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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • One of those people that you absolutely HATE to love. But love to love even more than that. - Shawn

  • SUCH a sweetheart and always good for a random LUL! I absolutely love this girl, and though our interactions have been few, I intend to weasel my way into her focus... AND YOU READERS BEST NOT TRY TO BEAT ME! >:O - Shawn

  • Meem (played by Eve)
    Meem has come a long way as a character in my eyes. I've absolutely adored the interactions my main has had with him and look forward to more in the future. That, and pfft.. He's a frickin' angora. GET ON THE BAND WAGON, PEOPLE! GET YOU SOME MEEM (for a small fee, o'course)!!! - Shawn

  • This is one of the more pretty pages I've come across! The character seems very well thought out and ready to RP!

    I'm Jetticus and I approved this Kudos! - Jetticus

  • Crash Test Dummy (played by Kim)
    This character is like a trip into the inner most workings of Kim... which is awesome to see! Crash Test Dummy FTW! This character has seen more action in creation than any of ours ever will! :D

    I'm Jetticus and I approved this Kudos! - Jetticus

  • PenGryphon2007 is a awesome Roleplayer. I love roleplaying with her and her characters such as Arien and Kai. They are funny but serious guys (Well not Arien so much, unless it comes to his pranks XD) She plays a great villian as well as a hero. - KuroSakuranbo14

  • Dylan always has something to add, the good news is that everyone is willing to listen. She's a powerful person in this realm and she is well respected for that! Dylan doesn't lack in awesome sauce, she is coated, bathed, and drenched in the stuff! Dylan knows he stuff! Don't doubt it! OR A CURB STOMPING GOOD TIME WILL COMMENCE! :D - Jetticus

  • Draeval (played by Rubix)
    The way he talks reminds me of those icanhascheezburger cats. Awesome! - Kyra45

  • Ulfrik (played by DirtySanchez)
    If you were to say you've had a boring RP with this character then something is sorely the matter with you. It's impossible to have a dull moment with Ulfrik around, just make sure to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands too when he comes around. Oh, and your shinies. - Prince

  • Azzaroth (played by isolationary)
    A delightfully twisted and clever "soul" that is most fun to interact with. The devil is vicious, cunning, but most importantly charming. If you have a very skewed definition of the word. - Prince

  • It's people like Heimdall that I love to speak to and try and gain some of the amazing insight they possess. It is incredibly smart and talented, and knows more lore than I could ever hope to wrap my mind around. It is very nice and a hoot to talk to. If you're not speaking to it, then you are truly missing out. - Prince

  • It's a shame I hadn't done this sooner but everyone else has beaten me to it! I can only serve to emphasize how nice, helpful, and creative Dylan is and what a huge help she is to TGT. Actually. help is an understatement. Without people like Dylan and the rest of the OOC staff around, there wouldn't be a Tether at all! Or it would be a dark, horrible place. - Prince

  • Such a true sweetheart, always friendly, tolerant, and willing to listen and offer a hand. You won't find many that are as kind as Cu. - Prince

  • What a take charge kind of character! She comes off as a little gruff at first, but I for one am glad she speaks ancient greek! - Loki

  • I've given this wonderful spaceship kudos before but I don't think the singular word "creepy" [while accurate, do not mistake me] quite encompasses the amazingness of this squid. If I had to choose another singular word, however, among them would be "Witty", "Open-minded[compound, it counts]", "devious", "dastardly", "creative", "innovative", "inspiring", "polite", and "delicious." - Prince

  • An incredibly charming and sweet person, always a pleasure to talk to and has some of the most amazing ideas and character's I've seen. Azzaroth is my favorite [sorry love <3] But I always enjoy being nosy and taking a peek at their others. Talk to this amazing wasp. - Prince

  • Gabriel (played by Loki)
    While a car with eyes can easily startle him and send him screaming, he does seem to be someone that is nice to meet! - Kyra45

  • Rakka (played by kuroi_neko)
    Rakka may be a little hot headed, but he seems like a nice guy to be around. He just wants to form a pro bending team! Is that so hard? Go Sparrowkeets! <3 - Loki

  • Kuroi has some really awesome characters, and was one of the first people to jump on the Republic City group! Her artwork is amazing too, I cannot wait to rp with her more! - Loki

  • The player behind Crea W is so incredibly thoughtful. She's always friendly and open to whispers, managing enjoyable conversations while always respectful of others. She's a doll! She provides enjoyable roleplay and includes people all around, I've seen her in action and although I don't believe we've had the chance to roleplay just yet, I look forward to sharing the experience with her. I recommend this player anywhere, if not for a good source of entertainment, then for pleasant conversation. - Mars