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“You’re under arrest for a logical reason to play the game!”

Cause: Creating and spreading “Whatever culture” with Squall’s help. Squall remains at large. Suspect remains in a holding cell awaiting trial.
Io Yamamoto (played anonymously)

"Stop right there! You're under arrest for being too diddly-darn cute!" Io grinned, hands on her hips. "You can totally be arrested for that."
Nails (played anonymously)

"Yeah? Well right back at ya, sister. Where'd I put them cuffs?"

"Huh, a rogue doing arresting, what's the world coming to?"
Clover (played anonymously)

"You're under arrest for effectively doing an Uno Reverse Card - basically using the same reason for arrest as the person above you."
"Mon Dieu, you're under arrest for mentioning the Uno Reverse card but not having one on you!"

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