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Declen (played by stalkati)

"I would obviously meet you in a hospital."

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"Meet in alleyway yes-yes, vampire-blood sucker-thing would. Pays me to assassinate-kill targets is what-will happens yes."
“Thou do not see, being a vampire is not so terrible. But meeting thou, I would say thou would be in the high skies while I doth conquer the sea in the name of Her Majesty….so we would meet over an ocean, I imagine.”
Zaharah (played by hexblading)

"You'd obviously meet a ship at a port."
Jessica Everdream (played by ShadowFlame2022)

"Probably on a job or in battle." She tossed her hair over her shoulder.
Eisha Schade (played anonymously)

"There is a chance I might've ran into you in days long passed," she admitted. "We were after the same target."
Siobhan (played by Leighoflight)

"Standing on her doorstep idea how or why"
Bucky Barnes (played by Stephie)

"We met at the pharmacy, I was picking up some prescriptions that my therapist had sent for me, to help my sleep."
Gilang Lodaya (played by nindyaru)

"Hey! You're that guy from yesterday!" Gilang said when he saw Bucky Barnes. "Remember me? We met at the pharmacy! I was... hahahahaha, forget it. By the way, are you an actor?? You look like Sebastian Stan!"
John Winchester (played anonymously)

"He's him, kid, so let 'im alone," John's voice cut in sounding particularly worn and gravelly. "And I'd imagine our meeting would hardly be a pleasant one considering what you are and what I do. Who knows -- circumstances being what they are, it could be entirely different."

The old hunter chuckles darkly, "Doubt it though."
"You look like the sort of fellow I'd see in a dark tavern in the corner getting a drink and meal off the beaten path traveling between adventures. Our paths might cross at the bar ordering a round of ale."
Amber (played by Dib2435)

" if I remember correctly, I think you came through of the Stargate one day before me and my team enter the room for a mission "
"I think you wandered onto my ship... my ship... my ship..."
X23 (played anonymously)

"I'm pretty sure I saw a Sentinel that looked like that at some point. Maybe an earlier model."
Beldesia Baldoria (played by Akali_Fang)

"I could see meeting in a fight, I've got some anger issues I can't quiet figure out, and well she looks like a fun way to let off steam."
Angren Silvardur (played anonymously)

"I saw them in the void. From whence we came, where we shall return."
"Could probably meet them in the forest close to where I am moving.... Love going through the forest so it is possible."
"You know I think I saw them at a charity gala I went to."
Zoey Robinson (played by Dib2435)

" I think I met you when I travle back either 2006 or 2021. Wilbur thought it was a good idea to travile back in time to get some " Fresh Air". I tried to stop him but as you can tell it didn't work out the way I wanted...."
Joseph Berryman (played anonymously)

"I'd say I met you some night passing by, though I'm sure you didn't see me."

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