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Kim Site Admin

One of the things that makes the RPR great is the amazing variety of characters and games that are represented here. By now, the "genre jumble" group on the homepage is quite familiar:

2019's genre mascots

2018's genre mascots

2017's genre mascots

See more genre jumbles here!

2016's genre mascots

2015's genre mascots

2014's genre mascots

2013's genre mascots

2012's genre mascots

2011’s genre mascots

But did you know that those characters were all drawn by members? Now it’s time again for a new group of characters to represent our diversity and creativity!

To enter:
Pick one (or more) of the following genres and draw an original character that you think embodies the spirit of that genre.
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Steampunk
  • Mutants
  • Anthro/Furre
  • Cyberpunk
  • Superheroes
  • Fae
  • Creatures: Wolves, Dragons, etc...
  • Suggest a new one!

  1. Must be your own creation.
  2. Cannot be a previously made character. The genre mascot must be your original creation made for this contest.
  3. You must agree that if chosen, your drawing becomes property of the RPR, to be used on the RP Repository website and on promotional material for the RPR. That means your genre mascot could have the chance to represent us far and wide, on and off the homepage!
  4. Large/high resolution images are encouraged, preferably 300 dpi if possible.
  5. Genre mascots should be presented on a transparent background.
  6. All genre mascots must be appropriate for a PG-13 type audience.
  7. You may enter more than one image into the genre jumble, and more than one image can be selected to win -- BUT you will only ever have one entry into the winners' raffle.
  8. Preference is given toward digital art. Please, no photomanipulations.
  9. Absolutely no tracing.
  10. Be cautious if submitting a character that is carrying a banner, such as the Geisha in the 2013 jumble -- be aware that this limits how many positions the character can occupy in the final image, and may mean that it is harder to fit and will have to be cut.
  11. The entries will be judged based on how well they appeal to their particular genre, creativity, effort, and skill to select a pool of finalists.
  12. As many winners as possible will be selected from the pool of finalists based on 1) Space availability in the final image and 2) an attempt to represent as many genres (and other forms of diversity!) as possible.
  13. Number of winners is determined by how many mascots fit in the final image comfortably. This is typically 7 to 10.

Want to enter a collaboration? Please check here for the rules regarding that
I allow two person collaborations if they get pre-approval BEFORE entering.

To get approval, the team needs to do the following things:
  • Declare their intent to collaborate by PMing me, with both of the collaborants included on the conversation recipient list. This means both team members need to be members of the RPR.
  • Explain who is doing what in this collaboration. ("Person A is sketching, person B will color.")
  • Submit a WRITTEN PLAN for how prizes should be distributed and exactly what they plan to do with them, should they win any. This needs to include details for both the Hourglass of Epicness that all winning entries earn, and other possibilities that could be won in the raffle. For example, you might write...

    "If we win, we would want the hourglass sent to Person A. Person A will use it once, then send the remaining use to Person B. Any further digital prizes should be sent to Person B if we get any. If we win a physical prize like a tote bag, Person B cedes any claim to those, they should be sent to Person A at 12345 SW Main st..."

    Another example:

    "We plan to use the Hourglass of Epicness on our Group, Group Y. Neither Person A or Person B will use any part of the Hourglass. Send it directly to Group Y. Any other prizes we might win will be raffled off to our group members, so they can also go to our group treasury. We wish to decline any physical prizes."
  • Wait to receive a reply approving their plan before going forward with the collaboration.

The winning genre mascots will be combined into their own genre jumble, and featured on the home page for a year.

EVERY person who contributes a character used in the final jumble will receive an Hourglass of Epicness (2 use item, 6 month of Epic Membership Status per use).

The following prizes will also be raffled off between the winners:
May 31st 2020 is your last day to submit artwork.

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w00t! I am so IN. I got a design in progress <3
Incoming for the Sci-fi genre. A magic 8-bot!

Champion recipient of the "Least Useful Bot Award" 6 years running. Answers such pressing queries as "8-bot, what's the weather?" with the sage wisdom of "It is unclear. Try again later." Crafted from the finest future plastics and powered by... by magic (don't ask questions), you'll want to take it everywhere!

You'll have to - It came mandatory with your spaceship.

Alternate version (No Magic):
Large (No Magic):
Just looking at the past mascots makes me feel inspired, I want to try this!
YASSS!!! I spent the day pumping out my entry!!

I drew a cosmic witch!!
She falls under the fantasy category!


Link to Hi Res
So excited! Will definitely be entering an idea I've had since last years Epic Week.
Here is my entry, a warlock fit for the fantasy category. 300 dpi


CLOWNFISH MERMAID (she habes anemone in her hair <3) fantasy/creature genre!
Heimdall Moderator

PossitivelyNoOne wrote:

This looks great! But you may want to resubmit it with a transparent background instead of black. :)
All done! :D For the fae category - I thought I'd do a sprite this year, too, but a different kind.

Here's the bigger version if needed.
Lune wrote:

CLOWNFISH MERMAID (she habes anemone in her hair <3) fantasy/creature genre!

This has my heart :3
Heimdall wrote:
PossitivelyNoOne wrote:

This looks great! But you may want to resubmit it with a transparent background instead of black. :)
he is on a transparent, it just appears black on the deviant art
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Wow! So many incredible entries already! :D

Inspiration went with the monster theme; Meet the Fae-rex

TheUkrainianBean wrote:
This has my heart :3

AHHHH you're too sweet ;w; I'm super excited to see all of the entries!
I see we have a bit of an orange theme going on already 😆
These are so gorgeous!! :D I might or might not enter, haha.

Agent Moore, your 8-bot is amazing! The description reminds me a little of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. XD

Anyway. Looking forward to seeing all the awesome submissions! :D
Genre: Fantasy

Meet Cerin!
He has come 'to volunteer as a tribute' to protect RPR and its people.
But hey! Don't laugh! He may be small, but can be quite terrifying when provoked.

Last Conversation I had with Him

Me: You grow up so fast... *Hugs Cerin* I am so proud of you, my little one...
Cerin: I'M NOT LITTLE! And I've only existed for like...half an hour. -____-
Me: Go my son! Before I change my mind. *Cries out a waterfall of sadness* I could still remember like it was only yesterday when I started highlighting your scales.
Cerin: That 'WAS' just yesterday.
Me: My baby's leaving me!!! WAAHHHH!!! TTOTT
Cerin: (Sigh) Really!?


Click Me for Full Resolution

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