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Well, what would it be?
Jude (played by Banshee)

Rusty Nail.

Alternatively, just straight vodka on ice lol
Elah (played by Rot)

The Lucy.

A raspberry and Lemon thyme vodka drink. Very tasty, a bit sly, and incredibly appealing.
Noah Harrison (played anonymously)

Seawater. Salty and dangerous to consume.
Zyxarekti (played by Riik)

Just a whole cup of chilli sauce. We're talking ghost pepper here.
Oliver Quill (played by Banshee)

Brandy or whiskey. The expensive kind you only serve when old friends are coming over.
Salem Lynch (played by Banshee)

Some kind of pungent herbal tea. Will it help you sleep? Will it poison you? Are you going to get high? Who knows.
Siobhan (played by Leighoflight)

Some sort of strong, bitter, medicinal tea.
Laralute (played anonymously)

The Laralute: It would be lavender in color and have a sweet taste consisting of fruit and berries.
Flynn (played by Riik)

Strawberry milkshake.
Holly (played by TheLorekeeper)

Icy cold peppermint soda. I have no idea if such a thing exists, but it probably does somewhere.
Akumu Xander (played by satans_child)

an ice cold black version of a bloody mary. she would get someone high and then slap them back to reality in some sort of way
Eren Yeager (played by starwolf)

“I think I would be a very heavy drink I think it would be a beer but it gives you steroids for awhile but dies out after 1 hour”
Hot apple cider. And by hot, I mean scalding-until-your-tongue-burns-off hot. Drinking it will most certainly hurt you-
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

Something (or someone) thats died in a small body of water, left for weeks to go putrid then poured into a cup....not really a drink...
This ol' man is like a glass of dark, matured, wood-ripened whiskey, heavy and complex in flavor, the perfect oldie's drink. With a splash of robo-battery acid. Just because.
Alex (played anonymously)

Chamomile tea
Gabriel Seth (played by randomentity777)

Red wine. Dark red, like the blood that has been shed from friend and foe alike. The legacy of shame.
Sayo Hitsugi (played by Michael147)

Remy Lawson (played by _Apollo_)

A vodka yellow Forget-Me-Not cocktail. Sharp, a bit terse going down, but in the end it makes you feel good.

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