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Lilian Moore (played by Thatnerdychick)

Interesting style, touch of pride. Pretty cool
Captain Jacqueline Sparrow (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

I love rock musicians. Excellent detail and history profile. Keep up the great work.
Hanley (played anonymously)

@Captain Jacqueline Sparrow I love your style as a female pirate! Also, I only glanced over your name at first, and I didn't realize who you were. Oops! Still, very classic and classy pirate-look-description and high sea villain vibes! What a Casanova!
Jessie James Booth (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

I love the descreptions history mannerisms. Also The likes and dislikes. Truly a fablous character.
An interesting character. I don't see too many people who play Confederate veterans. A bold choice. He looks like a flawed and struggling character and goodness knows I have a weakness for those! I especially like the little extra throw away line about being related to the man that shot Lincoln. That's a nice touch right there.
Rachel Kimberly Zimmerman (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

Truly a magnificent character in description and originality. A fabulous read. Keep up your impressive and outstanding work.
Lokir Chimerasbane (played anonymously)

You embody a courage that even I'll admit I envy. You face impossible odds and witness the worst of human kind. And even manage to find love in the process.

My advice: to hell with destiny and your enemy. Crush them and make fate bend to your will. Yours is surely strong enough.
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

Love that Lokir comes with several story hooks built right into his profile. And that he's struggling to hold onto a culture that is slipping away. It's relatable and he looks like a fun character to RP with/against! :)
I have so much respect for Elmer. He's the type of a character I don't see often around in the roleplay communities when it comes to making male characters specifically. Elmer is like this father figure one can always rely on, and from what I've seen in the profile, the person who would rather choose to do the right thing. He seems like such a sweet and respectable person and I swear if this man doesn't get the happy ending he deserves, I'm not gonna be happy.
Kathleen Wayfarer (played anonymously)

Though through rather dubious means, she seems a woman that gets what she wants. She's certainly survived a lot and, where it has taken quite the toll on her emotionally, it hasn't stopped her one bit. The confidence and determination leaves a lot to be aspired to.
Zedekiel (played by Dndmama)

A lovely character with a lot of potential. She seems well fleshed out but at the same time like a blank canvas ready for adventure and experiences to paint a tapestry of scars and victories upon her flesh. I really like the touch about her last name being taken so as not to be seen as riding on her parent's coat tails. I wish her luck on her future endeavors.
Tyler Coolidge (played anonymously)

I think Zed is such a fresh and lovely take on the angel character template, as if Dndmama colored everywhere but within the lines in order to give us an angel that isn't defined by what he is, but what he is not.
SPACE GAS STATION (played anonymously)

I like how this profile is layed out. Simple, concise... not flowery and decorative to the point where I can't even read it. But it still has important detail. (I'm sorry, does this count? It's not exactly about the character... but still..?)
Colette Renarde (played anonymously)

That's ummm... Something different to say the least. I'm not certain what one would do exactly. With this space gas station aside from enjoy a slushy. The Wizard does seem very polite however.

The link from the bottom tab is an absolute must watch.
Macy Jericho (played by Thatnerdychick)

A batter case of femme fatale I have yet to see. Nice.
Bishop Lynch (played by KingTai)

As strong as she is sexy. I wouldn't mind having her on my team.
Bishop has a ton of npcs that come along with him and I think that's fun. Also I always like to see pcs as parents and the fact that he's adopted them all is really sweet. There's a really nice juxtaposition here between Bishop being a good guy but also being a crime lord. Gotta love a character with depth!
Melina Durant (played by Ramika)

I love Mao Ling as a character. Her profile makes me giggle and smile every time I look at it. "Granny" characters that take no grief always amuse me!
Lian (played anonymously)

There's enough information in Melina's profile to get a feeling of what she's like, while also keeping the mystery of what she is and could do! It's a very nice balance!
Reginold (played anonymously)

The shimmery colors of her hair, eyes, and wings makes Lian very mesmerising! Beautifully deep background!

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