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Jude (played by Abigail_Austin)

Min-ji wrote:
"Yooou are under arrest for having a brooding face when you're supposed to be happy! So if you would kindly give me a big smile, I will let you off with a warning instead of having to arrest you. Please and thank you!"

Jude's lips twitch slightly and his eyes light up with the hint of a smile at the sight of this beautiful young woman.

He removed his sword from the old man's neck and pointed it towards her.

"Well YOU are under arrest for being far too optimistic for this war-torn world. And far too...pretty," Jude declared, the last sentence mumbled under his breath.
Ruby (played by MissPixie)

Ruby arched a brow at Jude as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her coat. "Whoah there, man...You could slice someone's neck swinging a sword around like that," she said quietly. "So, I guess you're under arrest for the endangerment of others, wielding weaponry all willy-nilly, aaaaand for being an overall menace."
Marina (played anonymously)

Marina finished the last few lines on her sketch of the short-haired girl then stepped out of the shadows. She took a deep breath and tapped Ruby on the shoulder.

"I'm making a citizen's arrest," Marina announced, her voice clear and strong. "You're under arrest, Ruby, for being too damn familiar." She paced a bit and paused, waiting for Ruby's reaction. "That's right, I remember you. And for the last few weeks, I've been watching you. How do you like that?"
Jip (played by Juls)

"Miss Marina... There's a whole crate of missing herrings. And you're the prime suspect in their disappearance!"
Miaha (played by MordosKull)

“The only reason I need to arrest you, is because you’re a gnome, ze. I’m sure you’re wanted somewhere for something, ze.”
Euvlimenei (played anonymously)

*breathes life back into this fun game*

"Stop right there, Miaha! You're under arrest for being a sneaky sneaker with the stabby-stabby!"
"Stop right there!" Yria calls out pointing at the mermaid, then offers a devilish half smil. She let's her arm collapse back to her side, and leans back against Chiwa's furry leg who snorts in the mermaids direction.

"You're swimming in a protected drinking water area....I'm going to have to take you in...."
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

"Hey! What're you doing bringing Bigfoot in here?! You're under arrest for disturbin' the peace!"
Allistair (played by pixl.bee)

"Dis-disturbing the peace? You're.. you're yelling, though... which disturbs the peace too... So I'll, um.. arrest you for that I guess? Like... an Uno reverse card. Yeah!"
The Mailman (played anonymously)

Stop right there, criminal scum! You stove my beloved socks! Now pay the fine or it’s off to jail!
I decided to let my AI buddy generate a reason. I love the result, lol

You there! Stop right there! You're under arrest for crimes most dire... You - why, I can't believe you'd even dare to do something so vile- so DESPICABLE. It's shocking! It's unprecedented! It's unbelievable! It's.. IT'S... y'know, I don't actually remember what you did... So I'll just.. see myself out...
Kai (played by ILoveAlexTurner)

“Stop right there, you’ve under arrest for jay walking, you may not remember doing any sort of act you seem like the forgetful type. You despicable crumb, jay walking is illegal for a REASON.” She gave a slight snicker.
Pepper (played anonymously)

You, madam, are under arrest for not dressing in the proper amount of checkered hats. Please change that at once.
Tagos (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"Stop right there! You are under arrest for Pussyfooting around."
"Stop right there! You're being arrested for jaywalking! It's a serious crime, we have to make sure you don't do it again."
Deirdre (played by pixl.bee)

"You there! Yes, you... You're under arrest for disliking elephants."
Nirin (played anonymously)

"You there! You're under arrest for being out far too late for someone of your age. Alright, maybe you're not under arrest, but I'm still going to escort you home. It's very dangerous here--don't you know there are monsters that lurk in the shadows?" Nirin appears wearied, slightly annoyed at first though it quickly fades.
Railan (played anonymously)

"You! Yes you! Stop right there! Did you harvest any Nettles for us to make tea from?
You know it is required for medicinal purposes and everyone has to do their part!"
Sol (played by UltraNecroziumZ)

“You! Yeah you! You stole my brothers cookies! This is a high violation of the moral code, and you shall apologize to him at once for your misdeed!” He said as he crossed his arms, annoyed to a heavy extent

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