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The festive mood inspired me to create this little game! ^_^ Nothing fancy, you have to look up the profile of the character posting above you and think of what your character might want to gift them, based on what your character thinks they might like best! So join the gift hunt that won't wrap up with the holidays and let's keep the spirit of giving alive - 365 days a year! ;) <3

Since I'm the starter I'll let the first poster choose which of my OCs they want to gift, but then post as your characters so to keep it more engaging :)
Trudy White (played by Juls)

"Mr. Dunmoor, I just couldn't help but think of you when I saw this. I hope you like it."

Goddess of Love (played by nindyaru)

"Hi, Mrs. White, a bird told me that you like tarot. When I saw this at a local event, it made me remember you. I hope you like it."

Amber (played by Dib2435)

" Here you go, a special Minnie mouse holiday theme Micky Ears. Enjoy! "
U-110 (played by randomentity777)

"Here." U-110 gives a box that looks a bit like an enigma machine. Every button you press on it has the same result: a "Raaawr!" plays, and a compartment opens, revealing a piece of shark-shaped chocolate inside.
Excalibur Umbra (played by Shadeslayer45)

"here small one have a bag of orokin chocolate from me to you" he hands u-110 the chocolate
Balthazar (played anonymously)

Carried precariously in the mouth of a rather handsome black and white cat was a small bundle of herbs carefully twined together and cinched loosely with a strip of leather.

The movements of the little beast were fluid, and his gait seemed hurried as he made his way to the receiver of his intended gift.

Delicately arranging himself into a seated position, Balthazar lay his small bundle before his recipient. An extended paw came up to tab gingerly at the other followed by a miniscule mewl in an effort to garner their attention.


Light Raygun (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

"D'awww, who is a precious kitty?" The masked vixen went to retrieve some fish mousse and put a tiny bit on a piece of bread, offering it to Balthazar. Meanwhile, she went to the table where she liked to craft artistic stuff and scrambled for a while before returning to the cat with a bright smile. "Look, I bet you'd like these, wouldn't you?" she said in a sing-song voice, dangling one of the two homemade toys before Balthazar's nose while making the second "slither" across the floor.
she came up to the kitsune and then handed them some roses. " here you go my friend! I grew these in my garden and I think you would like them". she said as she looked at him. " I really hope you like them, I think you look really pretty as well" she said to them.
Carrot Dalgliesh (played by Alidal)

"Well," she said pulling the gift from behind her back. "I got you this brand new frying pan!" She laughs, lightening the mood. "While I have never met you, I do hope you have fun with it."

"Oh by the way, It"s made of dragon bone, sure to give someone a concussion!"
Helios Frigate (played by LunarValravn)

"It's amazing how much you hear when you don't in stay in one place for long and I hear you like streaming" He says with a mischievous grin. "This should help you rock the net!" The gift was rapidly removed from his back and placed in her hands before he rushed off with a laugh.

Aliprandi Clan (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

(Laudomia - 2nd Gen)

"I don't usually design casual", the fashionista admitted, giving Helios a lookover. "But I was told you would prefer something versatile for a very active lifestyle, and that you favor rock... so in the end I kind of gave up designing something original that would just be cubersome--" 'And easily damaged' "Sometimes it's better go for simpler things, you know? And therefore looked at some older models we had on the racks and this one darling, this looks like you could just rock it!"

cloudy (played by 7654melody7654)

“ I brought you somthing, it’s somthing from the demon world. We don’t normally wear jewelry, but the higher ranking ones sometimes do” he said pulling out a small jewled necklace with black and red stones strung on there
"Here ya go, kid, I think you'll enjoy this. Something to keep ya energized between your trips between worlds, eh?"

Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

The beast sets down a can of WD-40 with a gift sticker stuck to it. “Something practical for you.”
Leonard Ghertivel (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

(Curly the chimera)

"I wouldn't know about whether the heart's been preserved", the chimera said, his cool reptilian eyes observing Yaazecsus. The neck frills were relaxed and at ease, the long lizard tail trailed after him; only the occasional flicker of his nose betrayed his curiosity. "But it's an actual, ancient green dragon. A little bird told me you migth... appreciate it." His voice had the faintest echo of a smirk... could he possibly be flirting?

"Oh, my, darling, if that isn't the essence of neglect in the flesh!" Despite his obvious disinterest in anyone that wasn't him, there was an unusual look of dismay on Flare's muzzle when he entered the scene. Born with a hungry eye for beauty, he had little trouble imagining what Curly's fine, silky ears could look like.. with the proper furcare, of course! "Why, it truly comes as a surprise to me that the mere look upon a stranger would inspire such a generous, charitable within dearest me, but it appears that as a fellow bearer of a magnificent coat, I happen to possess a certain empathy for those that.. probably do too. Here, you can have this, poor reading abilities are to blame for it ending up in my finest collection anyway."

Jimnir Wyrdrage (played anonymously)

"Heeeeey, you seem like the kinna classy guy that'd enjoy a bottle of champagne. Here ya go!"

Ginger (played by GingerHades)

"Hey! Hey, you! I heard you like fire! So I got you this flaming stick thingy!"

Hades hands the gnome a torch.

Lex (played anonymously)

"Oh! Hades, hi! So, uh, I was at this human store, the one where everything is advertised to cost a dollar, except most things actually cost more? Anyway, I got you something. Because it actually was a dollar... And I thought you might like it." Lex retrieves a small bag from their pocket, and holds it out with a slightly bashful expression. It's filled with little square-shaped candies in different colours. You know, the kind that're the hardest to restock (gotta call up the company directly.)

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