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^ "Nah, it's not something that my job would help with."

< She shrugs. She's never tried smoking to begin with.

V "...What about you?"
Lyle Knox (played by Failure)

^ "Nope. Never have, no idea if I ever will." He said with a shrug.
< He yawned, constantly tired.
V "So.... how's your day been?"
Taluna (played anonymously)

^ "I got so many things to do today! AAAAH!!"

< "Gotta water the cupcakes, and stuff the pumpkins full of candy, and walk the Hellhound pups, and trim the shambling garden terrors, and stir the ghosts, and dress the glow in the dark brownies AAAAAH!"

V "You wouldn't happen to know any cloning spells would you? Or perhaps a Haste spell in the absence of that."
^ "Cloning spell?...No. But I can cast Haste."

< And so he does, casting it upon Taluna, which would aid her in some form or another.

V "...What a pain."
^ "Ah, I-I'm sorry mi-mister!"

< She seems to just have stumbled here on accident.

v "I-I should pr-probably go... Sorry a-again."
Davenport Family (played by Lanx12)

^ Sharron: Don't leave on my account hun! Just ignore the idiots that are my brothers.

Lucas: Shes leaving cause of you ya idiot.

Evan: Don't mind them...We are actually nice...

< God help us the Davenports are back in town...

V Evan: "Hey ! Wanna go get a drink down at the pub? Totally need one after the shift I had."
Lancelot of Astora (played by SomeFBIDude)

^ “The fact that I’m a walking and talking suit of amour, I’m very certain that I can’t drink or eat, now that I’m thinking about it, I have never tried, I wonder, can I get drunk?”

< “Stab me and you get a 3rd degree burn, I mean it.”

¥ Lancelot turn to the next, maybe, adventurer, ”Tell me, would you go on a daring and epic adventure, if so, why?“
^ "You bet your ass I'm going! I get to blow stuff up, and get paid all for it!"

< "So where are people hiding the C4?!"

V "...So anyway, that's me. I like explosives, and I like guns and stuff. I'm crazy."
Pint (played by MordosKull)

^ "Sounds like me type of lass."

< "Wot? Doesn't mean I canna date humans cuz I'm a dorf."

V "Donna look at me like that."
^ the twinkling large eyes of the child stare almost hopefully up to Pint, albeit, not as high as she was used to looking up to adults. Finally the girl reached the point she could ask the question. "....can I.....can I hold your axe?"

< she didn't realize how bad of an idea it didn't look as heavy as it probably was quite honestly, but the beautiful twinkle of the shimmering silver was quite attractive, and she only wanted to see it for a minute

V The girl can't help but to wonder what else might shine as beautifully as Pints polished silver axe, what other weapons or trinkets might be as fair on the eyes. Pint might not feel comfortable letting her hold the axe, and rightly so, but perhaps there were other shinies out there one might offer her to at least lay eyes upon that would give her the similar sensation of attraction.
Eir (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

^ She shows off her dagger, Lyfjaberg, which gleams in the sun. It's small but effective.

< She puts the weapon away after a moment.

V "My blade, Lyfja, offers death to those who seek it. To those who wish to live, it offers compassion instead."
Xepil (played by MordosKull)

^ "What?? Grrr, how does a blade offer compassion?"

< "Maybe a merciful death---ooooh, I just got that, grrr."

V "Don't judge me! Grrr! I'm a little slow on the uptake, so what? Grrr."
Deanna Harris (played anonymously)

^ so slow you don't exist anymore.
< Thinks about her next movie...
v Do you know who my father is?
^"No, and quite frankly, I don't really care." she speaks, flipping her aqua-marine hair behind her back as she sighs.
<She fiddles about with her hands, small visions and signs appearing betwixt her fingers as she makes a plant spurt from her index's tip.
v"You there, yes, you! On bequest of my families name I demand you answer this question." She approaches them with a rather regal presence. "Would you or anyone you know be interested in the sacred yet forbidden art of witch craft?"
Sol (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

^ “I already have all the craft I need!”

< He simply cackles, blowing some uninhabited island off the map to prove he does.

V “Hahaha! I am unstoppable!” ...Sol’s ego really just inflated there.
Korra (played by MordosKull)

^ "Hey! You can't blow stuff up willy nilly like that! Animals and plants lived there!"

< People that randomly flex their powers like that really tick her off.

V "What is it about power that turns people into total jerks?"
Glo (played by Voldarian_Empire)

^ "We really couldn't agree with you it in an individual or an entire society...."

< "These things, however, have a knack for catching up with power hungry "jerks" as you call them, which is just what we are waiting for...."

V "If you pick the winning side now, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams....come help us slay an Empire!"
^"I have my own battle to fight, against the governor of Solaris." She states, a loud whirring coming from her tri-charged FC side arm

< "If I do not, the world itself will be at stake..."

v "You, please... assist me in my mission." she begged with battle scarred eyes. "If not, I understand."
^ "I will help you..."

< "...But I want to know who my father is..."

V "What are parents like?"
Deanna Harris (played anonymously)

^ Based on my mom, she is wonderful and caring and loves me even with all her flaws.

< I also want to know who my father is. I've been searching for five years so far...

v I'm hoping you have wonderful parents.

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