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Kai (played by ILoveAlexTurner)

Kai gave a look to her left, “ah…definitely an energetic type? Honestly I’ll probably get tired from watching you talk hundred miles per hour. You seem like a genuine person though so congrats,” she took a slight look around “but don’t get the wrong idea energetic isn’t a bad thing, don’t wanna come off as it being a bad thing…cuz it isn’t?” She wanted to make sure she wasn’t insulting someone by accident
"Eyy, gotta 'ave someone lightin' 'em fires f'y'to sigh out," Sprite smirked from a few steps behind the gal. "Know the types'o y'- believe'r not though, but we firestarters sometimes do like hangin' 'round y'silent'n groany people." An amiable huff of chuckling escaped her before she actually approached the chick, her eyes gliding up her slender body with both interest and curiosity. No one had ever said anything about what her life was outside of these reality-breaking games.. yet for some reason Sprite sensed something familiar.. "An' honestly, y'don' seem like such a bad someone t'chil out wit', we oughta give 't a try sometime!" Was it her attitude? Nah, not at all.. Her accent, maybe? No, but they did share that few could actually understand them. Perhaps-.. "Huh.." -..of course, it was their taste in men: none at all! Maybe her gaydar wasn't as broken as she thought it was. Her smirk grew wider. "Yeah, I think we got 'nuff to talk each others' ass off 'bout f'sure!"
Andaran Firetree (played anonymously)

"Your fighting style seems to lack finesse. Without skill there is no art, only pretenders in a brawl."
Jegan (played by j_a7980)

Pretty big for an elf. I have to say, I'm impressed by your skill, but you should embrace that arcane talent. No need to limit yourself. And trust me, it's easier and more satisfying to cut down an opponent after you set them on fire... Only the really bad ones though.
Seth (played by Dregnosteel)

"You are a very interesting being for your kind, hehe might make for a worthy opponent for me sometime or just a mindless husk for one of my minions to control and do with as they please, Hahaha." Dark purple lightning crackles around him before he disappears.
Lisa’s eyes flick up and down Seth, then she prepares to bolt when his body catches alight with crackling violet electricity just before he vanishes into thin air.

Mindless husks, minions, fighting... yet another powerful, evil individual hiding behind a deceptively innocuous name!

“No, just- no!”
Echo Adair (played by Icysoul)

Echo looked at Lisa. “Uh. Too much for me. No offence. Maybe we can be friends one day.”
Nightmare shrugged. "Seems a bit off to me. Maybe some other day."
She looked upon him with eyes so cold they rivaled the bitter winters of her home."I do not think you are evil, no do I hate you. But you have an aura about you. It is..concerning."
Nails (played anonymously)

"Miss me with that lawful righteous crap! Also, I'm taking your wallet! YOINK!"
Snow (played by Dregnosteel)

"Oh! Someone who is still learning the art of thievery. Wonder how far you will go to learn new techniques." She said before a puff of snow surrounded her and she vanishes into thin air.
"You seem nice." Issac said. "I'd be your friend." He added, voice sounding demonic.
Zafnir cocks his head, listening to the young man speak in his deep, chorus-of-the-damned sort of voice. His nostrils flare as he drinks in the familiar and deeply unsettling scent of old blood beneath the standard human body odor. His blue eyes widen and he rises to his feet with a low growl, his old joints audibly popping in protest.

"My apologies, young man," he says, his own voice low, gravely and marked by age but certain and unwavering. "I'm afraid I'd rather not keep your company, nor would you want mine. I loathe violence, but..." he hesitates, looking down and flexing his talons. "There's an air about you which I dislike. I suspect you would bring harm to some of the people I've grown close to, and I cannot allow that. It'd be best we go our separate ways before blood winds up on either of our hands."
Darius (played by frostwyrmm)

Darius looked upon the mighty figure before him. "New race, huh? Assuming you mean for a peaceful interaction, I'm going to need you to fill out this form and deliver it to the Imperial Administrative Bureau." Taking a moment to print out the paper he needed, Darius then handed the forms over to Zafnir.

"Welcome to the Empire. If you have any troubles that you feel you need law enforcement for, please feel free to refer to the Imperial Enforcement Corps. We'll do our best." Darius gives a quick nod before moving on with his job.
Echo Adair (played by Icysoul)

"You seem very nice." She said, tilting her head. "I hope we can become friends."
Taluna (played anonymously)

“Wooow! I love your hair! So pretty! Like grape juice!”
Feng Xiu (played by TanukiYasu)

"'re so small! Haha sorry, just gotta be honest, y'know. You look like confidence itself-- second to me, of course! And ready for a brawl too ; I bet you're good in a fight!"
” Your attire reminds me of druid.”
Pyrrha Keitots (played anonymously)

"Hello musician, is it a good night for a song?" Pyrrha smiles and pulls out her coin purse. "You must be talented with an instrument like that! How much to hear your favorite tune?"
Andaran Firetree (played anonymously)

Tired, sullen eyes stared out towards the Elven archer. Andaran looked at her up and down with what appeared to be mild interest but also a lot of skepticism.

"Well.." The muscled elf began. "At least it looks like you can fight, which is more than I can say about the rest of our kin around here."

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