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Fortunately even baby wizards are magical, and the baby wizard spat up some formula, only it was a spell, and he grew back to his original state.
Unfortunately, by gazing at the chaos that surrounded them, the solitary wizard realized that they were tasked with reversing this entire mess back to the way it was. They knew it was going to be trying, and being alone in their endeavor to do so was also quite daunting to say the least...

Fortunately the wizard cloned himself and made the toddlers and dragons disappear, he realizes the only way to stop the war was to win it, so he destroyed everyone
Unfortunately, a small granule of darkness in the guise of but a single seed embedded itself within the blood-soaked earth. It then flourished almost immediately as a seemingly innocent purple blossom. It was, however, the essence of that residual malice which began to creep and wring about the ruins of the empty battlefield with the promise of something foreboding...
Fortunately, some RoundUp happens to spill on it, killing it!
Unfortunately, the narrative has taken a turn for the worst. Apparently, it has become a genuine "rocks fall and everyone dies" scenario. The imagination of the ancient circle of storytellers has dwindled significantly and fourth-wall antics have sadly ensued. It has become much akin to that of The Neverending Story, where a new creator is needed. Desperately. Where is our Bastian?
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Fortunately, a new storyteller takes up the tale, the rocks land harmlessly and everything starts going swimmingly again.
Unfortunately, speaking of swimming, what are those watery creatures over there? They appear to be making mud puddles of all the halflings' gardens!
Fortunately, the watery creatures are merely one species of a whole watery kingdom of magical creatures. They, the scouts of this kingdom, explore the ruins above, then disappear again into the deep to deliver the message that the Land is unpopulated and is ripe for colonization by a new civilization.
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Fortunately there is more then enough land to go around so we start to set up diplomatic relations with them.
Unfortunately, water creatures are exceedingly greedy. They want all of the land for themselves.
Fortunately there is still enough of desert land left, so we can easily start building new towns there.
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Unfortunately, the water creatures are also hoarding all the water.

Fortunately, all life reincarnates
Unfortunately, you reincarnated as a bacterium floating in poop water

Fortunately you can evolve
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Unfortunately we evolved into ugly bottom feeders that no one likes.

Fortunately, somebody will always love us.
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Unfortunately that somebody loves us for dinner. Eep!
Fortunately, the food for the dinner could be prepared with meticulous care and the taste could prove it if the guests allowed it.

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