I'd try again! This roleplay doesn't have too much of a plot as of now, just a bunch of students, or teachers? (age can vary) stuck on campus while violent rains shower their school in the valley.

This roleplay is set in a modern world where magic is uncommon. Characters can have abilities but it wouldn't be something they'd likely show off. This being said, most characters would probably be human/ humanoid. Anything else (is welcome) but would be very bizarre!

All ages can join. That being said please keep themes mostly pg.

Please don't overshadow or ignore others! Let's have fun interacting and being silly in this setting.

The rain outside was relentless, the gentle pitter patter of the morning shower had become a full on flood by lunch hour. The announcement came right at fifth period- A shelter in place was underway...and students would need to reside on campus until the rain let up.

Many students and teachers ignored the warning, leaving the campus in attempt to reaching their homes. Those who, perhaps, had walked or relied on public transport were stuck within their school walls. Perhaps worst of all was it was Friday. Spending the start of their weekend at school? Lovely...


A lone girl sat in an empty classroom on the top floor. She watched from the window, seeing several of her classmates trudging through the knee deep waters of their campus grounds. The woman wasn't necessarily worried about the building or her safety; the lunch room was located on a higher floor...and the restrooms and showers were still open to use. Perhaps she just a bit fearful? Afterall...she hadn't heard anyone's voices for over an hour and her phone had lost service just thirty minutes ago. Had everyone else left to go home? Was she the only one who was without a plan, or without the will to try and traverse home?

The woman sighed, poking one of the glasses of water that sat infront of her. From the tiny glass she could see her reflection. A high school college student looked back at her, pink hair resting along her shoulders. She was actually only just a teacher's aid...being quite older than yhe other students around her. Her sweater was a bit baggy on her...though it kept her plenty warm despite the cold outdoors. Her rosy brown eyes looked fearfully back at her, eventually bringing her gaze away from the glass. Instead she looked around the empty classroom once more, the only sounds being the patter of rain and the hum of the lights above her.

What would Abigail do while spending the night here at school?
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max had just movies to this campus’s and he struggled for the first week but he wouldent imagin being stick in the school on a Friday but he had nothing better to do besides be in his van and do his usual thing but this was a different story so he would take his stuff and himself that was branched up to one of his class rooms that he was in and he would notice the girl wondering around the classroom * max: oh my apologies I didn’t know anyone else was hear I thought everyone went home due to the storm * he said as he chuckled a little shyly as he rubbed the back of his head *
Oh whoops I didn’t realize this was closed lol XD)
Abigail Welsh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

((Ahh I'll open again if you're here! ))
Abigail Welsh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

The girl was startled by the sudden voice, turning to regard the unfamiliar person there. Well...unfamiliar wasn't quite the right word. In truth, Abigail thought she'd seen him in passing in the halls now and again. The room was quiet for sometime- the rain dancing across the many windows in the room. "I did too. I guess it's nice I'm not the only one." She stated with an equally shy smile.

It felt weird hearing her voice echo back to her in the mostly empty classroom. Eventually her bright hues turned away from the man as she pointed out the window. "I was sitting here watching people try to leave the school. The water's already like up to their waists." She hummed as she watched the struggling students from afar.

"Do you think it'll really rain all night?"
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max chuckled a little seeing the girls reaction as he would set his bag down on a empty desk as he would walk up to the window as she pointed out that it was already waist high * max: holy cow ya i fell bad for everyone trying to go threw that * he chuckled slightly * max: i just hope my van dosent get flodded * he said as he took a seat on agints the window * max: well even if it does i bet that water will take a couple of hours to drain into the sewers and all ,oh and im max by the way sorry i guess i shouldev started with that
( oh my gosh im so sorry i didnt see your reply on here i forgot to put the setting to show it on my wall sorry again for literly taking 4 days to respond TvT)
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max would then take out a mini portable dvd player with a couple of movies some were comendys and other ganreas he would then start to look around the room for a tv or progecter * max: huh thats kinda od a classroom dont got any way to progect something * he said to himself trying to figuer out something *
*another teen girl was just casually sitting and drawing in the back of the class, she was the calmest student there*
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max sighd as he decided to leave the dvd player alone for the time being and as he looked up he noticed the other student that was in the back of the class and having nothing else to do decided to go and greet them so he walked over to them * max: howdy there friend im Maximus but most people call me max * he said with a smile * max: whatcha drawing if you don't mind me asking?
Abigail Welsh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

The slightly timid girl did peak up at Max when he commented about the water. A small smile eventually formed on his lips as he pulled out the DVD player. Was he trying to figure out how to set it up? Before she could add anything in, Max was off addressing someone else in the classroom. How long had that woman been there?

Abigail decided to pick the DVD player and tried to find a place to get it to work. She didn't see anything. Abigail huffed, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Hmm...Max?" She mused. "I don't think there's anything to hook it up to here. But there is something to hook it up in the library." She mentioned, peering over to both he and the shy girl. "Shall we go there?"
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: hay ya i think your right i say thats a pretty good idea Abigale i was just seeing what this girl was up to since we didn’t see her * he chuckled softly * max: but if anything we can come back or whatever if you want * he said putting his hands in his pockets *
"Yeah, sure. I got nothin' else to do" *The teen said as she closed her sketchbook and she followed the other classmates*
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: well awsome I’ll grab the dvd player * he said as he went off to grab it and soon enough he had it in his arms * max: does anyone want to lead us or dose it not matter * he chuckled slightly *
*She shrugged*
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: alright then I’ll just lead us then * he said as he struggled a little opening the door but he had it opens as he held the door for the two girls *
Alliyus (played by Alliyus)

Alliyus sat there bored. She looked at them all with her dark golden eyes. Head tilted at an angle to the left so her long black hair swayed to the side with her slight graceful motion. "Hello, who may all you be?" She asked in a calm, but soft musical tone of voice like she was actually singing rather than talking. She was sitting on a wooden chair, right leg crossed over the left at the knee. She wore a white crinoline dress with white pumps.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: oh hay there friend im Maximus schick but most people call me max and well i dont know if you saw outside but I ain’t going anywhere any time soon and the girl with the blond hair is Abigail and the other is ummmm i dont think i got her name actually
Alliyus (played by Alliyus)

She nodded her head in a greeting. "My name is Alliyus. You can call me Alli, if you'd like. I am new" The girl had only a blank, calm, and cold demeanor, eyes slightly on a hollow side without a spark in it. She sat there uncomfortable, but it was professional.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: ha funny my older sister is actually named Allie * he laughed a little * max: but it’s a pleasure to meet you alli mind helping us find a tv or progecter to play a movie i got this dvd player and we can’t find none but we were about to head to the library and check there

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