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Ugh. Has my son been drawing on the door again?
Yes! take me, I'm yours, you dark wicked being.
“You have five seconds to leave my bed.”
Stand Users (played by MangoNekros)

"If it isn't Dio Brando..." Jacob muttered quietly. The man who started it all, the man who began the entire curse to the Joestar bloodline? Dio appeared young as of now, which means he hasn't yet formulated the Stand that caused so much trouble. Which meant only Jacob had his stand, ad he would take care of this pesky Dio once and for all. "Your reign of terror ends now, Dio! My Deathmask Divine will ensure you a long and painful death!" Jacob said as the scythe-wielding stand manifested behind him
With a closed fist to the mans nose, Iruga covered herself with the blanket, looked at the man pissed off. "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BED PERVERT!" She screamed. Waving her hand off, she would lie back down, muttering to herself until she fell back asleep.
Komo (played by Serpentina_Winter)

"I am happy to share my bed, or I can go to the couch, which would you prefer?"
The lich gazes at the dragoness in humanoid form at the end of the bed. Being a lich with no need to sleep, this entire situation he was suddenly in was bizarre as it could be. ". . . Before I gut you and feed your entrails to my friends, answer me this: Who are you, why am I in a bed, and why are you at the end of it?"
The Savior (played anonymously)

The breathing through the mask softened as she looked at the being, and while changing her filter, she spoke. "I could ask the same, foul nightkin... Leave..."
The Takahashis (played by Icysoul)

Riku looked up, then groaned. “For the love of god, let me sleep!” He said, annoyed. He let his flames lose a bit.
“Just who do you think you are, getting into MY bed?!” She draws her sword.
Hideko (played anonymously)

Hideko blinks a few times trying to decide if the stranger before her is real or not. Upon making a determination she yawns. "Well, get in or see yourself off."
Jacobi (played by fiesch)

"Snrk! H-huh what?" There is the rattling of empty wine bottles as they tumble from his bed and a bit unsteadily Jacobi lurched up to stare with blurry eyes at the woman at the end of his simple bed. "Uh right keys are on that table over there, rummage through my stuff all you want but I don't have much." He gestured dismissively toward the chests lined up on the other side of his comfortable tent then simply lay back down and rolled onto his side falling back to sleep.
Nails (played anonymously)

Nails awoke from her bed with a spinaroonie, completely upside down, legs spinning in circles and she was on her feet in one movement.

“Who the hell?? Sucka! Iz you trying to rob me!? You must not know who I am!!!” Suddenly she had her tonfas in hand and was springing towards Jacobi to viciously attack him.

“Nobody steals from me!! NOBODY!!”
Maddie Renee Woods (played anonymously)

"Oh god! You scared the s@!* out of me!" She barked at the elf, her eyes still a bit cloudy from the drink she had before bed, "Could you.. like.. leave?"

Her eyes were still on the elf as she scooted onto her pillows, and pulled the blankets from out of his reach.

"What are you, anyways?" She suddenly asked, a bit curious now that she allowed herself to think again.
Lulurui tu Fairoze Sugapoppi (played anonymously)

Lulu's eyes flew open, squinting at the woman by her bed. "...Huh? Oh!! A new visitor! Sorry for sleeping on you," she said, hopping out of her bed and lighting up her fairie lights on either side to illuminate the room with a soft, blue glow.
"But isn't it a bit late to be visiting...? On that note, how did you even get in here?! ... Actually, it doesn't matter anyways cause you're here now!" She grinned, taking a sweet out of the bowl on her nightstand. "Moonpuff?"

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