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It was just an ordinary day for a crazy old chaos sorcerer. That is for any crazy old chaos sorcerer who happened to be stuck in a pocket dimension outside of time and space, patiently waiting for his next big adventure.
It wasn't long before a portal suddenly formed in front of the sorcerer, or perhaps it was. Time always was a bit wonky on the Crossroads. There was no day, no night, there was only the eerie glow of the leylines that stretced out everywhere. Literally everywhere. For the Crossroads had no up, no down or any other sense of direction. The roads could go anywhere, anytime and Ulrin swore no path lead to the same place twice.
"There we go. Off to another adventure, perhaps finally home." the sorcerer muttered to himself as he patiently waited for the portal to form at the end of one of the leylines. He could already see the other side, or could he? Sometimes the Crossroads played tricks on the mind. Was that the sound of water?

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Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

Slipping into the water as dawn apporached the horizon, Yveine dove under, her long golden hair swirling in the clear blue water around her. She was a lone figure in that small, forest-hidden pond, the trees and grasses casting an almost magickal camoflauge around it. She climbed upon her rocky perch in the center of her pond, beginning to wake the animals of the day and lull the animals of the night to sleep.

With a soft voice, she began her song, unheard of lyrics as she played a small, shellshaped harp. Plucking the strings quietly, she began a slow tempo with her voice. The sun gradually rose in the sky, it's sleepy rays falling upon the pond, reflecting off the water onto Yveine's pale skin and lithe body.

She opened her jade green eyes, hearing an unfamiliar sound about twenty or so feet from her. She reeled her glittering amethyst tail to her body, staring into the forest as she waited for whatever it could have been to approach her pond's bed.
Ulrin peered carefully through the portal, checking if the place it lead to was actually inhabitable. Once he deemed it safe, the sorcerer made his way through. "Aha, I was right. Water." he exclaimed as he moved closer to investigate it, only to find...something sitting there in the middle of the pond "Greetings." the sorcerer said with a bow, glancing over the strange creature.
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

Listening to the rustling, she saw a figure step forward. Jumping back in fright, she peered around the top of the rock at the man. "U-um... Hello.." She said. Only certain kinds of people could even see her pond, so she doubted he was human.

"Wh-what brings you here..?" She asked softly, composing her hair to lounge over her body in case he was the kind to leer at unsuspecting women (or in her case, mermaids) when they were nude.
Crouched in front of the water touching it with a tip of his finger to test if it was actually water. "Me? Fate, magic and whole lot of luck m'lady." the sorcerer replied, laughing softly to himself "But where are my manners!" he said as he rose up again and shook the water of his hand "Ulrin Lightbringer, a humble traveller of time and space. Do you live here?" he inquired the latter whilst looking for something that might be a house.
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

Raising her body up to lean on the rock, she gave a soft nod. "Yes, I do." She said. he wasn't fond of giving out where she lived exactly. Who knows? This man may try to hurt her. "My name's Yveine.." She said softly. She dipped her tail into the water, flipping some up ont her body to keep it moist.

If she had dried out, it would be unfortunate for the both of them as her tail would separate and become a pair of long, porcelain legs. She kept a close eye on him, though. "What are you doing here, exactly..?"
Ulrin nodded "I see, pleasure to meet you Yveine. Where exactly? I don't see a house. Or do you live in that tiny little pond." the sorcerer asked, obviously really curious about this world "And where am I, actually? I never know where I pop up after a portal opens."
As for the question of what he was doing here, Ulrin shrugged "Exploring. I can't really choose where I end up, so I just step into a random world without knowledge of what can happen. Adventure, some might say." he replied with a grin.
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She blinked, looking at him. "I honestly don't know about these portals you speak of... But this is the Enchanted Forest. Simply because it houses many magickal creatures... Such as myself." She said, smiling a bit at him.

"I... Well, my home is discreet. It's hidden to keep mself safe if someone were to stumble upon it. I live alone, though... Never had company before." She said, skittishly bringing herself to sit on the rock again, facing him and smiling gently.

