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Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

The beginning of the story starts somewhere in a rather large town that is more gloomy than any other town you've been in. Where dangerous people roam and psychopaths roam the streets every single night... (You gotta start somewhere! )

It is always a mystery on how the town keeps its residence or why the people would want to stay here. Perhaps its the mystery of the constant disappearing people and the determination to stop it. Or maybe the ancient treasure hid in a cave somewhere deep in the forbidden forest where this manor so tall and fearsome-looking on the outside stands right in the middle of the forest. Perhaps it's the demon spottings and the creepy pictures that the highschool and middle schoolers post online that draw people to the town in the country just to report it and spread rumours. Everyone loves a good scare after all... The mystery draws more and more people wanting to see if they're true and trust me...

Every single one is.

Every single rumour from the mysterious person taking in the psychopaths and serial killers, to the beasts all to the deformed ones. To the ones who seem human but have a more... beastly side when angered. All so they will be taken away from the people who are afraid of them but allows them to know the way to the town and back. The forbidden forest surrounds most of the town, but there's a cave leading out of it so thats where people mostly go when they want to leave the town, even if the traffic is horrible during most days, construction workers moved away due to the lack of area to build things in. The thick mysterious forest with the fog surrounding it drew the workers away, for they heard of bad things always happened if they tried to cut down any of the trees. The demons in the forests are as you expect. Rude, mean and ruthless with only a few being kind enough for the stranger to accept in the manor. There were enough people living in such a large home! It was made in case more people wanted to come and move into the manor of the stranger's acceptance.

And then this is where we join Edd. He looked human enough but had a much more... Darker side... A side he promised to never show anyone since people always got hurt and he hated it. The stranger invited him into the house after his parents tragically died when he was only 8, but now he was 17. He noticed how he stopped growing and ageing after he turned 17, it's just a gut feeling y' know? It might have something to do with the mysterious fog, but Edd was too busy sitting against one of the large dark pine tree's with some free time doing something that relieves stress. Drawing. He forgot to tell everyone where he went tho, and the headmaster was probably busy getting the new girl settled in as the other helpers were busy fixing up the place. He wasn't lazy... Ok... maybe he was but still! Being the second one in charge meant he had to do so many things for the headmaster. He enjoyed working with them, tho he got stressed out and in order to not 'freak out,' he needed a stress reliever. Luckily, the people he grew up with understood his condition.

(Good starter right? If you wanna join please read the rules, the character requirements and who watches over the chat and the admins! remember: There here to keep the characters safe and to help maintain the manor and the demon problems, access the information and chat Here.
A hooded figure walked briskly through the trees, grey cloak billowing out behind her. Two slits were cut into the hood of the cloak to make room for her pointed horns. She wrapped the cloak tighter around herself as she ventured deeper into the forest, pulling the hood lower so it cast a shadow across her whole face. She stopped walking for a second and stood next to a tall pine tree, placing one hand against it's trunk, she removed her hood.

The young woman looked troubled. She held her breath and listened to the sounds of the forest, her pointed ears flicking up and down. She waited, trying to pick out any unnatural sounds. Then she stopped and exhaled. She headed in one direction, determined. The cloak billowed out around her as she made her way through the fog. Underneath the cloak you could get a glimpse of a pair of leathery, bat-like wings, though these wings were far too thin and scrawny to fly with, they also were not attached to her back at all, but rather, hovered a bit behind her back. The young woman herself was scrawny and wiry, her clothing hanging loosely off her skinny frame. She pulled the cloak tighter around herself again.

Coming across the large dark pine tree Edd was leaning against, she stopped. "There you are." As she spoke, moonlight glinted off of her pointed teeth. "You didn't say you were leaving."
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Edd jumped up a bit and dropped his pencil. He accidentally stabbed through the paper of his sketchbook as he let out a small sigh as he looked at the girl he grew up with. Despite being different, they both got along well... Tho they argued quite a bit sometimes. “I told him, he said I could come out here.” The really short teenager sat up as he looked up at you. If you were the same age as him, he would be a bit disappointed, but he used the excuse that you were older then him. He looked at you and smiled gently, like he always does but expected you to know what he was trying to do along with getting some stress off of him.

“He said my conditions getting worse... Apparently the power builds up so ill probably have to go to the dark lake to release some of it.” He brushed off the dirt that got on his green hoodie before putting his sketch pencils into his hoodie pocket. “It’s fine tho, that was all he said.” Edd smiles as he hops in front of you energetic as always. He would blend very well into a crowd, but might get bullied due to his height causing him to ‘stress out’. “We should head back before he worried about both of us, the suns already setting and the dark wolves and demons will come out.” He winced before turning to you awkwardly smiling. “W-well... except for you... you’re actually nice...”
"Oh, you told him?" She smiled a bit, relived possibly? She paused when she heard him say his condition was worsening. "I'm sorry about you- well, you know." She muttered, falling into step behind Edd, her steps a lot less energetic and more cautious. She fiddled with the fastener of her cloak a bit, looking down.

