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"Welcome, welcome, One and All, to the grand opening of The Eternal Feast Hall! Eat, drink, talk, play, gamble, explore, flirt, sit edgily in a corner! no background check needed, and its all free!* and now, a message from our sponsor: 'It's like heaven, but without the upside of watching you die...' ehe, wrong message! please ignore that. A message from our sponsor: 'dlphlblhblhb….' don't know what that was.... A message from our sponsor? 'Try not to kill eachother, cuties~' THAT'S NOT- Alright! there is no message! please do not let this affect your opinion of the feast. (negatively.)"

*gambling may not be free if you are bad enough at it.

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((Oh who do I even join with?))
((Permission to chuck this ball of weird and lard into the middle of it?))
Dorge Slippentuff wrote:
((Permission to chuck this ball of weird and lard into the middle of it?))

((Well it does say it´s for everyone, so I think it´s okay. At least I am okay with it. Don´t know if this rp is still active, but I hope so?))
((Nobody needs to ask to join, anyone can come or go at any time.))
Drago (played by Narta)

That’s ****ing hilarious! Can I join with this character?
Blend (played by Taz)

sounds like a good start XD can i join?
((Both of you may join.))
Drago (played by Narta)

Thanks and sorry!
((Aye I might as well get in on this too))
'Got foam in my beard.' Whispered the Wood Dwarf with a grunt as he meandered his stunted body by a bench with visible struggle. His frothing tankard of apple cider swished and swayed among the commotion of The Eternal Feast Hall, as it was called. He'd ordered a chicken roast to fill his gurgling belly, enough for him to forget the fast he'd suffered out on his trek so far from Glythryncote. It was costly enough, too; a quarter's day work down the drain. Tonaf took a deep chug of his drink to erode this thought before laying the cup back onto the desk, denying the tempremental alcohol a chance to spite him and spill upon the floor -- or worse, a fellow patron. It gave him enough reason to sit alone, at least. Sure, any Dwarf worth his salt enjoyed a good drink, but Tonaf was in no mood for carousing. Just something to rinse down his supper was enough.

Tonaf surveyed the hall as he sank his teeth into his roasted paultry. He didn't feel the need to be cautious with all the raving characters that sang and danced with food and pint spilling in both hands, and the proud soldiers that competed contests of heavy drink for real coin. He could just enjoy his meal and pay for a cushy room.
The avian stood, his wings tucked neatly behind his back with his shoulder propped against the wall. His green gaze scanned the room filled with drunken bigots and filthy swine. The Demonologist told a sip from the mug grasped tightly in his right hand, his white knuckled fingers holding onto it as if for dear life. The he was obviously less than sober, the drink he held in his bedazzled mug smelling of strong liquor. He looked about 21, certainly no younger than 19. He had heavy black wings, that upon closer inspection were empurpled in the light.
This avian was a fine specimen, with large muscles and handsome, bright eyes. His skin was a burnished chestnut, with eyes the color of a fine emerald. He wore a tight, sleeveless hoodie of deep grey, with two darker stripes running down its right side and it’s hood. His fluffy locks of black held much volume, keeping its place instead of falling down over his face. A perpetual look of irritation stained his face, giving him a ‘Badboy’ aura. By his side hung a holster, Strapped safely in it was a pistol that had streams of glowing green radiation through its cracks and crevices. Everything about this He seemed to make those not want to bother him, like a raven. Dark, and mysterious.
Blend (played by Taz)

Blend was sat in the corner of the room drinking a well deserved drink. the cup or shall we call it a small mug was now half full from him guzzling it down, enjoying the taste. he however didn't get drunk and it was extremely rare if so, the alcohol had no affect on his half immortal body as he was a shapeshifter and with that came slow ageing and pretty looks he was however pleased about that tho. while he drank the last of his drink he settled his mug down. then he was polishing his Phaesphoros, smiling as he saw his reflection within it.

(picture is on the link > shows the sword)
((may I join as him?))
Blend (played by Taz)

((anyone can join, just Rp,. That's what they have said))
((Alright, thanks))
Aiden sat at the long table, a glass of red wine in hand. His handsome face rested in a warm smile. He looked at the other people in the room, offering a smile as greeting. He noticed the large number of intoxicated folk, holding back a grimace, had he been less polite he would have spoken down on such behavior, especially in front of a noble such as himself, but he said nothing, instead continuing to sip wine and glance at people, hoping to strike up a conversation.
A long withdrawn grunt hazed from the Wood Dwarf's throat as he finished the last morsels of his roasted supper, leaving only a boney shell upon the pewter plate. He swivelled down the last minute drippings of apple cider within his tankard -- he knew full well it would be bedtime as soon as he'd finished. Why he tried to savour the drips was something even Tonaf struggled to guess, as if he'd try perservere through the night for a little shred of action: a little spice to his hour before bed. He'd peer by the bardic circle as he ate like a stunted vulture, waiting for a drunken patron or a few to engage eachother in a little... disagreement. Now that would've served as quaint entertainment before a night's rest.

Tonaf released himself from the wooden bench, granting a silent, dissociative nod to a sauntering barmaid who came to remove the nest of bones. He saw a few new faces in the feast hall before he paid for his supper, but they all seemed as tempremental as the Wood Dwarf himself. Soon enough, he waddled his stubby legs by the centre of the hall, becalmed by the fact that no drunken lout had disturbed his evening meal.

Before the rancid stench of somebody's half digested breakfast hung heavy and immediate in the air, alongside a wretched gurgle from an armoured figure almost twice Tonaf's size, the bigger man clutching at the residue that stained his tabard. Tonaf stepped a few feet away as the fellow quickly collapsed upon a puddle of his own fluid, hardly dead, but definitely out for the count.

"What the bloody Hell's happened here...?" Tonaf wondered aloud, his concerened voice drowned out by the ongoing jovial cheers and bardic melodies.
Hearing the armored man hit the floor, Aiden turned. Seeing the fellow lying on the floor, he stood, concerned. He left his place at the table and walked over to the passed out man, his heeled boots clicking against the floor. He stopped next to Tonaf, not wanting to get any closer. He grimaced a bit at the rancid smell.

"Oh dear," Aiden paused, looking down at the man. "Too much to drink?" He turned to the dwarf he had stopped next to, who seemed to be the only other person here who had noticed the man pass out. "Do you know him?"
Livana Zhaleh (played anonymously)

The place reeked of sweaty men, vomit, and alcohol and Livana hated it. She sat rigidly at one of the tables, trying to distance herself from a redfaced soldier who held a large beer mug and was slurring out a song about pretty women. The diplomat looked out of place in this place, The Eternal Feast Hall. Her clean and spotless purple robes clung tightly to her thin and graceful frame, her hair, on which lay a thin circle of silver and blue stones, was long and neat, not one of the ebony strands out of place. Her skin was unmarred, her fingers thin, her features thin and delicate. She had never intended to arrive at such a common area, but her journey from Erantheer was long and far from finished and she had been both famished and tired, so here she was, residing in this commoner place filled with drunk soldiers and flirting barmaids.

She had been concentrating on both her drink and small bowl of soup, ignoring the looks of ogling drunk soldiers, when she heard the resonating sound of metal hitting stone. She turned quickly, shocked out of her concentration to see a man collapse to the ground near a dwarf. A man from a different table casually got up, wine glass dangling from his hand and came to rest next to the dwarf muttering something to him. Seeing a way to escape the drunk idiots next to her, she promptly got up, hurrying towards the fallen man. "Pardon my interruption gentlemen, but may I ask why this man has fallen?" she asked quickly, coming to stop near the dwarf and the man.

((Is it alright that I joined in?))

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