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Wani Bkazu (played anonymously)

This game is all about exploring your characters vision on literally anything that the player above you can come up with. The premise is that you reply as your character, and let them rant about what they think about certain subjects.

No rules aside from that, except that I recommend we don't mention any political or sexual things, because even though the (e.g) racism your character boasts isn't your own, we don't want this to turn into a miserable place.

Let's get started: WIYCOO (What is your character's opinion on) competitive ice skating?
Arlo Filache (played by Arcia)

The maned wolf's ear twitched at the question, "Competitive Ice Skating? I've seen a good bit of it in the past. The skaters are all very... admirable to say the least. After all, have you seen the type of stunts they can pull off? It's amazing how one can do all that stuff while still gliding on the ice without falling. Though that's just my two cents. And I'm generally not too knowledgable in the field, so I think that's it."

What is your character's opinion on astronomy?
Drogwell (played anonymously)

"Ah yes, stargazing. The favorite pastime of BLIND PEOPLE." The kobold chirped, growing angry. "I just love LOOKING at the stars, and enjoying the beautiful SIGHTS!!"

WIYCOO gladiatorial arenas?
Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unta (played anonymously)

"I likez em cuz dat means dem gitz kan't run away frem me!! Perfect fer stompin' an' krumpin' withouth tha hazzle ov tryin' ta catch up to thoze grotz! A roit propa' Orky invention that one!"

"Oi! Wot is yer opinion ov THA ORKZ!!!? It betta' be gud opinionz ya git!"
Nightmare Sans (played by JetStorm)

"I think ogres are and my brother are currently doing research on them,maybe one of these days, ogres might be able to defend our palace....however,we have a problem...due to there aggression it may be difficult." He explained.

"What is your opinion on monsters?" He asked the next person.
"Well, isn't that an appropriate thing to ask in place like this," Randle chuckled through his cigarette-clenching teeth. "I'd say it really depends on what a monster is in your book. You hear folks dubbing anything with a nose too crooked or a gut too flamey-" A gray thumb tapped his chest. "-their worst nightmare, though if you'd ask me, the real monsters are born from one's actions." Smoke twirled around his face as he looked upon the quaint little skeleton. He wondered what hardships they had endured to make them care so much about what other people thought of 'monsters'. "If it's the first type you're referring to, I can only say I wish looks wouldn't matter so much. As far as the second type is concerned.." His smile waxed into a thin, somber line below his snout. "Let's just hope that those monsters will get what's coming to them."

"But enough about that, eh. Wouldn't want to spoil the atmosphere." Randle took a thoughtful puff from his smoke, hummed and then asked the next person: "So, what's your opinion on necromancy? Is it all that ethical to raise the dead?"
Cora (played by Dib2435)

" Para ser honesta it's quiet scary if you ask me " Cora said smiling softly and sadly ." I'm not really fond of it " she said smile softly and warmly as she looks at the person next to her " What do you think about Sci Fi books ? "
Leela (played by Novatrix)

Leela's tail mops the floor as she lounges on a sofa and her eyes open to the question presented. " It is a little boring if you ask me. Most of the creatures I come across in Science Fiction books are too close to the real thing." She laughs a little before closing her eyes once again. "I'm security detail for a science vessel...I learn a few things about all sorts of creatures." With a stretch, the blue lady sits up perking a brow. "But there is a strange candy I have been enjoying lately...what is your opinion on this thing called Salt Water Taffy?" She shook her head in confusion. "It's neither salty nor a liquid..."
Taluna (played anonymously)

"CANDY!! I love all types of candy!! Taffy is certainly at least in my top 10 most tastiest candies out there. I love the consistency of it though I'm kind of a sucker for hard candy, which is why it isn't at the top of the list. Otherwise it would be due to taste alone."

"What is your opinion on chainsaws used as weapons? A realistic possibility or are they too cumbersome to be properly used for a militaristic purpose?"
Anton Madsen (played by j_a7980)

They'd get caught up on soft tissue too easily, chain could stall against bone and forget about cutting through armor. Not to mention they aren't balanced for a fight at all, far too back heavy. I suppose one could be engineered to be a more suited weapon, but it'd be more trouble than it's worth.