When he mentioned the demons, her ears flicked downward and she glanced around cautiously. "Y-yeah I-I don't want to run into any other demons either..." She pulled the cloak around herself tightly, looking up at the sky, seeing the sun sinking lower. She picked up her walking pace a bit.
As they walked down the path, they saw a green skinned demon pop out of nowhere and screech.
Lyra jumped, startled, and stepped behind Edd. "Uh- um..." She looked around, panicked, her eyes darting from Edd, to the demon, to the path home. "Hey, uh... wh-what do we...?" Her voice wavered.
Safiya slunk through the forest, nimble as someone who often had practice going undetected. She had on a thin black jacket that did little to keep out the slight chill in the crisp night air. Her turquoise eyes scanned her surroundings warily, as if searching for danger. As she slipped through the shadows, she noticed others ahead of her. She peeked around the tree she was standing by to see who they were. She noticed two figures seemingly afraid of a third, who stood screeching in front of them. She couldn't make out any details, and was unaware if it was anyone she knew or not. As she shifted to find a better view, a sliver of moonlight fell across her face, making it visible to the two startled figures facing the third.
Lyra, in a state of panic, grabbed Edd’s wrist and ran past the demon and motioned for Safiya to run after her. “W-What are you d-doing here?!” She stammered out to Safiya. “It’s D-dangerous...”

She stopped running a fair distance away from the demon, her breathing was ragged and uneven, she was gasping for breath. She put her hands on her knees. “W- we need, we need to get back to th-the manor...” She stuttered.
The green demon laughed a lot and then shapeshifted back to his original form. "Oh gods, that was great!" Sentinel was quite a prankster and knew that his friends in the manor hated demons. "You guys almost had an accident didn't ya?"
"I just wanted some fresh air. I can't really come out during the day, too much risk of being spotted," she replied to Lyra. Then she noticed she was running from something. Glancing behind her, Safiya saw a green skinned demon lumbering after them. She ran with Lyra, having no desire to be killed or injured by a harmful demon that night. When both of them were gasping for breath, Lyra managed to say "W-we need , we need to get back to th-the manor..." Safiya nodded in agreement. "Elias and I both agree that's the safest option," she told her. That's when she heard laughter coming from behond her. She snapped her head back to see Sentinel, having a jolly time laughing at their expense. Anger bubbled up inside her. "No, we were fine! We were just, oh, I don't know...fearing for our lives!" She practically shouted. She took a deep breath. "Sorry, I angry. I've never really known how to control my anger."
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Edd blinks as his heart started to race. This isn’t good, he wasn’t suppose to get stressed out like this! It’s bad for his... ‘condition’... When Sentinal appeared right in front of them he let out a small yelp before coughing up something, but quickly wiped it away. “Y-you scared bit of us!” He gave you a cross look that was a mixture of a pout and a frown, but it made him look... cute... Didn’t Darkness punish you for that? You know you can get in trouble a lot if we report you again.” He wiped something that was coming from his eye that was something like a glowing lime green. It was apparently part of his ‘condition’, you learned this after the incident with the group of demons a year ago.

Edd looked at you both and then the sky sighing. Let’s head back to the manor, Safiya knows her way around the woods pretty good by now... surprisingly since she just came a week ago.” Edd kept rubbing his eyes before he managed to calm down and take deep breaths before softly smiling again. “Ok! Let’s go!” He hops out in front of both of you and speed walks sort of down the pathway as he looks back you both.
“T-that’s not funny...” Lyra mumbled. She bit her lip, and accidentally drew a bit of blood due to her sharp fangs. She was still shaking a bit, despite being a demon herself, she was terrified of other demons. “We should all go back, it’s getting dark...”
Safiya sighed. Sentinel's pranks, she'd learned, occured on a larger scale than most practical jokes. She'd just have to get used to them. She saw Edd take off down a path, and look back at Lyra, Sentinel, and her. She followed him, having to jog to catch up. "Back to the mansion, I presume?" She asked.
Sentinel rolled his eyes. "And what exactly is the worst thing that's gonna happen? It's not like he's gonna leave the manor just to punish me. Plus, I was just warming up my tactics."
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

At the manor Edd opened the door to the dim lit halls with the candles. It was just to make the place seem eerie, but it was a bit cosy... Edd continued coughing at a somewhat alarming rate before he stopped and let out a sigh. “Darkness might be out making rounds around the forest as always.” He turned to Sentinel and boils his nose. “Stay our of trouble, we can’t keep ignoring your pranks that he hates, one day he’ll see you in the act.” He smiles sweetly before heading to the kitchen. “I’m in charge of making dinner tonight! What do you guys want?”
“There are better ways to do that then by scaring us half to death...” Lyra mumbled under her breath. “Demons are really dangerous a-and...” She shook her head sadly, underneath her cloak, her wings shifted a bit, Lyra reached back and rubbed one of the scars from where her wings used to be attached to her back.
Sentinel walked in behind them. "Yeah, but it's as much as I can do since you guys can't take a joke. Besides, have you ever thought that we might be misjudging the demons? What if they're something more?"
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Edd lets out a small sigh as he reached for the cool book before turning to Sentinel. “You know what they tried doing to Lyra... There are some nice ones tho, like you and her.” He smiles sweetly before picking up a stool placing it near the stove since he was a shorty shirt and shorter then literally everyone here. “Should I just make some kind of soup orrrr just try macaroni again...?” He looked at the cook books cover as if he was zoning out.
Safiya shrugged. "They might be, but most of them seem to want to tear our faces off and eat us," she pointed out. She stepped inside the manor doors, and warmth enveloped her, a far cry from the cool forest outside. A small smile spread across her face.
“I’m a demon, I used to live with them. I know what they’re like...” Lyra muttered. She took off her cloak and hung it on a coatrack. She paused. “Whatever everyone else wants for dinner is fine with me.” She smiled, but it felt forced.

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