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Granted! But now they are in the top ten on a grocery list of an elderly person who mistakes the band's name for a weird fruit.

I wish that tempermental porcupine had a friend. That was an iguana.
Granted! But the friendship ends when the tempermental porcupine stabs his iguana friend to death with one of his quills after he catches the iguana having sex with the porcupines girlfriend.

I wish I could forget my abusive ex would get what he deserves for what he's done to me.
Q_Q Ohhh Taurki I shall do my best.

Its granted but now you're stuck with your buddy here watching comedy romances for the next two years!

I wish for more fun!
i am so sorry, but im going to be horrible.

Granted! Except, now your a sadistic little monster that finds fun in torturing and murdering young children, and so you do it for 24 hours a day.

I wish for more books.
Graaaanted!!! Except all the books are written in an ancient language you can’t read and they kinda smell like rotting cheese a bit.

I wish shopping carts had more durable wheels.
Granted! But! All the cars now randomly turn one way making you crash into shelves.

I wish for more romance!!!
Granted! Buuuut! You wake up tied to your bed and your lover holds you hostage for several days as she romances you to her hearts content. *winks mischievously*

I wish for more fun!
(( heyo, please dont post as a character! i know that doesn't feel natural at all, but please try not to. Not a big thing, just something to watch in the future.))

Granted! But, seeing as its the same wish as the last one I granted, I will be changing things up a little. You now think your a goldfish, and enjoy imagining yourself blowing bubbles in the bottom of a fish bowl, while in reality you are in an insane asylum.

I wish for omniscience on all things booky.
Ok... so this is the part I say uhhh granted? ummhh get omnisience of all booky stuff but all books that are left are from Dora the explorer and you will live a eternity of pointing at the background asking for directions for things that are infront of you.

I wish for my wish to be denied and break this cycle of everlasting granted wishes.
In an alternate universe, in another timeline, your wish was denied....But in this timeline, the one we are currently experiencing, it was granted...which is also a denial. The conundrum of what you desired and what has been granted got so muddled and confused that no one knows what's going on and what was granted or denied and everyone is now having an existential crisis not knowing what they should believe - what they see in their dreams or what they actually see with their eyes! Things are so distorted and confusing that everyone and everything is crying - even the centipedes! My goodness, what have you done!?!?!?!?!?

I wish for an endless supply of spicy cheese crackers.
Granted!!! Except, they're all moldy and green and fuzzy. Oh! They're also as big as your head. So, have fun eating giant sized moldy spicy crackers.

I wish for the ability to create perfect life.
Granted...though the perfect life form is a new race of sentient potatoes that like to wear different kind of colorful hats. With the upbringing of the new life forms sparks the start of an utopian society that is well know for its generosity and kindness to each other, world hunger is brought to and end and in a couple of years after the starchy treaty was signed the world is finally at peace...everything is perfect and sound...the planet is booming once again with life as a the world ecological issues are tackled first hand, yet just as everything seems to be paradise you decide to pick the remote to watch can''re a potatoe! Actually all humanity is! No more hugs, no more patting your dog's head or picking up your cat into your lap and if that's not all the worst part is that there are no more fried potatoes...ever! All potatoe based food had actually been banned due being considered a crime against nature...on the good side there's still pizza and it now grows from trees!

I wish for the next person to have a wish without any kind of flaws.
Granted, but Asami and Elaine refuse to change, and have now been put into an outfit that keeps them pressed together~ (Ain’t I the worst~?)

...I wish for interdimensional travel.
Granted but you can’t choose the dimension you go to, meaning you could end up in a very screwed up one! Also you can’t return to your home dimension~

I wish for a wish that can be cruelly twisted for the benefit of the person who is cruelly ruining wishes!

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