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“Ahhh, a necromancer. We could have some fun together.”

Ephraim (played by XIII)

"You might get me into trouble, and I have a reputation to uphold. Maybe in another time, in another world, on another planet."

“I am not convinced we would get along. I’m very much trouble, and I care not for reputations beyond my own. So thank you, but a pass for now.”
Undertow (played by Eros_Calls)

The hidden prince runs two of his fingers through the siren's black locks in an attempt to get her attention. "I quite enjoy trouble and I have tarnished my reputation so completely over the years that it matters little now. Care to paint the town red on a date?"
Snowflake (played anonymously)

The strange-like cat stared at Underrow, then it turned it's head. It doesn't seem to speak but they are smiling. This oughta mean: Friend.
Eric Molder (played by SillySpider)

"Huh strange little cat, we could be friends."
"I would not be opposed to being your friend"
Ebony (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

ebony had given drael a box of Chamomile tea as a token of friendship
“Not a fan of weird little bugs. I’ll pass.”
“Yikes…but hey, does that mean I at least meet your standards if I’m not a bug?

Charmine smiles. It drops after several seconds, and she crosses her arms, looking to the side.

“Well…even if I don’t, you do remind me of someone I know. I think we’ll get along as friends.”
Francesco (played by coralfall)

Francesco looks down at her. (Not in a condescending way, he’s just tall.)

“…You’re a tad too young. You remind me of one of my students. I think I’ll pass.”
"Friend, perhaps." The knight gives a thoughtful pause, slowly running a gauntleted hand along his helm as he regards Francesco. "You seem like the troubled sort - as am I."
“Friend for now. Can't guarantee it will stay that way.”
Snowflake (played anonymously)

As Snowflake stares at Olivia, they shrugged slightly as they don't know what to choose. I guess that means pass.
“Oh pretty kitty.” She almost reaches out to pet the cat, but thinks better of it at the last moment. “We can be friends, but..,.I can’t pet you.”
Pirate Len (played by Astrobeans)

Posting as "Pirate Len"

The pirate looked at Snowflake, "Pass, I am afraid that I'll scare ya with my destructive ways."
The Butterfly Girl (played by Reithesniper)

She looks at him smiling gently as she walks towards him to give him a small hug "I dislike piracy but perhaps we could be friends"
deathly utopia. (played by Sohrryu)

"So... physical. And your ideals are concerning. Piracy is a victimless crime, physical or digital. It's performed only to keep the wealthy elite in check and remind them that the people are the only thing that got them rich in the first place, the same people that they use and abuse like their own personal toys. That, or they prey on the weak who deserve the wakeup call to what the world is anyway~ Unfortunately I'll have to pass..." Monsoon grins, showing his teeth. What a joke.
Red Hood (played by VoliminalVerse)

"There's no such thing as victimless crime. Because 'pass' and 'pistol whip' both start with P, so that's what I'm going with"
Malice (played by Reithesniper)

"To be fair sometimes the crime of piracy is justified, And I feel our confrontation either ends with drinks or in blood" she'd say quietly rubbing her hands together friend however her cold tone did come off as a pass

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