"I can show you a way in, but once there I need to change." She said, slipping into the water with a graceful dive, the water barely making a ripple as it welcomed her. She appeared beside the waterfall, lifting her small hand and casting the water to split apart. She reveal a small cavern, an oak door inside the wall. She climbed up onto the lip of the cavern, drying her tail off with a soft cloth.
Ulrin laughed at that "Neither do I, Yveine, neither do I. The place I travelled from is still as great a mystery to me as ever, even after so much time."
And then Ulrin's interest was once more caught "Magical, you say? Interesting. You don't look overly magical to me." Or that was his opinion until she pushed aside the waterfall to reveal her home "Ok...nevermind. Magical forest with a magical girl. I suppose I've seen stranger." the sorcerer said whilst looking for a way in without getting himself too wet "Although this trip is proving to be interesting indeed."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

As soon as her fin was dry, a whitish purple light glowed until she had her legs back. Standing up, she wrapped the cloth around her hips. She diverted path for him so he wouldn't get wet, holding one hand out as the same soft glow surrounded it.

"Quickly... I'm still a beginner in magic." She said, the water rippling as it was becoming heavier for her to hold up.
Ulrin hurried over while he could. No getting wet for him today! Victory! Once at the cave entrance, Ulrin looked back to the pond "Interesting. A form of hydromancy?" but his attention soon shifted back to the girl "And you...marvelous, a shapeshifter. Simply splendid." at second glance the sorcerer looked away though, scraping his throat as he did "You're a bit scarcily dressed though, my dear."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She blushed lightly, walking over to the door. "I know. Swimming with clothing on is very hard to do.." She said, stepping inside. She had lit all of the candles and torches inside, changing into a simple blue dress with soft green detailing.

"You may enter now." She said, opening the door for him to come inside. It wasn't much for her to live with, but it was enough. There was a small hole at the other side of the room where she could swim to and from the room to her pond. On the opposite side of the hole was her bed, a simple fram with a soft mattress on it. In the furthest corner was a small fireplace, the chimney actually hollowed out, the top of it an old tree stump that was hollow. When it rained, she would seal it shut.

"Well... It's not much, but it's home. She said, sitting in a chair next to a table laden with variously used dishes that she needed to clean.
Ulrin kept his eyes away from her for now "Can understand that. Especially if you're not used to visitors, as you said."
Once entered the sorcerer examined the surroundings "Not exactly the most luxurious crib in the forest, no. You probably spend a lot of time in the water anyway." Ulrin kept standing for now, walking around the small room with much interest "So, you always let strange men you only just met into your home like that?" he asked with a wink before sitting down as well "Not exactly the wisest thing to do. I know men from my world who'd whisk you away to cut you open and examine you without a second glance."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She just smiled, glancing at him. "My pond only reveals itself to those who are know magic or of magic descent. I'm not sure, but I suppose it only opens to those whom are pure of heart." She said, standing up and lighting the wood in the fire place via a candle from the table.

"And I'm also not sure it's wise to enter a stranger's home so quickly. Some like myself would lure you in and steal your soul. That's what the legend is of sirens and mermaids, is it not?" She asked.
Ulrin shrugged "Perhaps, but I'm not one to put much faith in fairytales. Besides, this is an adventure. How much if an adventure worth if you don't risk having your soul sucked out by a monstrous, yet cute mermaid? All we lack now is a ...prince charming? To save me from your horrid claws so that I may marry him and become a pretty pretty princess, I suppose." Ulrin laughed at that last part "But in all seriousness, I'd be disappointed without a little danger to spice things up."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She just giggled softly, looking over at him. "I'm not that kind of mermaid. But being a princess isn't that fun." She said and sighed. That's why I'm here... closed off from my home in the ocean and hidden in the magic of a forest." She said softly.

"I can't leave... If I tried, the pondwater would keep me from getting out." She said, glancing back at Ulrin. "Sounds silly, I know.."
"That's what they all say right before they rip out your heart and feed it to their hungry sisters." Ulrin joked, although his smile soon vanished as she mentioned she was stuck "That has to be horrible, stuck in such a small place for who knows how long. That's why I travel, you know. We have the entire universe as a playground and it's a shame to let it go to waste."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She looked at him, smiling. I'm sure it would be fun to do so." She said, standing and stretching. "As for me, well... Wait, do you know and sort of magic?" She asked, blinking a bit.
Ulrin tilted his head at that, smiling gently "I arrived by portal in a magical forest where hardly anyone ever comes. I can suppose thinking I use magic is a pretty decent hypothesis. And yes, yes I do. I specialise in spatial magic, the manipulation of time and space to travel around or bend the world to my own design. A tempting power, but an ever dangerous one."
Yveine (played by Anonymouse)

She smiled wider, looking up at him. "Travelling can get pretty lonesome, right..? Well... If you can figure a way for me to get out of here, I can go with you to keep you company." She posed the idea, smiling hopefully up at him.

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