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Adael Lie (played by Claine)

It seems like you have put in a lot of research and care to make sure the historical setting is accurate.
This may be a personal thing, but I love how much of his information is spoilered. So fun. Such an interesting and complex character too. And so much beautiful art! That latest piece with the triangle and the eyes is particularly good. (Random plug for Claine's art, they take commissions so get you some.)
Jegan (played by j_a7980)

Silvia is a well thought out character to say the least. I feel like they'd fit well in a dialogue heavy RP, probably discussing morality or things of that nature. Maybe not a character for everybody, but those they'd fit with, the possibilities would be endless
Stonebridge Pirates (played anonymously)

Jegan's history reads like the back of a book cover that makes me want to dive right into all of his epic adventures and delve into the secrets of his parents and the mysterious sword.
Ray Slaton (played anonymously)

What a lovely band of pirates! A very detailed and well-presented page that holds a story in itself!
A very aesthetically pleasing page! I also find it cool that he works at a radio station!
Masquerade (played by Dndmama)

An interesting concept. You have the history of not just the family but their kingdom written up as well. I like the idea of aiding character development with journal entries. I also like that the characters are all very different from each other. Also I just like the word Euphoric. It makes for a great royal dynasty name.
Junzo Amisaki (played anonymously) I must admit, this fairy has some depth to her. I especially love the concept with the keys and the power to enter various planes and the power they hold and how she manages to gain possession of them. Very clever. If that's not an adventure waiting to happen, I don't know what is. What a bold way of gaining power!
Stephanie (played anonymously)

“Hmm... you are quite cute for being a god of war, and quite versatile with just enough vices too!”
Tagos (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"Poetry in youth and beauty."
Kaylessa Adfaren (played anonymously)

I suppose you're a bit of a blank canvas. Opportunities could be endless with a character like this, having no real set past or clear motives. Versatility can be just as important as steadfast structure.
A very interesting back ground story. One which has opportunities for many adventures!
Jessica Greer (played anonymously)

A cool family character that tells a story within itself! It was a fascinating read!
Bobby Samson (played by Dndmama)

Jessica is a really interesting character. I like how you have her family dynamics set up. I also like how detailed you are about what kind of music she likes and what she plays best. I always have a soft spot in my heart for characters with wander lust too. She has hopes and dreams too which is important to every character's development. All in all a well put together OC.
Sparrow (played by Claine)

Awwww who's a good boy!!!!

It's really fun seeing a character who personifies 'good boi' traits in both their dog and human form! And I think it's a good balance! Too many dog traits and it's almost a parody, too few ... then why even bother. It's really fun to see a well balanced character!

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