Pizza toppings are a never ending debate on which large groups rarely agree. In your opinion, what's the best way to reconcile this?
Davis Schwartzwald (played anonymously)

"Way I figure," started to generally soft-spoken ex-con, pausing to light up a cigarette, "the best way to reconcile is order lots. I'm partial to asada myself, but I don't know many people who'll turn down a slice of sausage or pepperoni if they ain't payin' for it. Maybe some plain cheese for the vegans if the crust is right. Gluten-free can get a bit spendy on a budget, though."
Pausing to take a drag and slowly exhale, he gave a small shrug and stuck one hand on the pocket of his jacket." What about you? What's your opinion on, say... Oh, Iunno, barbecue?"
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

Dorothy's mouth crept up into a slight smile. The question made her think of home. "Dja ever try chipped chopped ham with sweet b.b.q. sauce and a pickle? Makes my mouth water just thinkin' bout it. Speakin' of... whaddaya think bout pickles? Dills are the best, right?"
Kai (played by ILoveAlexTurner)

Kai looked up from her phone and took out one earbud. “Pickles?…that’s kinduh randum init? I mean Suppose there Fine not much of a picky eatah,” she looked around the room and turned to the person next to her “so…why not ask bout another random Thing? Uh let’s say Arry Potta?” Of course she meant Harry Potter but her accent was too thick for her to pronounce it. She went back to looking at her phone and listening to whatever it was she was listening to
Galen Garen Gaden (played by JayBird)

"Harry Potter is fine. The younger kids at the academy seem to like it. But if you start thinking that I'm some sort of short-arsed Hagrid, Then I'll tell you right now that they'll never find your body and I won't lose a wink of sleep."

The notoriously grouchy, grumpy, growly, short, and... Musky Wilderness Skills Instructor spit off to the side, then hooked his thumbs in his belt, seemingly having no interest in continuing with his farce of patience and civility until he was prodded with a meta stick, earning a sharp warning growl that turned into a grumble. "Fine, but do it again and you'll pull back a stump... Alright, what's your opinion on bows? I prefer snares for small game, but a short bow is okay for the larger game, especially in the bush, and even better against the worst kinds of animals."
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe)

“Line you, I think a small bow is the best fir hunting game. I can place an arrow that kills quickly and I can get to work in preserving the meat.”

Durian checked the head of one of his arrows and asked, “What are your thoughts on venison jerky?”
Kozla (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"I make it all the time. Including pony jerky and boar. Sometimes I marinate it in beer, sometimes in whisky, with an assortment of spices." Turns and glances at the next person to appear.

"What are your thoughts on the traditional preparation of whiskey?"
"ello mates"
Fred Linch (played by Juls)

Kozla wrote:
"What are your thoughts on the traditional preparation of whiskey?"

"Traditional is all well and good, but there's plenty a way to get more creative with it. A favorite in my saloon is Ol' Snakehead. A rattler head in the barrel gives it its spirit."

"Whaddaya think makes the best breakfast?"
Pádraig (played anonymously)

"Three fried sausages, two fried eggs, two slices of fried black pudding, four mashed potato cakes, four rashes of smoked bacon, three slices of buttered toast, four deviled kidneys, fried mushrooms, and a large mug of fresh warm milk. Start the day on a good breakfast, that's what I think. Slán tamall!"

"What de ye think makes the best pick up line?"
"That most certainly does not seem like how you should be wording your questions here, darling," Flarus hummed with a tone sweet yet cutting. His eyes darted over the seemingly confused man's figure in an inquisitive yet judgemental manner, before they returned to face-height and gained a glisten of smugness. "But I am glad you asked. You see, my friend, there is more flirting with words than just words alone; you would have to pick at your subject's - or dare I say goal - insecurities and turn them from a foul flaw in their confidence to something to take pride in instead. Make them feel special, looked upon by eyes who see beyond what they normally boast.. oh, but by the Dreaded, don't forget to laude their more generic traits as well, or otherwise they'll feel like you're pestering them." Spitting out a tutorial wasn't something Flare did a lot, and it showed. He got lost in his thoughts for a mere moment, but was brought back by the haunting responsiblity of supplying the person to come with a question. Yes.. couldn't afford to let himself spoil the game, now could he?

"Ah, but there my tongue went waggling yet again. The show must go on, that I always believe. So, tell me, darling-" He switched to the next individual, eyeing them throughly and granting them one of those charming smirks of his. "What is your opinion on the mighty law itself? Are you one to blindly follow it, or more of a rebel with a heart and mind of their own?" This question was bound to spark some ruckus, regardless of where the next person was from, and Flarus lived for it.

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