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Libertine Moderator

Those who backed the Bake Sale should be getting their rewards soon. Show us what you got!
If you earned a badge, what will you iron it onto?
Where will you put your RPR sticker?
Did you opt-out on anything?


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Kim Site Admin

AAAAH yours got there already? :D
Libertine Moderator

Ohhhh yes, in fact, I got home just as the mailman was delivering and saw him putting the package in my box. It took serious willpower not to park right there and breath over his shoulder 😏
Got mine in today too! I already put the sticker on my computer so I can see it whenever I'm on it (Which is .. lets be honest...all the time)

I have no idea what I am going to do with the patch yet...but I'm definitely taking the pens to work and making everyone ask me awkward questions about my Roleplay habits ;)

Thank you so much Kim for all the work you do!

Kim for #All Loving Momther 2019

So excited for mine I keep staring at the mailbox like hello mailtruck please arrive. Trying to decide how I'm gonna work using two mousepads cause I love the other one I got from the birthday week too.
Mine was waiting for me when I got home today. I was not expecting it this soon.


I really thought about opting out of the patch and the mouse pad but I can always use an extra mouse pad I can toss in my bag if I take my laptop over to my brother's or on vacation.

I probably wont iron the patch onto anything. I'll just hang onto it.

If I ever have the time to get back into tabletop D&D (only played a few times) I may use the tote bag for that stuff.

Not sure where I'm putting the sticker yet. And I can always use more pens.
Mine was waiting for me today too. Not surprised though since I live in the same State as Kim.
WOW these looks AMAZING!! :D
Nervously waits for mine to show and hopes that it doesn't get stolen because anxiety hhhh x3x

They look so amazing tho!! :o
Kim Site Admin

I'm still packing and shipping some, so if it doesn't show up right away don't panic yet! :) There's a LOT of these things and I'm taking breaks from programming 2.0 here and there by packing another dozen or so.
*excitement intensifies* I'm literally buying a separate jacket just for the mission patch because why not I just need to wait patiently until it gets here XD
I got mine today in the mail!!!
No idea what I’m gonna do with the stuff but once I do I will snap a few pictures!
Got it!! So excited! 😍

Kim Site Admin

I am literally cheering out loud every time I see a new swag post in this topic :D

SO COOL that they are arriving safely and so quickly!
Thank you sooooo much. I freaking love the pens and I'm putting my RPR sticker on one of my bass cases. Kim you are a goddess I bow to you.
My swag arrived at my brothers place Friday. I’ll be picking it up when I visit during the holidays.
Sanne Moderator


Look what was delivered to me just now!! :D :D All the way to the Netherlands!
I got my stuff a couple days ago but it took me a while to get around to posting it!


Not exactly sure when this arrived as I was out of town for several days, but it's here!
Kim Site Admin

It is so good to see these get to you all <3 <3

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